Our Pledge to You

Based on our extensive research and the most recent scientific information available, we believe that everything we recommend or sell on Gimme the Good Stuff is the best, cleanest stuff on the market. All projects undertaken by Gimme the Good Stuff are driven by one core focus: we want to help families live cleaner lives, avoid being duped by Sneaky Stuff, and maintain their sanity in the process. We will never compromise our strict safety standards when identifying and recommending products.


Gimme the Good Stuff began when Maia decided she wanted to share her research with other moms and make clean living simpler. The response the site has received has been incredible, and Gimme the Good Stuff has been steadily growing since 2009. These days, there are a few ways–in addition to the online store and one-on-one consulting packages–that Gimme the Good Stuff makes money or receives free products. They are as follows:

  • We sometimes use affiliate links from other retailers to point to products we’ve reviewed. These include Amazon, The Honest Company, Little World Organics, Baby Kind Market, Organic Start, Sun Basket, Stem Furniture, Sakara Life, Olea Blue, Beyond Organic Baby, Savvy Rest Mattresses, White Lotus Home, Viesso, Grab Green, SweeTooth, Beautycounter, 100% Pure, Essentia, Bambino’s Baby Food, Thrive Market, Kabrita, and My Green Mattresses, as we’ll as and publishing networks like Google Display Network, LinkShare/Rakuten, and Share a Sale & Clix Galore. Your price will not change if you click these links to purchase the products we recommend, but the commission we receive help keep the free content flowing (such as our Safe Product Guides). Whether we have such a relationship with the brands we review has absolutely no bearing on how we review them, and we will NEVER call a product Good Stuff if it isn’t something we believe is the safest on the market, and that Maia uses or would use in her own home.
  • We are often sent free products to review, but we always give you our honest opinion of the products, and most of what we receive unfortunately falls under The Sneaky Stuff.
  • We are often sent books to review, which we will typically only review if we enjoyed them and feel that the values of the authors are aligned with our own.
  • Some of the pages on this website contain advertisements. These ads do not necessarily represent the opinions of Gimme the Good Stuff.

The advice and opinions presented by Gimme the Good Stuff are based on our own research process as well as current scientific evidence. For medical advice, you should see a licensed medical professional. Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness. Manufacturers change the ingredients in their products frequently; always read labels or call companies to verify.

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Thank you for your support. We have been overwhelmed and inspired by your positive feedback and ever valuable suggestions for ways that Gimme the Good Stuff can grow and improve.