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Why it’s Good Stuff

I am a pillow fanatic, and I can’t sleep without the perfect pillow! I’ve even been known to travel with my favorite pillow because I can’t trust that a hotel will have one that’s suitable. Therefore, I was thrilled when I found these sumptuous pillows from White Lotus. They are truly Good Stuff in every way, including the fact that they are the most eco-friendly pillows on the market.

“Down alternative” pillows (such as Primaloft) are made of spun polyester, made from nonrenewable petroleum products. “Memory foam” pillows are typically made from polyurethane, a petroleum product that emits VOCs, which are linked to everything from asthma to cancer.

White Lotus Kapok Pillow Features:

  • Kapok, a fiber extracted from the seed pod of the kapok tree, provides the baby soft touch and comfort of down, while offering a natural alternative to the cruelty involved in extracting feathers from birds for down pillows.
  • The kapok is harvested in the rainforest, protecting the life ways and ecosystems of indigenous people, and hand-stuffed in the USA.
  • Made with a 100% organic cotton casing.
  • Kapok pillows mold for your support and pleasure.

This pillow also comes with an optional zipper. If you are unsure of which firmness to get, choosing a firm pillow with a zipper allows you to remove or add the pillow fiber filling to your liking.

All of White Lotus’s natural bedding products are handmade in the USA by skilled artisans at the time of your purchase. This product ships directly from the manufacturer and may take 2-3 weeks to arrive (although often less!). Because this item ships directly from the manufacturer we are unable to provide any express shipping service for this product

Please note that returns are only accepted if the product is un-used and all returned White Lotus products will incur a 20% restocking fee.


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White Lotus Pillow Dimensions & Weights from Gimme the Good Stuff

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

King (20X36), Queen (20X30), Standard (20X26), Travel Pillow (12X16), Travel Pillow w/Zipper


Soft, Medium, Firm, Soft w/Zipper, Medium w/Zipper, Firm w/Zipper



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