Why You Should Drink MORE Water When it’s Humid (and a Problem with Air Conditioners)

Written by:

John Goss


I don’t know how it is where you are, dear reader, but it is officially hot where I am. Really hot…and humid. We’ve all heard about the importance of staying hydrated, and in this kind of weather it is even harder to do. Yes, the heat is a problem, because it causes us to sweat and therefore we can quickly lose a lot of water…but heat combined with humidity causes our sweat glands to go into hyper-drive.

Here’s why:

Unlike many other animals, we humans sweat as a way of maintaining a healthy core temperature. Whenever a liquid evaporates into a gas, cooling occurs. In a humid environment, however, the air around us is so laden with water molecules that it cannot take up much more. This means that, however much we might perspire, our sweat fails to easily evaporate on our skin…thus failing to cool us down. Your body’s response is to kick perspiration levels up higher and higher. The end result is that in hot, humid conditions, we lose a lot of water, and thus it is critical to drink a lot more water during those times.

The Drying Effects of Air Conditioners

You might think that because you spend most of your time inside with the air conditioning on,  dehydration isn’t an issue. In reality, one of the main functions of air conditioning is to remove moisture from the air. This results in a rapid drying of our skin, hair, even our eyes!

Ths bottom line: Whether you spend your summer in air conditioning or not, staying hydrated by drinking a lot of clean water is super important. We recommend filtering all your drinking water (here’s why), and carrying it in stainless steel or glass containers only (here’s why).

Stay sane,

John, Certified Holistic Health Coach

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  1. Abbie John Avatar

    Few humans, in reality, drink enough water each day, in particular inside the summer time. I hadn’t taken into consideration that the air conditioner removes water from the air, as a consequence affecting our own pores and skin and hydration. This does not mean you ought to flip off the AC, however, that you have to clearly growth your water intake.

  2. Daelin Avatar

    I am so glad that I found this article because my friends and I have just been discussing how to keep cool this summer, and I brought up the importance of hydration. Few people actually drink enough water every day, especially in the summer. I hadn’t considered that the air conditioner removes water from the air, thus affecting our own skin and hydration. This does not mean you should turn off the AC, but that you should definitely increase your water intake.