Sonett Laundry Powder for Sensitive Skin

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If you like laundry powder, this is one of the best! Highly concentrated and indicated for every colored and delicate fabric, containing organic Quillaja saponaria extract, which is famous for its efficient fat-dissolving performance.


  • Completely and rapidly biodegradable. No enzymes, petrochemical raw materials and nanotechnology.
  • Free of fragrances, colorings, and preservatives. Non- GMO. Includes only pure vegetable and mineral raw materials.
  • For colored and delicate fabrics made of cotton, linen, synthetic fibers, and blends.
  • Sonett’s Neutral line made especially for people with allergies. Completely hypoallergenic. Not tested on animals. Certified by ecoguarantie, EcoControl, and the Vegan Society.
  • Made in Germany with pure organic vegetable soap and organic Quillaja.
  • The main active ingredient of the Sonett Laundry Powder is organic soap, manufactured from various plant-based oils from organic cultivation– such as palm oil, grapeseed, sunflower and coconut oil – by simmering them with alkaline solution.
  • Vegan. Non-GMO. Not tested on animals. No enzymes, petrochemical raw materials or nanotechnology. Certified by Eco-guarantie, Vegan Society, EcoControl.

Sonett has been a pioneer in natural laundry detergents and cleaners since 1977. Sonett’s mission is to make laundry soaps and cleaning products that are harmonious and revitalizing to water and the environment. All Sonett’s products are made in Germany.

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