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Aromatherapy for Back-to-School Blues

First-Day-of-SchoolFelix recently started preschool and while I am mostly excited about this transition, it has not been without some stress and a certain sense of loss. I can’t believe his first three years are really over (and that I’ve spent the bulk of them waiting for bedtime…waiting for the weekend…waiting for him to be old enough to go to school!). 

Because I know that many moms are going through the same range of emotions this time of year, I turned to aromatherapy expert Valerie Bennis for her stress relief tips.

Here’s what Valerie had to say:

Whether your little boy has just begun kindergarten or your first-born is starting her journey off to college, this can be a stressful time of year.  Aromatherapy can ease tension, warm your heart, and help you let go. Essential oils of lavender and ylang/ylang are deeply calming. Woody scents (think cedar and spruce) are comforting and restorative.

Essence of Vali’ s CALM relax mist and massage & bath oil can help put you at ease, and the diffuser blend is a quick and easy way to add some “calm” into your home or office. Our FORTIFY blend is very grounding and can help ease the feeling of loss or emotional fragility, creating a sense of shelter and warmth.

I wish you all a smooth transition this school year!



Stay sane,






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