Safer Summer Camp Gear 2022

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Maia James


New York City public school doesn’t get out until June 27th, but I know lots of you are mere days away from the beginning of summer break! If you’re sending your kids to day camp this year, read on for my top picks for toxin-free, Earth-friendly camp supplies available in our store.

Safer Summer Camp Shopping List

  1. Patch Kids Bamboo Bandages for gentler boo-boo covering. $7.99
  2. Sun Hats made of 100% cotton, to prevent sunburned noses. $22.00
  3. Mineral Sunscreen Cream to keep sunburns away during the longest days. $17.99
  4. Bugs Be Gone to keep pests away without DEET. $14.99
  5. Sanitizing Wipes to clean away dirt and sticky fingers with one toxin-free swipe. $6.99
  6. Sunscreen Spray for the easiest application of mineral-based sun protection. $19.99
  7. Sunscreen Lip Balm for protected lips without any worrisome ingredients. $3.99
  8. Organic Cotton Lunch Boxes for Earth-friendly lunch packing. $32.00
  9. Silicone Snack Containers to pack healthy sustenance to keep them going all day. $8.99
  10. Stainless Steel Bottles for the cleanest hydration. $26.95
  11. Non-Toxic Ice Packs to keep lunches cool and safe to eat. $12.00
  12. After-Bug Balm to soothe itchy bites naturally. $7.99
  13. Green Goo First Aid Balm for natural relief and healing from scrapes and scratches. $10.99
  14. Hand Sanitizer Spray to ensure germ-free and toxin-free hands. $3.99

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