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13 Ways to Stay Sane During This Pandemic

I hope you are all healthy and (semi) sane right now! My family is on day 8 of a 14-day self-quarantine after a family member with whom we’d been in close contact tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

None of us is sick yet, and we’ve settled into a surprisingly pleasant routine here in Brooklyn, which includes daily rooftop meditations, Zoom story-time each night with my parents, and healthy home-cooked, sit-down meals three times a day (as New Yorkers, we are used to restaurant fare for about half of our weekly food intake!). It’s been stressful and challenging, but there are some distinct bright spots.

Below, I’ll share what is keeping me sane(ish) right now, but first I want to give you guys an update from our store.

The Deal with Our Store During the COVID-19 Outbreak

  1. Loulouka Organic Swiss Formula Stage 1 (500G) from gimme the good stuffTrump’s announcement about blocking travel from Europe, including a “tremendous amount of trade and cargo” was momentarily alarming since we offer many European products in out store. Fortunately, he later tweeted that the ban would apply to “people not goods,” so as of now there are no products we won’t be able to get. Of particular concern, of course, is parents who rely on us for Loulouka infant formula. We are well stocked for now, and will let you know if anything changes. Hopefully we can continue to get this from Sweden, but it’s probably not a bad idea to stock up if you can afford to.
  2. There is no evidence that opening mail presents much of a risk, but I want to offer our customers some additional reassurance. All Gimme orders are shipped from our tiny warehouse in Lancaster, PA. We have one employee, but she is currently working from home. My parents, Suzanne and John, are packing all boxes for shipment, wearing gloves, and wiping incoming orders down before putting them on our shelves. Because John and Suzanne are both over 65, they have been totally isolated for weeks, even getting groceries delivered and not seeing anyone outside of each other. I say this to reassure you that what’s in your package has been touched by a maximum of two fully-isolated individuals!
  3. Speaking of our small staff: Because Tracy is no longer in the warehouse, Suzanne and John are working overtime to get your shipments out. We normally ship all orders within 24 hours of receiving them, but we are running a bit slower than that now, so we thank you for your patience. If you’re wondering about the status of an order, please give Suzanne a call at 802-613-3254. Some products may be temporarily out of stock if we are unable to get them from vendors. Please check back often, as we are getting shipments in every day and putting items back in stock! (For those asking, we have a new sanitizer in our store, and it’s not yet sold out!).
  4. One thing we ARE backed up on is our pure elderberry syrup –we can only get about 36 new bottles a week from our supplier, so please be aware that if you order this, it may be about a week before we can ship it. The good news is we also have this immune-supporting product that has a heavy dose of elderberry in it.

13 Things Keeping Me Sane

In addition to my favorite ways to boost immunity, there is some other Good Stuff I’m relying on these days for sanity:
Dry Farm Wines Mixed_Red_White_Gimme the Good Stuff
  1. Wine. Welp, I had planned to do some kind of mini cleanse this month where I didn’t drink any alcohol for a couple of weeks, but that’s not happening. A glass (or two) is such a treat after full days of home-schooling my kids, running my business, and watching the terrifying news. Here’s what I’m drinking and why.
  2. Food delivery. Now that we are quarantined rather than just distancing, food delivery services are crucial. I’m doing a combo of groceries dropped by friends, Sakara (code XOMAIA will get you 20% off), Sun Basket, Thrive Market, and Butcher Box. (If you’re stocking up on non-perishables, I love these cereals for a treat, and here is our coffee in toxin-free bags.)
    Better Life Produce Wash from Gimme the Good Stuff
  3. Produce wash. This is not something I normally use, but I sure am now–if you don’t have your own vinegar solution, I like this one.
  4. Good Stuff for my hands. This soap doesn’t dry out my hands with all the washing. I’ve also been applying this liberally throughout the day.Reed's Remedies Calm from gimme the good stuff
  5. Marijuana. Just kidding. But I do like Calm CBD oil.
  6. A sane home-schooling plan. A dear friend of mine wrote this plan (PDF), and it’s the best one I’ve found for getting into a routine but still allowing plenty of flexibility.
    Haba Orchard Game from gimme the good stuff
  7. Games. In an effort to keep my kids off nonstop screens, we are playing more games as a family. We like Sushi Go and Uno, and this is a really fun game for younger kids, while this one is perfect for kids who can’t handle losing.
  8. Crafts. I’m not a crafty person, but I did just start a cross-stitch project (which I got from Purl Soho–a small business I will definitely be supporting online!). My kids are not too old to still enjoy natural modeling dough or simple coloring projects.Rainbow Light Sunny Gummies Vitamin D3 from Gimme the Good Stuff
  9. Vitamin D & Meditation. We are spending very little time outsider on our roof, so I’m worried about the lack of vitamin D. We’ve all been taking these gummies. On sunny days, we do spend time on the roof lying in the sun and meditating to the Insight Timer app; they have some good ones for kids.
  10. Getting ready for Easter. We are going to make the best of Easter in an apartment, with decorating and egg-painting and even growing our own grass!  (Also check out our selection of Easter basket fillers.)white gimme the good stuff
  11. Cleaning our air. I’ve been running our Austin air filters nonstop. They use true medical grade HEPA that removes 95% of all particles larger than 0.1 microns. Scientists say that the size of the new coronavirus is .125 microns, and is possibly airborne. Most of you probably aren’t worried about contracting coronavirus in your own homes, but as this became a reality for my family, I was happy to have our filters! And since my husband is a healthcare worker, he will soon be back at the hospital, possibly bringing the virus back home with him each night. At the very least, I hope breathing cleaner air will keep our lungs in better shape should we catch any kind of respiratory infection.
    Defendershield Tablet Protection Case from Gimme the Good Stuff
  12. Protecting ourselves from screens. With all this working from home and remote learning for my kids, I’m so grateful for these anti-radiation devices.
  13. Deep cleaning. If you’re in the privileged position to normally have a housekeeper or cleaning service in your home, you’re probably not having him or her come right now. I’ve been weirdly enjoying cleaning my own home–and having my kids help much more than they normally do! We are using mostly these products.

Stay sane and healthy,



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