What You Need to Know About Toxins In Your Water

Lemon Water

If you missed our Twitter party the other night (the one on toxins in your water with Dr. Alan Greene), here is the complete transcript. Need it even simpler? Here are the big takeaways: 1. Tap water--even in areas known for "good" water--often contains a range of contaminants. These might include heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, hormones, and of course chlorine and fluoride. The pesticide Atrazine is of particular concern, and can be found in the tap water of 30 million Americans. Animals who ate identical diets and burned the same amount of calories weighed 10 percent more if

HiPP Versus Holle: Which European Infant Formula is Healthier?


Below is an email I recently sent to a private client of mine. Since the number one question I receive is "What is the safest infant formula?," I thought some of you might be interested in my analysis of the two safest brands of baby formula, HiPP and Holle (both from Europe). Note that whichever formula you choose, you should always use a water filter to remove chlorine (carcinogenic) and fluoride (linked with lowered IQ). (Here's more on why you should get a filter and which ones I like.) Dear E.: So the bottom line is I would recommend Holle formula as the best option, but it's not

Why Organic Dairy is Toxic


This post originally appeared a guest blog for Dr. Alan Greene’s website. As a quasi-vegetarian, I eat a lot of dairy—dairy that I assumed was healthful, since it is always organic and often comes from grass-fed cows. Unfortunately, in addition to worrying about the nutritional value of the foods we eat, and whether they contain pesticides, and whether they’ve got trans fats or artificial colors/flavors/preservatives in them, we now also have to worry about invisible chemical contamination that happens during the production and/or packaging of our foods. Phthalates in Food I

Sneaky Toxin Alert: BPA-Free Bottles & Sippy Cups


This post originally appeared a guest blog for Dr. Alan Greene's website. Have you ever ordered a “healthy” item from a fast-food menu? A salad at these places might consist of a pile of anemic iceberg lettuce topped with chicken fingers and drowning in ranch dressing. An educated consumer would know this isn’t health food, of course. But this same consumer might be surprised to learn that the BPA-free baby bottle she uses to feed her infant is more dangerous than its counterpart with BPA. The health risks posed by environmental toxins in consumer products have gained mainstream media

Phthalates in Food: 7 Ways to Reduce Your Exposure


Maia wrote the following blog post for Dr. Frank Lipman's site. You probably know that some plastic toys—like the now infamous rubber ducky—contain the hormone-disrupting, birth-defect-causing, probably-carcinogenic plasticizers known as phthalates. You may have even heard that this group of chemicals is also found in the fragrance of your favorite personal care products. Most of my clients are surprised to learn, though, that the single largest source of phthalate exposure comes from our food and water supply—and this is not just true for people eating microwaved meals from plastic

Sprouted Wheat Thin Crackers Recipe

I'm in the middle of working on a post on Goldvish Vs. Cheddar Bunnies (for all the smug moms like me who think the latter is WAY superior to the former). As I am reminded of the fact that neither is a health food, I wanted to share this wonderful cracker recipe that my health coach momma sent along after she made them with Felix when he last visited her. Here's hoping that at some point this week/month/year I get it together to actually make these! Stay sane, Maia   Sprouted Wheat Thin Crackers Ingredients: 1 ½ cups of sprouted wheat flour ½ cup sprouted spelt

The 20 Best Brooklyn Baby Names


This post originally appeared on Maia's blog on The Huffington Post. We recently moved from the Upper East Side of Manhattan to Brooklyn, and despite being less than five miles away, it feels like we've relocated to another planet. Perhaps the biggest change is that, in this borough, no one recoils when we introduce our son as "Wolf." I've stopped mumbling my answer or quickly changing the subject when faced with the "what's his name?" question at the playground, and my husband has stopped apologetically adding, "it's a family name" (which it's not), to fill the awkward silence following

Why Your Hand Sanitizer Doesn’t Stop the Flu (and Might Make You Sick)


This blog was written by Gimme the Good Stuff president Maia James as a guest post for Dr. Frank Lipman's website. Despite my longtime annoyance with Purell-toting moms, once I had my own children I found myself--to my horror--becoming something of a germaphobe. When my sons are sick, we all suffer--they miss school, I can’t work, and no one sleeps. I’m judicious with the use of fever reducers and painkillers (here’s why), so some level of misery is inevitable. And in New York City, it’s hard to ignore how much exposure the kids have to germy surfaces, especially as babies (when mine can

5 Ways to Get More Energy Without Coffee Or Sleep (And You’ll Lose Weight, Too)

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As a health coach, I work with lots of busy moms--and most of them complain of feeling exhausted. While getting more and higher quality sleep is vital to feeling good during the day, there is a lot you can do with what and how you eat to give yourself more energy. Here are the tips that my clients tell me have been most helpful. 1. Eliminate packages and containers (read: processed foods). Many of my mom clients have a habit of grabbing chips or crackers or whatever is convenient because they are often eating with one hand and holding a baby in the other. Unfortunately, I have seen again

Safe Wall Paint Brands Roundup


I'm working with an Atlanta-based client right now who wanted to know which paints are truly safe to use in her new home that will house her 4-year-old daughter as well as a newborn. I'm sure others of you are in the market for paint, so I thought I would share the list of Good Stuff we compiled for this client. A few notes on selecting safe paint: A "low-VOC" paint isn't enough; there are plenty of zero-VOC choices out there. When selecting paints, you can look for certifications (such as Greenguard or Greenseal) which indicate that at least some of the very worst stuff has been left

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