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We get it. The convenience of Amazon shopping is hard to beat. And most of you are probably members of Prime, too. So we’ve created an Amazon shop with all the non-toxic products we recommend. They are all organized by topic and easy to navigate. Enjoy!



We’ve been obsessively researching and writing about safer products since 2010.

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Latest Non-Toxic Product Reviews & Shopping Guides

2024 Best Baby Formula Guide

2024 Best Baby Formula Guide

I wrote this guide on how to choose organic baby formula in 2012, and have updated it more than ten times since! The great news is that overall, things have moved in a good direction on the formula front.  The positive changes of the last decade: Still, it’s been a very weird few years in…

Top Products from Gimme the Good Stuff

Top Two Tuesdays Cheat Sheet

Every Tuesday, we narrow down the thousands of products we’ve reviewed to just our top two favorites in each category.  To choose these two super stars, we’ve considered not just product safety, but also environmental impact, ethical business practices, affordability, and performance.  What follows is all of our Top Two Tuesday recommendations in one place for you…

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