The Green Festival

Last Sunday, my parents, Felix, and I went to the Green Festival here in Manhattan, hoping to find great under-the-radar Good Stuff to review. We are launching the Good Stuff online store next month, so I’m always in search of truly safe products that aren’t widely available.

While I was too busy meeting vendors to enjoy any of the presentations the festival offered, the show itself was fun and interesting, even if there was a considerable bit of “greenwashing” going on. My sweet dad (dubbed “Meep” by Felix) volunteered to be on toddler duty so that Nana and I could work the event unencumbered. Despite the prevalence of Sneaky Stuff, we did connect with the following artisans/producers of Good Stuff:

  • Karmalades household cleaners and skincare (find them on Etsy)
  • Eco-Me cleaning products
  • Essence of Vali aromatherapy
  • Map to the Imagination skin and hair products

Several other vendors appeared to be offering really wonderful safe stuff, but I am doing some more due diligence before I recommend them!

While Nana and I were flapping our gums with new like-minded friends, Meep was hanging out with Felix. Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

As for Felix and me, the show left a bit to be desired. The “food court” consisted of two or three vendors, none of whom offered anything organic, and one of whom sold us a so-called sugar-free smoothie that tasted sweeter than Pixy Stix. Luckily, there were several companies representing healthy food products with lots of samples.

Felix is a huge fan of SeaSnax, a line of packaged foods made from sea vegetables (seaweed), sea salt, and olive oil. They are quite tasty and healthy, so I’ll give them a big shout-out for feeding us!

If you ever want to have a really great time, spend a day at a trade show with a two-year-old! The trick is to stay unattached to any adult-type goals. Once I figured that out, we had a fun time. We went to the Kids Zone, which seemed pretty lame to me. I can assume that Felix felt similarly because after talking about it all morning and finally attending, Felix seemed to not realize that he had been at all. As we were leaving the Kids Zone, Felix asked, “Nana…when are we going to go to the Kids Zone?” Impressive.

Wrestling my umbrella back to the car through the squalling canyons of west-side Manhattan, I was glad we made the effort to attend the show. The greenwashing was somewhat severe but there were many vendors who had high-quality products/services.

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