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Updated Safe Sunscreen Guide!

Today was the first ice cream cone afternoon of the season!
Today was the first ice cream cone afternoon of the season!

It is finally spring in Brooklyn, and we’ve all got sunscreen on the brain. At Gimme the Good Stuff, we’ve been working to update our Safe Sunscreen Guide, and I’ve just finished it today!

The updated sunscreen guide discusses my feelings on sunscreen versus sun exposure in general, why “mineral” sunscreens aren’t necessarily safe, and the worst chemical sunscreen ingredients (which are often found even in “natural” brands).

The guide also identifies:

  • five new Good Stuff-approved brands;
  • two more Bad Stuff brands;
  • another four Sneaky Stuff brands.

Honest Company, Seventh Generation, BabyGanics, Babo Botanicals, Badger, Earth’s Best…you might be surprised to learn who is Good and who is Sneaky!

I hope this updated guide will make choosing a truly non-toxic sunscreen for your kids (and yourself) a little bit less intimidating.

Enjoy the sun and stay sane,




Read our Safe Sunscreen Guide



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  1. Hi! Just to let you know we were so excited to try the Acure spray sun screen on our first beach trip of the season. Unfortunately, we all burned and most especially my fair skinned daughter!!! I was so angry and disappointed as she has never had a burn like this ( and she is 15). On a positive note Solar Goo she used on her face and that worked extremely well!! Applied easily and any white you could see just rubbed in and blended with her skin 🙂 thanks for all of your information ! I love your website and what you are doing!!

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