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Acure’s Superfruit Eye Cream Really Is Super!

Suzanne-Headshot-By Suzanne (“Nana”)

Mostly, I’m okay with being 62. I get into movies at a discounted rate but still feel as vibrant as ever (although feeling great probably requires a bit more work–sticking to a clean diet, getting to the gym every day, etc.—than it did when I was 32!).

However, like most women my age (well, any age!), I have some secret insecurities about my looks, and I am a bit vain about wrinkles in particular. Because I also like my skin to feel smooth, I’ve become increasingly into lotions and creams as I get older. (For most of my life, my skin looked fine without using any products—I literally just used natural soap and water on my face and that was it!)

Because I’m so picky about what I put in my mouth (almost exclusively organic whole foods), it only follows that I am also highly selective about what goes on my skin. I would probably just use olive or coconut oil if it weren’t so greasy and messy.

I started helping Maia with Gimme the Good Stuff almost two years ago, and I have become enamored with some of the products we have reviewed and/or decided to offer in our store. One of my favorites is Acure Organics Superfruit Eye Cream. It is creamy but not greasy, and so pleasant to rub into on my crows feet! It also seems to help keep bags from appearing under my eyes. First thing every morning, I reach for my eye cream and keep that area moistened and soft.

I loved when a reader recently told me that if you go to our website and search for “food,” the Acure Eye Cream shows up in the results! Indeed, it is full of food-grade ingredients—things like organic acai berry, blackberry, elderberry, cranberry, goji berry, raspberry, pomegranate, blueberry, coconut oil, avocado oil…you get the point. In fact, many of the products we sell in our store contain a lot of stuff you could probably eat (of course, don’t actually eat any of it please!)

acure organics superfruit eye cream

In honor of my obsession with Acure’s eye cream, Maia has agreed to run a sale on it this week so everyone can see why I fell in love. Use code GIMMEEYECREAM at checkout for 20% off the already reasonably priced Superfruit Eye Cream.

Let me know what you think!

Be well,
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