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Gimme Clean Water – Under Counter Water Filter System with PFAS/PFOA (Forever Chemicals) Filter

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This filter system is installed under your counter, out of sight, and uses KDF/GAC and carbon block filters to effectively eliminate a wide variety of common contaminants. The additional PFAS water filter uses bituminous granulated activated carbon to remove PFAS from your water.


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Why we like it…

We are pleased to introduce you to our new Gimme Clean Water filtration system, a comprehensive under-counter filter with an additional PFAS/PFOA filter and an optional fluoride filter.

This filter system is installed under your counter, out of sight, and uses KDF/GAC and carbon block filters to effectively eliminate a wide variety of common contaminants, including chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals (including lead, chromium-6, mercury), iron, aluminum, hydrogen sulfide, chemicals, DBPs (disinfection by-products), THMs (trihalomethanes), HAAs (haloacetic acids), MTBE, VOCs, many pharmaceutical products, and more.

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The additional PFAS water filter uses bituminous granulated activated carbon to remove PFAS/PFOA from your water.

A Note About Forever Chemicals

“PFAS” is the overarching term for perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, a class of several thousand chemicals. Due to the manufacturing and distribution of PFAS-containing products, they end up in our water supply. Once in our bodies, they stay there and build up over time and a recent review from the CDC shows they are associated with everything from cancer to asthma to decreased fertility.

Gimme Clean Water Filter Features

  • Tested to industry standard NSF-53 protocol by an independent laboratory.
  • Leaves beneficial minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, intact.
  • Comes with replaceable, economical, long-life cartridges (12,000 gallons)–these last from one to three years, and you can buy replacement filters here.
  • Economical, costing about a penny per gallon.
  • Comes complete with a pre-filter which helps filter out larger particulates found in some water supplies to extend the life of the main filter cartridges.
  • Includes a premium modern chrome faucet at no extra charge. You can choose from any of the other colors (above) for an additional charge.

Gimme Clean Water Filter Installation

Full installation instructions are included with your filter kit, and the process requires only the tools and skills found in most households. Most sinks have an optional space that can house a water spigot or soap dispenser–-it will typically have a plug that can be removed for just this purpose. If your sink DOESN’T have this option, you would need to hire someone to cut a hole, which is much easier than it sounds!

A Note About Fluoride

You can choose to add an additional fourth filter for fluoride, or not! Fluoride in drinking water is a controversial subject. We’ve decided that we’d rather have pure water coming out of our tap and have the option to add fluoride in whatever dose we feel is appropriate (at the dentist or via toothpaste), rather than accepting whatever my municipality feels is the right amount. Some studies suggest a link between high-fluoride drinking water and lower IQ.

FAQs About Our Filter

Q: How big is the filter that needs to fit under my sink?
The triple  filter is 12″ tall, 16″ wide, and 5″ deep. The fluoride add-on filter is 12″ tall with a 5″ diameter. T
Q: If you have granite countertops, can you use the hole that is there for the soap dispenser?
The hole in your granite that currently holds a soap dispenser should work perfectly.
Q: Does the kit include a water line splitter?
All the parts you will need for the installation are included. This includes a valve that goes onto your existing cold water inlet. This valve has two outlets: one that sends water back to your existing faucet and another that sends water to your new filter system. The flow of water to the filter system can be adjusted so that you do not exceed a flow of one gallon per minute. This will all make sense as you install the unit!
Q: How often do the cartridges need to be changed?
The PFAS and the optional fluoride cartridges should be replaced annually. The other two filters will last as long as three years, depending on how much water you use. If the water flow starts to slow, you’ll know it’s time to replace those!
Q: Are replacements sold on your site?
Yes! You can purchase them all right here.
Interested in whole house filtration? Call John at 717-413-8182.

Additional Information

Dimensions N/A
faucet color

Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, White, Black, Brass

fluoride filter

With fluoride filter, Without fluoride filter


1 review for Gimme Clean Water – Under Counter Water Filter System with PFAS/PFOA (Forever Chemicals) Filter

  1. Jason Trama (verified owner)

    Background: I have well water with high iron and manganese, so the main house line is softened. Now I have an active flower farm 100 feet away that has very successful festivals. But that means new roads, cars, and pesticide use. It all drains around me and the nearby properties.

    Install: Just received it today! The unit was easily installed (my current plumbing was a bear to sort though); you will find everything you need to install if you have a standard sink faucet and a hole cut for the filter’s faucet. Nice quality swivel faucet, plastic push to connect lines and fittings, and the valve you need to divert from your main cold water line. I usually flush my filters in succession from the intake, which is also suggested in the paperwork with the kit (good job!). This is a bit messy, but all was ready to test the water in about 30 minutes. And I am no plumber!

    Use: so far so good! The faucet is great; it swivels. The handle is easy to use, smooth, and works well. The taste is much better than that of the source kitchen faucet. It definitely has less “iron taste” and is drinkable.

    I will definitely be back to update this as it settles in and we test it more.

    I never expect a water filter system to give us perfect drinking water, but anything is better than nothing right now. I have been hesitant about our well water since the activity in the flower farm behind us has skyrocketed. Lots of vehicles and pesticides.

    • Graham Goss

      So glad to hear it is working well for you Jason! I put one in my own kitchen as well, and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to install. Our water tastes great and gives me peace of mind that we are eliminating as many contaminants as possible.

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