Kleynimals Stainless Steel Rattle


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What Makes This Good Stuff

Meet Pippi the Polar Bear, Scout the Snowshoe Hare and Otto the Snowy Owl.

They are the cute faces that adorn Kleynimals non-toxic, 100% stainless steel rattle. This rattle is satisfying for baby with a pleasant jingling sound and a cool, shiny metal texture.

Dishwasher safe, 100% stainless steel and American Made, Kleynimals Stainless Steel Rattle is the perfect answer for parents seeking organic rattle options.

Each rattle features Pippi, Scout and Otto separated by 3 beads.

This stainless steel rattle offers a beautiful, unique heirloom gift with all the practical conveniences of being dishwasher safe and exceedingly entertaining for babies.  Babies love to grasp the big ring and shake the “keys”.  Some fans also like to call it a wind chime rattle because of the unique sound it makes.

Kleynimals stainless-steel toys help stimulate a baby’s sense of sight, touch and sound, as well as both their fine and gross motor skills.

Kleynimals is a woman-owned business that produces its products in the USA. Kleynimals were the first 100% stainless steel toy keys for babies, and they don’t contain lead, phthalates, BPA, or cadmium. 


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