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  • Cora Ball From Gimme the Good Stuff

    Cora Ball – Laundry Ball and Fiber Catcher


    The Cora Ball is a new kind of laundry ball. Inspired by the way coral filters the ocean, the Cora Ball prevents microfiber from breaking off our clothes and collects our microfibers into fuzz we can see, so we can dispose of microfibers in the right way.

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  • Sale! Full Circle Clean Again Extra Absorbent Cleaning Cloths - 2 Pack

    Full Circle Extra Absorbent Cleaning Cloths – 2 Pack


    These reusable cloths pack a mighty punch, acting as multi-taskers that absorb up to seven times their weight. They won’t tear, and are the perfect paper towel replacement. Features: Soaks up spills in a flash Use wet, dry, or damp Absorbs 7 times their weight to reduce paper towel waste Set of two cloths Machine…

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  • E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set 8 Pack from Gimme the Good Stuff

    E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set (8 Pack)


    The E-Cloth Home Cleaning Cloth 8-Pack are a real commitment to chemical free cleaning at great value. All the cloths remove grease, dirt and over 99% of bacteria – with just water.

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  • Sale! E-Cloth Glass Microfiber Cloths 4 Pack from Gimme the Good Stuff

    E-Cloth Glass Polishing Microfiber Cloths (Assorted Colors)


    Apply the brilliance of the E-Cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth anywhere you want a shiny, happy ending to chores — without using blue mystery sprays and paper towels.

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