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No Poo Method No More

no-poo2My hair looked pretty good at this Christmas party, but not as good as my friend Amanda’s. Several months ago I blogged about how great my hair was looking using the no poo method. Unfortunately, this was short lived. Turns out I’m just too lazy to stir up the baking soda/water and apple cider vinegar/water combo every time I want to wash my hair (see below for a refresher on the basic no poo method).

I’m Not the Only Quitter

My mom quit the no poo method, too, partly because she also thought it was a hassle to stir up the concoctions before her shower, but also because she felt that the baking soda was drying out her hair. So now she shampoos once a week with John Masters Organics (see our full shampoo review). On the other days, she just massages her hair with water. She’s happy with how it looks.

Help Me No Poo!

I want to start back up with the no poo method, but am hoping one of my readers will suggest an easier way to go about it! I kept the baking soda and apple cider vinegar in my kitchen and mixed them with water in glass jars, which I brought into the shower with me and then returned to the kitchen afterwards. Has anyone come up with a way to prepare the mixtures in the shower and/or leave them there?

Basic No Poo Method Instructions

  1. Stir one tablespoon of baking soda into one cup of warm water (increase the amount of each if you have very long hair).
  2. Pour over your scalp and massage thoroughly (the massaging is important).
  3. Let sit in hair for at least one minute.
  4. Rinse thoroughly.
  5. Stir one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into one cup of warm water (increase the amount of each if you have very long hair).
  6. Pour this over all of your hair, and especially the ends, and allow it to soak in for at least one minute.
  7. Rinse thoroughly.
  8. Repeat whenever your hair gets greasy (for me this was twice a week).

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10 responses to “No Poo Method No More”

  1. Tiffany

    Hi all! I have been no-pooing for over 6 months now and my hair has never been better! The only difference is I don’t use baking soda but rye flour instead. I did a little research before I went no-poo and found that a lot of people claimed the baking soda route destroyed their hair after a couple years (for some, in much less time) of use. I have fine hair that breaks easily and tends to be on the drier side so reading numerous blog articles of wrecked hair made me search for a better alternative. I discovered baking soda is extremely alkaline and it’s near impossible to dilute it to a pH that matches our skin/scalp (roughly 5.5). Apple cider vinegar is great bc it’s acidic, like our scalp/hair. Rye flour has a pH of 5, so it’s very close in acidity also. The rye flour is a bit more of a hassle than baking soda because you have to make your shampoo and use it immediately (within a week if stored in the fridge) or it will go bad and you have to at least rinse your shampoo container well after use or you’ll have a fun project in your bottle the next time around. 😉 Also, fine ground rye flour is needed or you will end up with bits in your hair that are difficult to get out. I thought people were just exaggerating about how fine the flour must be but no, no they weren’t! Stone ground will not do unless ran through a very fine filter, like a mesh reusable coffee filter (I did this because I did not want to buy another bag of rye flour right away but what a pain in the rear). I just mix about 2 tbsp with enough water to make a very runny paste and put it in a bottle to pour on my hair and then follow with the vinegar rinse. It makes my hair look and feel great! It’s full of vitamins and minerals. I have way less breakage and loss. I’ve learned more is not better with it though as it made my hair feel heavy and slightly “gunked-up” if I used too much. I “wash” my hair about twice a week, maybe 3 times if I’m extra active. In between “washes”, I just rinse with water or just an acv rinse. Sorry for the long comment but hope this information helps someone. Good luck!

  2. john

    Yes, Alejandra. Although with them I find you just need water to wash the hair!

  3. Alejandra Neira

    Is this method safe to use with babies or toddlers??

  4. Maia

    Thanks, Robyn. I'm back to no-pooing myself! I keep the ACV and BS in these little containers that my husband brings home from the lab (he's a scientist), and then mix them with water in a bucket of Felix's, which lives in the shower. It's been really easy and my hair seems so much cleaner than when I was using natural shampoo!

  5. Robyn

    I am on my second round of no poo. The first was short lived because the baking soda did not work well. It did not disolve into the water and after stumbling on a blog that highlighted the difference between soft and hard water and baking soda, I found the "cure" for it.

    Since my water is hard, I bring it to a boil, turn off the heat and then slowly add in the baking soda and stirring it. The after it cools I put it in an old dishsoap bottle and it takes a while for me to go through it all.

    My apple cider vinegar and water rinse is premade and in an old spray bottle for hairspray. I am thinking of switching to another dishsoap container once I have another one available.

    This works for me because I do not have to mix it up for each shower.

    Good luck!

    Hopefully that helps!

  6. Maia James

    Suzanne, I am so glad you are liking the no poo method. Interesting technique, skipping the water! Your hair still looked good? I am doing it again as well, despite my laziness. My hair just looks so much better than when I was with the natural shampoos.

  7. Suzanne

    Love, love, loving the "no-poo" method. I went for the huge chemical reaction and skipped the water the first time, lots of baking soda and straight apple cider vinegar. I'll follow the actual directions going forward, lol.

  8. Gillian

    I put a 50/50 mix of vinegar/water in the sports bottle. I have very thin shoulder-length hair so I use very little to rinse my hair. I use the same mixture from the same bottle when I need to soak my cloth diapers, so I don't know how long it would last if I used it just for rinsing my hair. A few weeks I would guess.

    As for the BS, when I used one cup of water to one tbsp of BS my hair didn't get clean at all. I ended up making almost a paste with the BS and shower water. I keep a whole box of BS in my bathroom cupboard. You could keep a 4L bottle of ACV in the cupboard if you had the room …

  9. Maia

    Thanks Gillian. The sports water bottle is a good idea. My problem is that you are supposed to use an entire cup of water with both the BS and ACV…so premixing and leaving in the shower only ever gave me enough for a couple of days. I suppose one could use REALLY big bottles (I'm thinking of laundry detergent bottles) and just leave them in the shower…

  10. Gillian

    I am also a no 'poo quitter, but because I didn't like the results. At the moment I wash with a crunchy-ish shampoo and do a vinegar rinse. When I was no 'pooing I would keep an old water bottle of the vinegar/water mixture in the shower (after telling Hubby not to try drinking it) and kept a box of baking soda in the bathroom cupboard. Before the shower all I would do was pour some baking soda into a very small container and bring that into the shower with me. I would add the water from the shower to the small container and stir it with my finger. If I had to remember to bring stuff from the kitchen every time I showered, it just wouldn't happen. With the water bottle of vinegar solution, I just shake some onto the ends of my hair. The bottle has a sport-style cap so only a little bit comes out a time. It is cold but it doesn't bother me since I don't put the vinegar solution on the top of my head, just down at the ends of my hair.

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