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Updated Safe Sippy Cup Guide–Plastic Free!

Written by Maia, President
Written by Maia, President

When I first wrote our Safe Sippy Cup Guide back in 2010, most cups made of safe materials–namely, glass and stainless steel–still came with a plastic spout, straw, or mouthpiece. Things have changed for the better since then, so the Guide was in need of a refresh!

In our brand new Safe Sippy Cup Guide, you’ll find:

  • Even stricter standards for what qualifies as The Good Stuff, in light of recent awareness about the dangers of all plastics, including BPA-free varieties.
  • Several popular brands that have been demoted to Sneaky Stuff (or just Okay Stuff).
  • Five new Bad Stuff brands.
  • Two safe new sippy cup options, both completely free of plastic.

I hope this updated Guide will make choosing a (non-toxic, plastic-free, non-leaching, aluminum-free, but still easy to drink from and clean) sippy cup a little bit easier.

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Read our Safe Sippy Cup Guide


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  1. Hi, the updated safe zippy cup guideline won’t work; it says “service unavailable.” Is there any chance you could email a link that actually works to me please? My email is ellifsonla01@uww.edu. Thank you!

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