Satva Organic Cotton Face Mask for Winter – 2 Pack

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Dimensions 7 × 3.5 in

5 reviews for Satva Organic Cotton Face Mask for Winter – 2 Pack

  1. Sonia

    I think naturpedic has a mask made in the USA. Might want to contact them. These mask look nice, might be interested in purchasing.

  2. Lindsey Blais (verified owner)

    I washed this by hand before use. All the pleats are now gone and it is just this giant piece of fabric. I’m not impressed at all. I personally do not recommend.

    • Suzanne Weaver-Goss

      Thanks for the question. Because we sought out masks that are as nontoxic as possible, these are very simple masks…just organic cotton across your face. Like any 100% cotton garment, pleats can be ironed in but over time and will relax out. Washing definitely washes the pleats out, but like any cotton garment they can be ironed back in. I don’t personally bother with that. I find that with the pleats relaxed I get a more form-fitting fit to my face than when it was new and pleated. You may have a different experience. The good news is that you are not exposed to the residual off-gassing that can come from masks made from… well… you get the idea.

  3. Rivkaf (verified owner)

    It’s me again! I do not know how to pull off my first review! It wasn’t about the product itself. JUST that it was made in China! I spoke to Maia’s mom and dad – the loveliest people! They totally got where I was coming from. Let’s all try to buy MADE IN AMERICA!!!

  4. John Goss

    Having tried many similar cotton masks, we have found this one to be the best of them. The fit is better and it’s nice to know the cotton is organic. In response to the review by Rivkaf…We continue to search for an affordable, domestically produced, certified organic, well made mask. If any of our readers knows of such a mask, please let us know! Please realize that in today’s economy almost every product we buy is shipped, often from very far away. Yes, buying local is a great way to go whenever possible. The sad fact is that for many/most of the products folks want and buy, there simply is no local option.

  5. Rivkaf (verified owner)

    I would give this one star if I could. This company sounds like it’s concerned with selling natural and “including ecological and social criteria” products. I was very upset when I received this and saw “Made in China.” I do not consider shipping products from China “ecological” considering the amount of fuel to ship to the States. I prefer products made in America. Why you had to source these masks and couldn’t find some organic cotton and a seamstress/tailor to stitch these up to give an American a job is beyond me. I also think it is wrong NOT TO BOTHER mentioning they come from China in your description. Additionally, the description says it is “Machine Wash.” The directions on the package say “Hand Wash.” Not happy at all with this purchase.

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