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Green Goo Heals Sore, Raw Noses from Spring Colds

Written by Maia, President
Written by Maia, President

Sorry for the lack of new blog posts this and last week! Our family business has been suffering from a multi-generational cold from hell. It started with our shipping manager’s grandson, and quickly spread to my mom, then onto my children and then me. From there, I infected nearly everyone I came into contact with–it was no joke of a virus and Wolfie’s nose is STILL running two weeks into it!

Sierra Sage Green Goo from Gimme the Good Stuff
Green Goo is a miracle balm for everything from scrapes to bruises to dry skin.

Anyway, one upside to the misery was that I discovered yet another use for one of my all time favorite natural products–Sierra Sage Green Goo. This stuff is what we use for every boo-boo (I swear it even makes my bruises heal faster), and now it’ll join my arsenal of cold and flu products. Here’s why:

You know those ultra luxurious tissues that seem to be almost lubed up with aloe vera gel? Yeah, well they are of course loaded with a bunch of chemicals (not actual aloe vera) to make them such a soothing treat for your raw nose. I use sometimes use Nose Nuzzles for my kids, but don’t like wet wipes for myself, so usually am left scratching the sh*t out of my nose with box after box of Trader Joe’s tissues.

This week, my nose is all red and flakey, and I slathered some Green Goo on it yesterday (this was a gorgeous look, let me say). I felt immediate relief, and I reapplied at bedtime and woke up with a normal-looking nose–seriously! Here’s where you can learn more about the miracle that is Green Goo.

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  1. Mary Louise

    Where is this specific product for sale on your website? Thanks.

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