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New Back-to-School Favorites

I don’t want to jinx it, but it looks like in-person school will be a reality this September for us, and sooner for many of you! (Of course, this wave of Covid means it won’t be normal school–my thoughts on this vaccine for kids here.)

We’ve stocked our store with lots of new toxin-free back-to-school gear. Here are a few of my favorites:
1. Vinyl-free backpacks in the coolest patterns.
2. Leak-proof stainless steel containers in a variety of sizes for easy lunch packing.
3. Organic cotton lunch boxes that are brand new this week!
4. Two pieces in this set are ideal for school: the Bento box with its airtight lid for lunch boxes and the kids cup that comes with a handle that can clip onto bag straps.
5. I keep buying more Stasher bags–you can never have enough of the snack size!
6. Tegu’s pocket pouch features 6 eco-friendly, non-toxic magnet blocks that are perfect for preschoolers.
7. Toddler backpacks are the perfect size for the littlest students.
8. Non-toxic insulated lunchbox can match a backpack–my favorite print is the pink dolls, but neither of my boys is going for it.
9. Unlike many other bento-style lunch containers, this one features sealed compartments. You can literally fill each compartment with different colored water, shake it and not have the colors mix.
10. Zip-top silicone snack pouches are easy for little hands to open and close.
11. My kids still like the straw-top Pura bottles best of all. (But I also like the sport one.)
12. Slip this natural sanitizer into your kid’s backpack so they can clean up on the go in school.

I wish you all a sane start to the upcoming school year,


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