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Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last-minute took on a whole new meaning this year, but now it really is too late to order anything online. If you want to shop from your sofa, here are ten ideas for instant gifts!

  1. Meat Subscription. Includes 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef; heritage-breed pork; free-range, organic chicken; and wild Alaskan salmon—all delivered to your favorite carnivores. From $149.
  2. Health Coaching Consultation. Suzanne specializes in working with busy moms who want to make healthy eating simpler and less time-consuming. Suzanne can help women learn to read food labels with ease, stock pantries, and get kids eating healthier snacks. You can select a date in the calendar, and if the timing doesn’t work, the recipient can reschedule. From $175.
  3. Alltruista Boxes. Creative, kid-friendly volunteer projects created in partnership with amazing nonprofits. $55.
  4. Craft Box Subscription. There are kits for all ages and interests, and Doodle is the best one for crafty kids ages nine and up. From $16 a month.
  5. Meal Delivery for Longevity. A meal subscription service specifically designed to promote a longer life. From $138. Use code GIMME20 for 20% off.
  6. Annual Membership to Alo Moves. My favorite online service for fitness, yoga, and meditation. $99.
  7. Sakara Gift Card. They can redeem for nutritious, plant-based meals or snacks, delivered. From $50. Use code XOMAIA for 20% off.
  8. Clean Wine Subscription. You can subscribe a friend, or just send them one shipment of a few hangover-free bottles of organic wine. Every bottle is lab-tested for purity and taste-tested for drinkability. From $88.
  9. Feel Good Fix A three-day program that resets health with healing foods and revitalizing beverages. Ships nationwide. $198.
  10. Gift Card for Good Stuff. Let them pick whatever they want from our online store–which is full of hand-picked non-toxic products that I’ve personally used and loved. From $25.

Happy holidays!

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