White Leaf Provisions Biodynamic Snack Box

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White Leaf is one of our very favorite baby foods–which even older kids love! It’s super clean and even better than organic (although it is also organic), because it’s also Biodynamic.

What Makes This Good Stuff

This is our very favorite baby food–which even older kids love! It’s super clean and even better than organic (although it is also organic), because it’s also Biodynamic.

What’s Included in This Box:

(4)- 4oz cups of Apple+Pear sauce
(4) – 4oz cups of Apple+Cinnamon sauce
(6) – 90g pouches of Mango + Carrot + Banana + Pear
(6) – 90g pouches of Carrot + Sweet Potato + Pea Baby Food
(6) – 90g pouches of Apple + Sweet Potato + Beet
(6) – 90g pouches of Pear + Banana + Kiwi (8 months+)
(6) – 90g pouches of Peach+Oat
(6) – 90g pouches of Pumpkin +Nectarine (8 months+)


Organic Versus Biodynamic

The international biodynamic certifying group, Demeter, was established in Europe in 1928. Biodynamic certification is farm-focused, and requires that the entire farm be certified using via organic standards, and then takes that a step further by requiring additional standards be met.  Biodynamic farms are built to integrate every living organism within the system, including all plants, livestock and farmers, creating a closed-loop system of farming. It aspires to transform and maximize the health and vitality of the farm’s every aspect, and to improve the way we farm through an ongoing relationship with nature. A biodynamic farm aims to produce everything on the premises, including seeds, fertilizers, natural control agents for pests and even feed for livestock.

Biodynamics and the Use of GMOs

Biodynamic farming is adamantly opposed to genetic modification organisms (GMOs) in agriculture, gardening, and food processing. International biodynamic standards forbid the use of any GMOs and ingredients, including animal feeds, that would never occur in the natural world.



Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges for this item. 

Product ships directly from the manufacturer.


Weight 85 oz
Dimensions 16 × 3 × 20 yd

organic biodynamic apples, pears, sweet potatoes, red beet, kiwis, carrot, mango, banana, lemon juice concentrate


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