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Poofy Organics Products Unboxing!

You guys have been telling me how much you love Poofy Organics products for, like, ever. Once I investigated the ingredients in Poofy’s products, I quickly realized that it was ALL Good Stuff, and that I should sign up with the company and recommend it to my readers. But I still had never tried a single product myself, so I recently made my first order.

Watch here as I open up my first personal order of Poofy Organics products–you’ll be surprised by what happens with the nail polish remover!

Products mentioned in this video:

I am Goddess Dishwashing Liquid

None of the yucky ingredient found in conventional dish detergents. 

Buy from Poofy Organics




Poofy Organics Orange Lavender Shampoo

I’m always trying new natural shampoos, and this is the latest in my lineup. 

Buy from Poofy Organics




Baby Poof Sleepy Sleep Bubble Bath

My kids want a bubble bath every night, and who doesn’t love something that helps with sleep?

Buy from Poofy Organics




I Am Goddess Mascara

I tried this right after I shot this video, and it wasn’t at all clumpy. I was pleasantly surprised, even though you’ve all been telling me how great it is!

Buy from Poofy Organics



Poofy Organics Nail Polish Remover

At first I was certain this wouldn’t work at all, but as you see in the video, I was wrong.

Buy from Poofy Organics



Poofy Organics Fatigue Support Essential Oil

I’ve been using this here and there, and while I can’t say I feel any more alert, I do like how it smells!

Buy from Poofy Organics




What are your favorite Poofy products? Share them below!

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2 responses to “Poofy Organics Products Unboxing!”

  1. What are your thoughts on the performance of the dish soap, shampoo, and the mascara after using them for a while?


    1. Love the mascara, like the dish soap okay, and not a fan of the shampoo:).

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