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Aromatherapy for Better Sleep

EOV_ValerieGimme the Good Stuff’s guest blogger Valerie Bennis is a certified aromatherapist and the founder of Essence of Vali aromatherapy products. Her most popular blend is one that promotes better sleep. Obviously, having young kids pretty much puts getting enough sleep out of the question, but ideally the sleep we do get is of the highest quality. We asked Vali to share some of her tips to prevent all the tossing and turning.


Sleep difficulties have reached epidemic proportions (especially for new parents!) yet we know that a good night’s rest is the foundation of good health. More and more evidence points to lack of sleep as a contributor to declining physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. There is no doubt about it: good sleep is an imperative ingredient in our health regime.  

When I started my practice as an aromatherapist nearly a decade ago, one of my private clients asked me to create a special blend to help her sleep. As my practice grew and I launched my line, Essence of Vali, the demand for this sleep blend also grew. More and more people seem to be tossing and turning!

sleep_dropsTwo Common Sleep Challenges
Some people fall asleep easily and then wake up at 3:00 in the morning, while others take many hours to fall asleep the first time. In my experience, these are the two most common patterns. Experts say that we need at least 7 hours of sleep. Even those of us who consider ourselves “good sleepers” may not be getting enough rest.

Why Do We Have So Much Trouble Sleeping?
I believe that most of these sleeping difficulties (at least for people without babies who wake frequently at night) are due to stress and also due to some of the foods we eat. So how do we address these common issues?

Limit or avoid…

  • Coffee, soda, and alcohol: These substances affect our energy in some way–be it stimulating or sedative. Try drinking water and decaf herbal teas instead, which contribute to your wellbeing and create balance in your body, mind, and spirit, rather than a roller coaster effect.
  • Sugar: The impact of sugar is a spike in energy and then a “fall down,” creating a vicious cycle of up and down. Try sweet treats like dates, peaches, or a banana with natural peanut butter in place of candy, cookies, or ice cream.
  • Nicotine: I think this one goes without saying!
  • Stress: How do we eliminate the toxin of stress? We can empower ourselves to significantly decrease its impact on our lives by doing things that ease our existing stress levels.

14 Stress-Busting Tips

  1. Restorative yoga (gentle yoga)
  2. Exercise
  3. Dancing
  4. Listening to music
  5. Talking to someone really positive
  6. Writing in a journal
  7. Taking a bath with a calming bath oil
  8. Positive affirmations
  9. Drinking herbal tea, such as chamomile
  10. Rescue Remedy or other bach flower essences
  11. Aromatherapy. Essence of Vali’s sleep blend combines essential oils from plants that all have sedative properties, which helps ease the user into a peaceful sleep and comforts them during times of stress.
  12. Massage or self massage
  13. Helping a friend or stranger
  14. Acupuncture

7 Other Ideas for Improving Sleep

  1. Keep a regular schedule in terms of when you go to sleep and when you wake up.
  2. Do not eat a heavy meal before bedtime.
  3. Keep sound and light out of your bedroom as much as possible.
  4. Take a relaxing bath prior to getting into bed.
  5. Use natural products instead of prescription medication or over-the-counter products.
  6. Do some breathing exercises and listen to relaxation tapes.
  7. Do not listen to or watch the news before bed.

You deserve not only to get a great night’s sleep each night, but to maintain optimum health so that you can sleep well! The two, I believe, go hand in hand. Begin your Sleep Health Regime today.

Valerie Bennis is a certified aromatherapist and the creator of the Essence of Vali line. She is known for creating natural products that really work, smell great, and appeal to men, women, and children of all ages. The company has won industry awards for its blends and has been mentioned in three books that highlight non-toxic products. Valerie is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and loves inspiring people to take impeccable care of themselves. Learn more at essenceofvali.com. Use August’s special code AUG for 20% off at checkout.

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