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Why it’s Good Stuff

A modern twist on the Japanese classic, Soaring Heart’s organic latex shikibuton perfectly blends the versatile, minimalist shikibuton with the supple comfort of organic Dunlop latex wrapped in 100% organic wool and cotton twill. This shikibuton is great for apartments or for people who love the feel of latex but don’t want a larger traditional mattress.

Surprisingly lightweight and only four inches thick, our shikibutons are easily folded and stored to make better use of your space or be available when guests are in town.

If you want to keep the versatility of the shikibuton, but want a softer sleep experience, try layering two or more shikibutons on top of each other for a customizable bed set-up. We recommend a Latex Shikibuton with an Organic Cotton Shikibuton on top of it.

What Makes This a Superior Shikibuton

All Soaring Heart organic mattresses, futons, and shikibutons fully meet federal flame retardant guidelines (1632 and 1633) and pass all requisite tests without the use of any synthetic or chemical fire retardants whatsoever, including PBDEs or boric acid powder. They are comprised of  just organic cotton, latex, and wool.

Each Soaring Heart shikibuton is made by hand in Soaring Heart’s Seattle workshop out of a solid latex core that has been wrapped in a layer of thermal regulating felted organic wool, a blend of eight breeds of sheep wool sourced from the Oregon and California coast. These layers of supportive latex and soft organic wool are hand constructed to insure superior resilience and enduring comfort

Shikibuton Tradition & How to Use Your Shikibuton

Organic shikibutons work best when used with a Tatami Frame and Tatami Mat set-up, which best emulates the traditional tatami mat flooring used in Japan. Preferable to the floor or bed slats (as slats can be felt through a single shikibuton), tatami mats allow the shikibuton to rest on a flat, solid surface while still being able to properly breathe. Good ventilation will make your shikibuton last longer. For a truly traditional experience, match your new shikibuton with an organic buckwheat pillow.

Your shikibuton should last you eight to ten years with proper maintenance, although many customers are still comfortably using Soaring Heart shikibutons that they bought fifteen years ago.

Please note that latex mattresses require a slat-style bed frame, rather than a traditional box spring set-up. Here are some non-toxic slat-style beds that we love. Warranties on all latex mattresses are contingent upon having a slat-style bed frame. 

This product ships directly from the manufacturer and may take up to 6 weeks to arrive (although often much less!). This item is not eligible for expedited shipping.

Returns/Exchanges: Before placing your order, please read Soaring Heart’s return policy here.

Additional Information

Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

Cal-King (72×84), Double (54×75), King (76×80), Queen (60×80), Twin (39×75), XL-Twin (39×80)



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