What’s More Dangerous Than BPA? An interview with Dr. Chris Fasano, Stem Cell Scientist

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My son is really bright (like, objectively), and people constantly say, "Wow, he's so smart! That makes sense because look at his dad!" Um, thanks. Anyway, yes, my husband is an intelligent guy, but people say this less because they have witnessed his genius for themselves and more based on the fact that he has his PhD in molecular embryology and is a stem cell scientist/professor at a med school and all of this just sounds impressive. I definitely find myself bragging about it whenever everyone else is talking about their husbands' work in private equity or whatever. But secretly I find most

Natural, Nontoxic Easter Baskets with Real Grass!


This year, instead of filling Felix (and Wolfie's first!) Easter basket with tacky plastic "grass" and cheap plastic toys, I'm taking the time to make Easter more about the Good Stuff. My 4-year-old will undoubtedly be devastated to not find even one plastic Transformer in his basket, since it's what he's been asking for since Christmas, but is Easter about what he wants? Nope--it's about my visions of a woolen, wooden, natural, organic, aesthetically-pleasing Easter. Here's what's on my shopping list. Please share your own ideas for natural, beautiful Easter baskets. Real Grass! My

Sneaky Stuff Alert: BabyGanics Sunscreen

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We just got back from a week in the Caribbean, before which I unknowingly made the rookie parenting mistake of not packing enough sunscreen (isn't it amazing how MUCH you go through every day when at the beach?). Halfway through the trip, we were out of the Good Stuff (which for us is either Kabana Green Screen or Babo Botanicals Clear Zinc Sunscreen), so I headed to the resort's sundries shop to see what I could find. Surprisingly, they carried BabyGanics Cover-Up Baby Sunscreen, which is for sure better than the alternatives they had (ubertoxic Coppertone and the like). I'll admit that

Are the Benefits of Breastfeeding Overstated? I Doubt It.


Have you heard the news? It turns out that nursing your baby is a big waste of effort because formula is just as beneficial as breastmilk. At least that’s the conclusion you could reasonably draw from recent headlines that assert that there are “no long-term benefits of breastfeeding,” and “breast doesn’t beat the bottle.” Bloggers and reporters suggest we “hold the guilt!” because a “new study finds benefits of breastfeeding [are] dramatically overstated.” What has the media in such a froth? That would be sociologist Cynthia Colen’s cleverly designed new study, which looked at 1,773 sibling

Why Beans Can Be Better Than Greens


My last two blog posts have been about vegetables—or rather, the absence of vegetables in kids’ diets and how that’s REALLY OKAY. If your child turns up his nose at the green stuff, don’t sweat it. Many other plant foods will be more appealing to kids. We’ve talked about fruit and we’ve talked about nuts. Now, let’s turn the spotlight on my favorite plant protein….beans! If your children aren’t eating meat, you might worry about whether they are getting enough protein. Beans (legumes) are not only high in protein, but also in healthy fats, fiber, and carbohydrates, making them a great

Do You Need a Water Filter? New Harvard Study Says Yes

Triple Countertop Water Filter

As a breastfeeding mom, I'm constantly thirsty, and I carry around this water bottle all day as a reminder to guzzle lots. Most of us have plenty of water available…but do you really know if your water supply is safe? Whether you live in a big city, in the burbs, or out in the wild woods, there is likely something pretty noxious in your drinking glass (don’t worry—it’s not all bad news. This problem actually has an easy fix). The Trouble with “Safe” Water In much of the developing world, water-borne maladies cause all sorts of disgusting (and often devastating) illnesses. The good news

Driving Yourself NUTS Over Vegetables

My last blog post was about the importance of fruit in children’s diets. Many parents worry when their kids won’t eat vegetables, and it may come as a relief to remember the variety of other super healthful plant foods that many children will love. Fruits are one good example, and today I am here to shine the spotlight on another one—nuts! So next time your kid refuses to taste his broccoli at dinner, pass the almonds! Why I’m Nuts for Nuts Nuts are among the best sources of vitamin E, which acts as a nerve protector and immune-enhancing antioxidant. Common nuts and seeds also contain the

Skin Trip Lotion: Sneaky Stuff!


When I was a kid, my hippie parents always had a bottle of Skin Trip coconut moisturizer on hand. My mom bought it at our food Co-Op, and kept an extra bottle next on an end table in our living room for easy reapplication during those long, dry Vermont winters. I continued to use Skin Trip (which is made by a company called Mountain Ocean) during college, never tiring of the yummy coconut scent--which somehow smelled so much better than actual coconut oil. And turns out there's a reason for the suspiciously compelling scent. Skin Trip is NOT actually fragranced with just natural coconut

When Furniture Attacks: 3 Ways to Limit Exposure to Flame Retardant Chemicals


By now, you’ve seen the headlines warning that sitting is harmful to your health. I have no doubt that the couch-potato/cubicle lifestyle has numerous ill effects. But in reality your sofa has a far more sinister and dangerous nature, and it is not alone in its desire to do you harm. Yes, dear reader, your sofa has allies. It is just one of a group of household items that plots against you and your family! My couch offers me a comfortable berth from which I can elevate “sloth” to an art form, but that is actually just the beginning of the damage this inanimate object causes. As it turns out

What is Skin Toner, Do I Need It, and Is it Toxic?


I never used a toner on my face until I opened the Gimme the Good Stuff store and started sampling some safe lines we were thinking of carrying. I'm not much of a product junky when it comes to skincare. Even before I became obsessed with using only the good stuff, I used minimal products on my face--some basic face wash, a lotion, and maybe an exfoliator of some kind once or twice a week. One of the fun parts of my job is trying all the products we review or sell. While of course we have to vet everything in terms of purity of ingredients and production process, I also  make sure

Eat More Fruit! (Plus a Baked Apple Recipe)

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-By Suzanne ("Nana")  “…for fruits and nuts and berries that grow along the way, we thank you we thank you, every day…” When my kids were little we used to sing this verse before meals. As parents, we often worry about whether our children are eating enough vegetables, which is a valid concern. Most children, however, enjoy fruit, and while we certainly want to encourage a balanced diet that includes vegetables, we should remember that fruit also packs a great nutritional punch. Right now, pomegranates are in season. My husband brings them home and has the skill and patience to

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