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Two Cool Things About White Sunblocks

sunscreen1Whenever possible, I keep Felix in the shade. When we switched from chemical sunscreens to mineral-based sunblocks, I hated the way we all looked like geishas. (Be suspicious if your “all natural” or mineral sunscreen does NOT leave a white sheen on your skin–it probably contains nanoparticles). Now I’m a convert, and when it comes to using a non-nano, all natural sunblock on Felix, there are two great benefits I’ve come to appreciate.

1. I can see when I miss a spot. Felix rarely sits still long enough for me to rub his entire body in sunblock, so if I do one leg and not the other and he runs off, it’s very easy to see which parts of his body are unprotected.

2. You don’t have to wait to go in the sun. Chemical sunscreens take a while to be absorbed by the skin–so technically you’re supposed to apply them about a half an hour BEFORE you get out in the sun. The beauty of a mineral-based sunlock is that it sits on your skin and deflects the sunlight–meaning it starts working as soon as you rub it on.

kabana-green-screenI still don’t like to overuse sunblock–I think vitamin D is important (which is why I love Kabana’s Green Screen with added vitamin D). But when we are at the beach for the day, we all need coverage. I tend to sit in the shade, but Felix prefers to be in direct sunlight. And now, I take comfort in the white sheen of zinc that covers him from head to toe.



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