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50% Off Home Detox E-Book

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Written by Maia, President

“Spring cleaning” is the cliche, but I always feel motivated to clear out in the fall. This summer was a whirlwind, and I feel as scattered and disorganized as my house looks!

With the kids finally back in school, I’m spending some time purging toys and cleaning up our Brooklyn apartment (another reason it feels so neglected is probably because we’ve been putting all our home-improvement efforts into the non-toxic retreat project in Lancaster). Fall feels like a new beginning, and is always a time I implement resolutions (instead of in January).

All this organizing and resolution-making inspired me to update our four-week home detox guide. What I often hear from my private clients is something along the lines of: “I’m so overwhelmed trying to get rid of toxins in my home. I want to know what is most important to replace and what I don’t need to worry about…without spending tons of money and time!”

I wrote this e-book, Detox Your Home in 4 Weeks: A Good Stuff Guide, to address this conundrum. I’ve tackled the areas that I believe will give you the most bang for your buck–that is, have the greatest impact on the health of your home, while also being easy and inexpensive to implement.

This e-book features:

  • Easy, step-by-step instructions for detoxing the areas of your home where the largest concentrations of toxins are lurking (without replacing the furniture or throwing away all the toys).
  • Simple checklists that break the detox down by priority–you’ll do the most important clean-ups first, and each week entails no more than four easy steps.
  • Extra-credit tasks each month for those of you who have done the basics and want to take it to the next level.
  • The shopping guides people have come to rely on us for. You’ll get curated lists of products from lip balm to toilet cleaner–all of which meet our strictest standards for safety and effectiveness.

In this updated version, I’ve added a bunch of new tips and product suggestions.

If you’ve already purchased this e-book, email me and I’ll send over the updated version free of charge. If you want to download the e-book for the first time, please use code GIMMEDETOX for 50% off (the normal price is $14.99). The code is for our subscribers only (that’s you!) and is good through the end of September.

I hope you’re starting the fall feeling productive, centered, healthy, and most of all, sane!

Stay sane,





P.S. Remember, use code GIMMEDETOX at checkout to get this guide for just $7.50. Expires at the end of this month.



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