Blaynk Organic Bibs – 3 Pack


What Makes This Good Stuff

Breathable, versatile and silky soft, these organic bibs are perfect for taking care of your baby’s delicate skin. All Blaynk fabrics are made without any dyes, bleach, or processing chemicals. Always organic, unbleached, and undyed.

These classic snap bibs have three snap buttons for a snug fit and easy fastening.

Set includes three bibs.

Blaynk sheets and baby linens are made with just three things: organic cotton, rainwater, and wind power. Textile dyeing is one of the most pollutive industrial processes in the world, so Blaynk’s bedding comes only in the all-natural color of cotton. Blaynk’s factory is 100% wind powered, with no carbon emissions from start to finish.


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