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A Message from Maia on New Packaging – REDIRECTED

When I started Gimme the Good Stuff in 2009, I set out to provide our readers, customers, and clients with sound, honest advice, transparent, accessible information, supremely safe products, outstanding customer service, and a high-end experience. And I wanted to do these things in the most environmentally friendly ways possible.

I want to share with you some minor but meaningful changes we are making with our order fulfillment process in order to stay true to this last value. 

The products we sell are of the highest quality, and opening a package from Gimme the Good Stuff should feel special. We have always bought high-end shipping supplies, paying more to get them from a place that uses 100% recycled materials. This even includes the tape we use to seal our boxes (it’s biodegradable). The colorful fill used to protect the items in your shipment is produced in a mill that is “off the grid” (run on water-powered electricity from a nearby river.) The dye for the fill is water-based, not solvent, and free of toxic metals. As my friend Mike likes to say, you are getting your good stuff in a free-range organic grassfed locally-sourced wildcrafted raw sprouted vegan package!

Joking aside, I love that we’ve stayed consistent with our mission, but I have to recognize that it would be even more environmentally responsible to reuse materials that come from our vendors when they ship us their products. And so we will begin to do some of that.

Moving forward, you may notice that your order arrives in a box that bears the logo of one of our vendors, or it might be packed with shredded white paper from the local community college (they are happy to donate to us!), or with packing peanuts we’ve accumulated, or even crumpled newspaper. We recently hired a new shipping manager, Kathy, and she is committed to making our practices as earth-friendly as possible, while also ensuring that your orders arrive unharmed and that opening up a box from Gimme the Good Stuff still feels luxurious–mostly because what’s inside represents total peace of mind.

Oh, and of course we encourage you to re-use or recycle all the shipping materials you receive from us.

We want each of you to have a high-quality, low-impact experience, and with a bit of work, perhaps our great grandchildren can do the same. Thanks for your continued support.

Stay sane,





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