What Non-toxic Products Maia Uses

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Maia James


Updated: 01/23/2024

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One of the most frequent questions asked by readers and by clients is, “What products are actually in your bathroom?” Here’s what I’m using at the moment:

John Masters Organics Lavender Rosemary Shampoo

Shampoo: John Masters Organics Lavender Rosemary Shampoo.

Biolage Conditioner

Conditioner: My husband’s totally toxic Biolage detangler. I’m just being honest here. It smells really good, but once this bottle is gone he’s promised we are switching to only Good Stuff.

Tandi’s Naturals Patchouli Citrus Soap

Body Soap: Tandi’s Naturals Patchouli Citrus Soap–I’ve always hated patchouli, but I weirdly can’t get enough of the smell of this soap. We cycle through Tandi’s collection, and I honestly like them all.

Pangea Organics Daytime Face Cream

Daytime Face Cream: Italian Red Mandarin with Rose by Pangea Organics. I hate to think that at 32 I already have “mature” skin, but this face cream has the right amount of hydration for me.

Aloe-E by Sierra Sage

Eye Cream: Aloe-E by Sierra Sage. I also use this skin repair salve on my entire face when I feel extra parched.

Ultra-Rich Face & Body Butter by Tandi’s Naturals

Nighttime Face Cream: Ultra-Rich Face & Body Butter by Tandi’s Naturals. I thought this was greasy when I first tried it, but now I love it. Incredibly, rubbing what feels like oil on my skin doesn’t result in breakouts. Instead, I wake up to skin that looks clear and hydrated.

Kabana Green Screen D SPF 35

Sunscreen: Kabana Green Screen D SPF 35. I’m not a big sunscreen person unless I’ll be out all day, and I love that this formula has added vitamin D. I don’t even mind that it goes on a little white, in fact there are some benefits to opaque sunscreen.

Nvey Eco organic mascara

Mascara: Nvey Eco organic mascara in black. One of the few mascaras to get only a 1 on Skin Deep’s cosmetics database.

Ecco-Bella Botanicals

Blush: Ecco-Bella Botanicals. This isn’t exactly Sneaky Stuff, but it’s probably not the safest either. When it runs out I’ll look for a cleaner option.

Neutrogena MoistureShine

Tinted Lip Gloss: Neutrogena MoistureShine. Again, I’m being honest here. This is totally toxic, full of parabens and phthalates. And I end up eating a ton of it I’m sure. Good thing I only wear it about twice a year.

Tandi’s Naturals Herb Garden

Lip Balm: Tandi’s Naturals Herb Garden. This actually serves as a pretty good gloss over lipstick. It cures my chapped lips super quickly.


Toothpaste: Tate’s, which I recently discovered in the health food store. Sometimes I use just baking soda, which is what my holistic dentist recommends.

Stay sane,

Maia, Founder & CEO

Note: This article contains affiliate links or sponsored content, which means that if you make a purchase, we may earn a commission. We only recommend products that meet our strict standards for non-toxicity and that we use (or want to use!) ourselves. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that make Good Stuff! 

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  1. Alejandra Avatar

    what do you thonk about this product for gray hair: https://www.myhairprint.com/pages/all-products ??

  2. Gmama Avatar

    I am new to the “Label Reading” world and I have several questions:

    1. For a pregnant mama or a new baby, you read lots of information about the dangers of essential oils. However, when you look at EWG and other review sites, any product with fragrance is not reviewed well, and most of the highly reviewed items have EO for fragrance. I’ve noticed that some of the baby products such as California Baby have a EO that is listed on several reputable sites as having issues for pregnant most. (Calendula).
    So I’m a bit confused by the toxicity issues for pregnant moms with EO’s / Fragrances. There just are not a lot of options for lotions/soaps/etc without either a fragrance or EO.

    2. I’ve been looking at Noodle and Boo products which I’ve purchased many times for grandchildren. Now I’m really confused about the safety of these products. Any thoughts?

  3. Tamara Avatar

    Can you please note the deodorant you use? I’ve tried a few but haven’t found “the one” yet.

  4. Adela Avatar

    Is Dr Bronner’s Cinnamon toothpaste considered as safe? I tried some by The Green Beaver, but I read some overwhelming information online. Every page I visit seems to say different things. Please advise.

    Thank you

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      Bronner’s is okay, but I don’t like the potassium cocoate.

  5. Elena K Avatar
    Elena K

    Have you looked into / used 100% Pure products? They seem to be pretty nontoxic and use fruit pigments for their makeup colors.

    1. Maia Avatar

      Yes, I consider them Good Stuff although some people have expressed that the smells are overpowering and seem unlikely to be 100% essential-oil based.

  6. carissa Avatar

    reading some reviews on the toothpaste you use it looks like it may be a sham? Is this true? here is the link. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0066TS3VC/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B0066TS3VC&linkCode=as2&tag=gimthegoostu-20

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      Hi Carissa-
      Can you let me know where you’re reading this? I would definitely like to learn more! Thanks!

  7. Maia James Avatar
    Maia James


  8. Emily Avatar

    Super helpful, thanks!