E-Cloth Classic Microfiber Dish Towel


With E-Cloth Wash & Wipe Dish Cloths. Transform dishes from dirty to done with precision-engineered microfibers that grab and trap grease, food, activated with water’s molecular might. You don’t even need liquid soap.


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Why it’s Good Stuff

We love to use these cleaning cloths because all you need is water and they remove over 99% of bacteria and mold! Clean with a clean conscious. Safe for the environment and your family. 

If you are going to use any micro fiber cloths we recommend using a Cora Ball in your laundry to reduce any negative impact that micro fibers would have on the environment and oceans.


Care Instructions

The Science Behind E-Cloth’s Claims

  • Specific E-Cloth products and water remove over 99% of bacteria and mold, locking it away inside the cloths’ fibers, where it stays until the cloths are rinsed.
  • After a rinse with warm water, E-Cloth products re-introduce just 0.01% of bacteria back onto a sterile surface.

With 11,000 5-star reviews from 2018 – 2020 and a recommendation by the UK Good Housekeeping Institute, these EPA-registered cloths are backed by happy users, in addition to science.

Benefits of E-Cloth: It’s Effective, Chemical-Free, and Sustainable

Premium textiles and unique manufacturing process produces high-quality microfiber materials that create more effective results compared to average microfiber brands. When you clean with E-Cloth products and water, dirt and grime is trapped into the extra small voids found within the fibers, delivering a perfect performance, every time.

E-Cloth’s task-specific cloths, scrubbers, and mops deliver a high-performance clean for every task, every time — with just water. You, your loved ones, and your pets are left with clean, chemical-free surfaces everywhere in your home.

Clean safer

  • Some cotton cloths push dirt around, leaving grime behind. Many chemical cleaners leave unnecessary residues or artificial fragrances on surfaces. Not E-Cloth.
  • These  products, plus water, get the job done. Seriously done—removing dirt and grime, leaving your home fresh, clean, and chemical-free, all thanks to a special manufacturing process that creates high-quality microfiber products.
  • There are no chemicals added or needed to use. Zero. Nada. When you clean with E-Cloth, you can feel confident that you’re using a premium, chemical-free product that only needs water to effectively clean. No greenwashing here – you simply don’t need chemicals to clean most household surfaces, creating a safer living area for you, your family, and your pets.

Clean better

  • You know the old-school cleaning drill: Cleaning supplies loaded with artificial fragrances, some with harsh chemicals, the plastic bottles they’re stored in, paper towels (lots of them!), and grungy old rags. Add in a few thousand disposable wipes and you can practically hear the environment groan.
  • E-Cloth allows you to ditch all of that. No more paper towels, plastic bottles, old rags, or chemicals. Think about that! Just E-Cloth and water. Ahhh. Clean home, clean earth. And, when you’re done cleaning, rinse out your cloth, or throw it in the wash if needed, and it will be ready to go the next time you need it. The next 299 times you need it, actually, because most E-Cloth products generally last for around 300 washes.
  • E-Cloth’s commitment is unwavering: They create effective, efficient, and environmentally sound products because they believe that eliminating the chemicals and disposables are better for your health, the well-being of your family, and the sustainability of our planet.


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