Villakuyaya Chocolate MIX COLLECTION | Pack of 10

Villakuyaya Chocolate MIX COLLECTION is a pack of 10 different flavored chocolate bars. Organic dark and milk chocolate varieties.



Product Description

The gift set includes:

  • Organic Dark Chocolate PEPPERMINT CINNAMON 80%

  • Organic Dark Chocolate CACAO ROSE 80%

  • Organic Dark Chocolate WHITE RASPBERRY 80%

  • Organic Dark Chocolate LEMON ESSENCE 80%

  • Organic Dark Chocolate HABANERO PINK SALT 80%

  • Organic Dark Chocolate HIMALAYAN PINK SALT 80%

  • Milk Chocolate CARDAMOM MOCHA LATTE 39%

  • Milk Chocolate LAVENDER LONDON FOG 39%

  • Milk Chocolate MILKY NIBS LATTE 39%

  • Milk Chocolate QUINOA CRUNCH & PINK SALT 39%

A note on heavy metal contamination in dark chocolate: Tania Molina, the founder and owner of Villakuyaya, works directly with organic cacao farmers in Ecuador, and she confirmed that batch testing for heavy metals is an important part of her chocolate production. To minimize lead contamination, cacao beans at Esmeraldas are fermented in closed wooden boxes and then moved to large tables to dry, which are covered to prevent dust from settling on the raw beans. Tania says that during her visits to Esmeraldas, shoes must be removed to prevent bringing outside contamination into the cacao processing facility. Tania tests the pure cocoa used for each batch and only accepts cocoa that meets the European standard since her chocolate is sold in both the United States and Europe. Tania provided us with recent certificates of analysis to demonstrate that her chocolate meets Europe’s guidelines.

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