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20 Resources for a Healthy 2020!

Did you make wellness resolutions this year? Resolutions in general have gotten a bad name, but I still love making them.

This year, my resolutions are all focused on doing more for the planet, including refusing shipments from any of our store’s vendors who continue to use styrofoam packaging (here’s more on how we reuse packing materials). I’m also going to get back into composting, so if you’re doing this in an urban location, I’d love your tips!

Below are some resources, posts, products, and ideas to help you kick off whatever your wellness resolutions or intentions may be. (And if you’re not into resolutions at all, try setting a focus point instead.)

If you made wellness resolutions about….

Dry Farm Wines Mixed_Red_White_Gimme the Good Stuff

1) Healthier eating/weight loss.

Eat better junk. Instead of vowing to consume LESS sugar, fat, and booze, what if you just upgrade the types you consume?

Try an easier cleanse. You could try my ideal weekly meal plan, or my mom’s super simple three-step reset.For the easiest (but priciest) route to a super clean diet, you could treat yourself to Sakara’s organic meal delivery program. I did the Total Body Reset a few years ago and it really lived up to its name. Use code XOMAIA for 20% off any Sakara plan. 

Take a legit multivitamin. Most multivitamins have more than twenty ingredients that you don’t actually need–these ones contain only the nutrients you really need, in bioavailable forms your body can actually use.

Magic Spoon Cereal from Gimme the Good Stuff

2) Getting your KIDS to eat more healthfully (a big one for me every year).

Eat more meals as a family with Sun Basket. That link will get you $35 off the first delivery.

Memorize a healthy basic. Try this super easy, fairly healthful recipe that every kid I know loves.

Upgrade store-bought foods. Make sure the pouches and puffs you feed your toddler are the best on the market. Choose bread that packs serious nutrition. Are your nutrition bars really nutritious? Find yogurt that isn’t Sneaky Stuff. Get them off of sugary cereal with these game-changers.

Commit to healthier snacking. Whip up or buy kid-friendly snacks that are genuinely healthful.

Stasher HalfG_Aqua_StoneFruit_Gimme the Good Stuff

3) Reducing your carbon footprint.

–Donate to this organization.

–Ditch plastic baggies, plastic wrap, and plastic produce bags for good.

–Commit to cloth diapering, or at least get the most eco-friendly disposables.

–Invest in a nice water bottle and travel coffee mug so you don’t rely on single-use versions.

gimme coffee not chemicals

4) Ridding your home of toxins.

Get the biggest bang for your buck by filtering your home’s air and water with the tips here and here.

Detox your coffee, since you drink that every day.

Go vegan, at least a few days a week.

Stop sweeping, and use a HEPA-sealed vacuum instead. I run this every night to help keep a handle on toxic dust.

Insist on a no-shoe policy inside.

Defendershield Blue Light Glasses Girl

5) Getting better sleep.

Reduce your blue-light exposure.

Sleep train your co-sleeping baby.

Suzanne working with Prime bar|Gimme the Good Stuff

6) Starting your own business.

I’d love it if you’d comment below with your own resolutions/intentions are!


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