Farmaesthetics Organic Baby Gift Set


This organic baby gift set makes for the perfect gift for any new or expecting mothers in your life! Farmaesthetics products are free of artificial preservatives, petroleum products, parabens, dyes, phthalates and synthetic fragrances.

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What Makes This Good Stuff

All of these fine herbal preparations from Farmaesthetics are free of artificial preservatives, petroleum products, talc, fillers, parabens, dyes, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances. This is essential for truly effective skincare at any age, but never more important than when used on a baby or child.

Farmaesthetics Organic Baby Gift Set Contains:

Fine Herbal Cleanser (4 ounces): A pure, 100% natural cleanser, gentle enough for use on baby’s delicate skin. The lavender and germanium essential oils are nature’s perfect antibacterial, which helps to prevent diaper irritations and settle any existing rash, without ever drying or upsetting baby’s tender skin.  Use this cleanser for washing baby’s garments.

Nourishing Lavender Milk (4 ounces): A soothing, lightweight herbal lotion full of calendula oil is perfect for massaging into baby’s skin. Lavender is settling to the baby’s system and helps him or her to relax. The scent is soft and soothing.  This lavender milk is good for baby’s skin and mother’s alike.

High Cotton Body Dust (1.75 ounces): Ground organic lavender buds, sage and thyme are combined with arrowroot, clay and cornstarch to absorb excess moisture without drying baby’s tender skin. This body dust is an excellent preventative for diaper rash, prickly heat or chafing on children and adults of all ages.

Hand to Heel Softening Salve (0.8 ounces): This powerfully effective herbal salve is wonderfully healing to infant skin irritations, including diaper rash, infant eczema and cradle cap. Mothers will find this an excellent salve for soreness associated with nursing, because babies don’t object to the taste at all. This salve is 100% chemical and fragrance free.

Nettle Remedy Oil (1 ounce): Cradle cap is a scaly dermatitis that can affect the scalp of small babies and can be caused by overactive sweat glands. Nettle is well known in herbalism for treating such dry scalp conditions and it is safe enough for newborns. This is a non-aromatic, handmade whole herb infusion.

Deep Lavender Rub (0.5 ounce,): This is a fragrant, effective, herbal rub for loosening and relaxing upper respiratory tightness, and it is gentle enough for use on your baby’s tender chest. The volatile oils also offer aromatherapeutic relaxation. This is a perfect bedtime rub for babies and grown-ups alike.



This organic baby gift set makes for the perfect gift for any new or expecting mothers in your life!


Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in

All Farmaesthetics products are 100% natural, contain certified organic ingredients as indicated, are hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and dermatologist tested and they come with a certified shelf-life of two years from the date of opening. These products are never tested on animals.



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