• 4 Ways to Have a Healthy Halloween

    4 Ways to Have a Healthy Halloween

    My kids love Halloween, and we are pretty relaxed with letting them eat a fair amount of candy–especially as they’ve gotten older! Still, Halloween is a holiday that full of Bad Stuff (and nope, not just the candy). Read on for our tips for avoiding toxins–and have a safe, healthy Halloween! 1. Avoid PVC Costumes […]

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  • Best Prenatal Vitamin Guide

    Best Prenatal Vitamin Guide

    In order to make our Best Stuff category, a vitamin brand needs to provide third-party lab Certificate of Analysis that confirm both the absence of contaminants and a validation of the ingredients listed on the label.

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  • 6 Healthy Ways to Save Money in the Kitchen

    6 Healthy Ways to Save Money in the Kitchen

    Tightening your budget in the kitchen doesn’t have to feel like deprivation, and you don’t have to sacrifice conscious, healthful living to save money. What follows are six ways that our family is going to stay healthy, stay sane, and stay financially responsible this autumn by our choices in the kitchen. You’ll also find links for recipes for five affordable healthy meals.

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  • ByHeart Baby Formula Review

    ByHeart Baby Formula Review

    I am really excited about ByHeart Infant Formula. It’s both super clean and high performing. In the past couple of years, we’ve seen some new products that edge us closer to an ideal, FDA-regist infant formula. ByHeart takes us pretty much there. ByHeart is both a new player and a game-changer among American formulas. 

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  • Healthy Jarred Baby Food Guide

    Healthy Jarred Baby Food Guide

    What is the best jarred baby food in 2022? I didn’t find any Best Stuff, but there’s plenty of Good Stuff–and you’ll want to check out the Okay Stuff and Sneaky Stuff–there are some surprises in there! I also offer some information about what you should and should not freak out about when it comes to heavy metal contamination in baby foods.

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  • Finding the Good Stuff In…Nantucket

    Finding the Good Stuff In…Nantucket

    I’ve wanted to write a Nantucket travel guide since I first visited this jewel box of an island four years ago with some college friends. I traveled to Nantucket again a couple of weeks ago–this time with three generations of my family–and it proved itself to be a wonderful place to visit with kids. Below […]

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  • Non-Toxic Back-To-School Supplies 2022

    Non-Toxic Back-To-School Supplies 2022

    We have lots of fun new stuff in our store this year, so read on for 12 new non-toxic back-to-school items for 2022.

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  • Natural Dish Soap Guide

    Natural Dish Soap Guide

    The vast majority of “natural” dish soaps contain a ton of chemicals that you don’t want to ingest when dish soap residue remains on dishes. This guide will help you buy the best natural dish soap–ones that work well and do not harm you or the planet.

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  • Healthiest Fruit Popsicles Guide

    Healthiest Fruit Popsicles Guide

    Making your own will result in the very healthiest fruit popsicles, especially since every store-bought one comes in plastic. Sometimes it makes sense to buy fruit pops to have on hand in the summer. Read on for our picks for the healthiest fruit popsicles you can find in a grocery store.

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  • Safe Deodorant Guide

    Safe Deodorant Guide

    The good news is that there are a ton of safe, natural deodorants to choose. They come in sticks, jars, roll-ons and sprays. And, yes, many of them actually work. Here is how to find them.

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