Top Posts & Products of 2021

Written by:

Maia James


As I always do during this final week of each year, I’m looking back to see what content you guys liked best and which products you bought most.

We do this to give us direction on what products we should investigate, which guides to update, and any new #goodstuff we want to put in our store for the coming year.

As in 2020,  you guys bought a lot of elderberry syrup and hand sanitizer in 2021, although neither of these products made our top ten this year. As you’ll see below, the most-read piece of 2021 content–as well as many of our most popular social media posts–were about Covid. I’m hoping this will no longer be true in 2022.

Without further ado…

10 products sold most in our store in 2021…

10. Laptop radiation shield
9. Better Life dish soap
8. Sonett laundry detergent
7. High-phenol olive oil
6. Jackson Reece wipes
5. Coffee without toxins
4. Begin Again bath toys
3. Rubber rug grippers
2. Loulouka organic baby formula
1. Vitamin D gummies

10 most-read posts of 2021…

10. Safe Mattress Guide
9. Baby Formula Guide
8. Non-Toxic Toy Guide
7. Covid-19 Vaccine: Our Thoughts
6. 2021 Gift Guide
5. Red Lights: Safe & Effective?
4. Toxic Heavy Metals in Baby Food: Our Insights & What You Can Do
3. Choosing a Non-Toxic Carpet
2. How to Choose the Best Air Filter
1. Why I’m Going to Give My Kids the Covid Vaccine

10 most popular Instagram posts of 2021…

10. The loss our our sweet Tasha
9. My struggle with anxiety
8. Bubble bath cheat sheet
7. Finding safer cookware
6. My mom getting her Covid vaccine
5. Getting my Covid booster
4. What to avoid in sunscreen
3. Benzene in sunscreen
2. Wolfie getting his Covid vaccine
1. Felix getting his Covid vaccine

Please comment below with what you’d like us to write about (or bring into our store) for 2022.

Stay sane,

Maia, Founder & CEO

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