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April 19, 2024

A. Most waffle irons (All Clad, Cuisinart, etc.) are coated in PFAS chemicals and should be avoided. I feel much better about the newer irons with silicone coatings, such as this one from Green Pan.  If you want something uncoated, you could get this, but it’s really intended for use over a campfire! 

A: Yes! Decaf coffee contains the same antioxidants as regular coffee, and it’s a superfood! There was also arecent study showing decaf specifically reduced the risk of colon cancer. Just make sure any decaf you get is water-processed. (Our decaf is, of course.😉)

A: Yes! Vaccuming is SO important for improving indoor air quality (dust is where a lot of unavoidable toxins accumulate). This is the robot vacuum I recommend (we are getting it ourselves actually!). 

A: I’ve decided pretty much for sure that when we renovate my kitchen, I will get an induction stove. Gas stoves are simply SO bad for indoor air (if you have one, make sure to run a filter next to it!). I’ve not ever read anything about induction stoves and miscarriages. In fact, this study suggests a lower risk of preterm birth in mothers who cook with induction stoves. Since pacemakers regulate the heart’s electrical activity, I can see how in theory the EMF produced by an induction stove could interfere there –this is a question for a cardiologist.  The bottom line is that the science in unequivocal about the dangers of gas stoves, and so far induction stoves appear to be safe, based on current science. 

April 12, 2024

A. All of our coffee beans are sourced from fully certified organic farms. We do not buy or use any other kind. Because the only ingredient in our coffee is those beans, it would be redundant for us to also apply for the same status. It would also drive the prices up to do so. Our coffee is better than organic, too, because it comes in certified non-toxic, compostable bags. We do this because it seems silly to offer organically grown coffee that is shipped to you in a bag that contains PFAS and other toxins. 

A: For the absolute gentlest way to get sunscreen off (you can’t do it with water, you’re right—the minerals are too sticky)–I would try a cleansing balm like this one. Then, if you feel any residue remains, you can suds up with a super gentle facial bar, like this or this

A: My favorite deodorant for kids is this one in the lavender scent, which also has anti-fungal properties and may be good for tweens/teens with eczema.

A: Yes! I actually just learned of this brand when looking for a play sofa that could fit under my teenager’s lofted bed and become a sleeping space for friends when they stay over (NYC problems!). It’s really hard to find anything non-toxic, and while Figgy is made with a polyu foam (versus pure latex), and is not organic, they have CertiPUR, Oeko-Tex, and GreenGuard Gold certifications, which are good enough for me! Figgy actually just sent me a discount code for my readers–use code GOODSTUFF for 15% off.

April 5, 2024

A. For prevention, I recommend The Fairy Tales Kit.  And if your child already has lice, you can get rid of it with this method (it truly works).

A: You should definitely avoid PVC hot water bottles, especially when they’ll be filled with hot water (which only makes them offgas more).  Here is a silicone one I like.

A: For a daily moisturizer that is entirely free of toxins and has a bunch of active anti-aging ingredients, I like the Daylight Advanced Facial Cream from Crunchi. If you want something at a lower price point that has fewer actives but it just a really nice daily moisturizer, I love this one from Carina Organics.

March 29, 2024

A. I love the Ilia lengthening mascara and it does not run. I don’t like their thickening formula, though, because it’s hard to wash off. As for eyeliner pencils, I have not found one that I love, so I do a pressed powder with a brush. Specifically, Beautycounter’s eye palette and Ilia shadow brush.

A: Yes, I admit to buying these sweatpants and matching sweatshirts in the Tall sizes that Old Navy offers. (If you know my IRL, you know that my trauma is that everything has been too short on me since I was 15 years old). I have the set in three colors. This is not because they are toxin-free, but because they are cheap and they fit me and I feel more put together in a matching sweatsuit. Anyway, we know that Old Navy clothing contains PFAS and probably other contaminants, so when I post about buying them it’s about transparency in the concessions I make. If you want a safer sweatsuit set, check out Mate (which I haven’t tried myself and fear would be too short on me!).

A: Collagen and protein powders are both made of protein—it just depends what your goals are.​ Collagen powder is missing some amino acids so it’s not a complete protein, but the precise amino acids of collagen protein powder is WHY it’s so good for skin, bones, etc. If you’re looking to really build muscle, you might want a real protein powder—this one looks pretty clean. For most of my readers who eat a diverse diet, I would recommend a collagen protein powder over a whey one–studies show that collagen supplementation likely confers benefits to digestion as well as hair, skin, and joint health. My favorite is Needed’s collagen powder. And if you have a teen, I like the Ramp powders

March 22, 2024


In last week’s email, I posted a reader question about mild strep throat (meaning, a positive strep test in a child who does not have any symptoms or just a slight sore throat without a fever, etc.). The point of my reply was not to suggest that anyone skip antibiotics for strep throat. My advice, as always, is to find a good pediatrician and follow her treatment plan. The not-very-helpful opinion I expressed to this reader was just a prediction that we may see sore throat testing and treatment guidelines change to more closely resemble those in Germany and other European countries. I want to add a few caveats to that, though, which include: 

–The risk of PANDAS from untreated strep.
–The risk of severe illness in populations with strep outbreaks, like what happened last winter in the UK. This also happened to a lesser degree in a neighborhood school where I live. No one died but it was hugely disruptive and miserable for the affected families. 

And of course, my prediction could be totally wrong—maybe antibiotics for strep won’t follow the trend of antibiotics for ear infections. ​And maybe instead of worrying about antibiotics for strep, which is a bacteria and thus an appropriate target for antibiotics, we should worry more about the fact that doctors are STILL prescribing them for viruses

A: I hope you’re all following us on IG and seeing my cute dad’s posts on toxin-related news pieces (including which ones are worth freaking out about and which are media hype). Recently, he mentioned this map which shows the areas (in 45 stats) that have carcinogenic 1-4, dioxane in their water supply. Fortunately, my water in New York City is okay, but if you check this map and live in a bad area (Long Island people should definitely be aware of this), you’ll need a filter to address it.  If you have one of the filters that I do—the Gimme Clean Water​—it’ll reduce 1,4-dioxane by about 50% but not entirely eliminate it. You’ll need reverse osmosis to do that. And since 1,-4-dioxane can be absorbed transdermally, some of our readers in these bad zones have chosen to get whole house RO filters. I know this is a daunting prospect, and if you want to pick the brain of the expert, give us a call at 717-869-6968 and we will put you in touch with John.

A: I posted on social the other day about how my kids eat a lottt of junk but I really will never purchase Prime for them. Let me be clear: I’m not claiming that Gatorade is notably healthier than Prime, but we have to draw the line somewhere and Prime is my somewhere! Even the things Prime does right—like using coconut water—are basically sneaky (it’s ​from concentrate so really not that healthy at all). But my real gripe with Prime is the artificial sweeteners it uses (sucralose and acesulfame potassium). These likely mess up our gut health and insulin and I am really opposed to them for kids. Finally, Prime’s Energy version has way too much caffeine. If your kid MUST have a hydration drink, the healthiest one I’ve found is Nooma, which is organic and uses stevia for a sweetener. (Roar is okay but uses erythritol for a sweetener and I’m not crazy about that one either).

March 15, 2024

A. As you note, I am not a doctor, so I will answer this as a mom. The possible complications from strep are scary–including blood infections and rheumatic fever–so when Felix had strep throat in kindergarten, I didn’t hesitate to fill that antibiotics prescription. Since then, however, I have considered the fact that many asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic kids are likely walking around with strep throat at any given time. So you’d think we’d at least occasionally hear of a case of rheumatic fever! Also, Germany (among several other countries) doesn’t always recommend strep tests or antibiotics for mild sore throats. I am not suggesting that you skip antibiotics for your son, and I definitely defer to your pediatrician on treatment. But I do think it’s possible that we may see the guidelines on antibiotics for strep change in the coming years, and that you are reasonable to wonder about the risk of rheumatic fever from untreated mild strep throat. I have never seen any data about this!

A: I love bar soap because it’s so much more environmentally friendly than baby washes. And for a baby, you need only the simplest stuff. Two bars I love: 

1) This one is literally JUST olive oil in bar soap form.

2) This one is made of tallow and just a handful of gentle herbs.

A: You’re not alone! Tons of people use benzoyl peroxide because it really by reducing acne-causing bacteria. As you know, a recent study found that OTC acne products with benzoyl peroxide can form carcinogenic benzene. While this only happened when the products were exposed to higher temperatures, I would avoid anything containing benzoyl peroxide while we await studies that confirm these alarming results. (By the way: as bad as benzene is, it’s also unavoidable, as it is found in car exhaust and gas stoves, etc. etc.)

​There are two natural brands that make products for acne-prone skin. The first, Pure Haven created uses natural sources of salicylic acid in their Clear Up line. And it’s 20% off right now.

I also love Nola Skinsentials for oily and acne-prone skin. I’ll list my favorites from this Black-owned business below. 

March 8, 2024

A. Yay! I hope you like these three as much as I do. At night, this is my exact face routine (including the products you mentioned):

  1. Oil cleanse with this balm, ending with a good scrub with a charcoal cloth.
  2. Foam cleanse with a clarifying  wash and the Luna 3
  3. Apply toner with reusable rounds
  4. Dab on pea-sized about of Marie Veronique retinol emulsion. (The tube lasts forever.)
  5. Use one dropper of Crunchi peptide serum on face and neck.
  6. Slather on Beautycounter ceramide cream.
  7. Lock it all in with Love & Sage oil-based cream

A. Ugh, yes, articles like this one are terrifying and I hate to say it but I do agree with the conclusions they draw (which is: workout clothes often contain chemicals like bromated flame retardants and PFAS, and your skin can definitely absorb this stuff). This is scary for me since I work out almost every day and I tend to wear my leggings (Beyond Yoga, Lulu Lemon, Alo, etc.) alllll day. This type of clothing (both the production and disposal of) is also an environmental nightmare. One of my goals for 2024 was to upgrade my workout clothing, but I haven’t made much progress. But! Your question just prompted me to put the following items in a cart (these brands are all clean):

  1. Groceries leggings.
  2. Pact set. (An insane bargain especially now when Pact is having a daylight savings sale).
  3. MATE biker shorts. (I want their leggings, too!).

A: I have not tried Eco-Bella, but my favorite makeup brands for what you are looking for are:

A: We did see this in the news, and of course it’s horrifying. In this case, the cinnamon seems to be the cause of the contamination (from the grinder), but apple sauce and juice CAN be sources of heavy metal exposure in general (usually arsenic). You’ve probably noticed that I am constantly harping on how important independent testing is. This is why. We love brands that are Clean Label Product verified, like Once Upon a Farm and Serenity Kids because they are testing for contaminants, including lead.

March 1, 2024

A. I am enjoying 100% Pure’s caffeine eye cream for depuffing and moisturizing. I use this in the morning. At night, I am not currently using an eye cream, instead just putting my other skincare products under my eyes—at the moment, that is Crunchi’s peptide serum, Marie Veronique’s retinol night emulsion, Beautycounter’s ceramide water cream, and Love & Sage’s oil-based face cream. I used to be a minimalist, but this combo is really doing it for me these days! 

A. Honest diapers are Good Stuff (not Best Stuff) in our Diaper Guide. We gave them this designation because they are free of dyes, fragrance, lotion, parabens, and phthalates—but they still have a top and back sheet that are made of petroleum-based plastic. This switch to elemental chlorine-free doesn’t change our ranking—in fact, we think this distinction is meaningless. (The reason requires kind of a long, boring explanation, but you can read it here.)

A: I recently unboxed (on Instagram) a new undereye concealer, after finding that I hated Ilia’s and think Beautycounter ‘s is only okay. TLDR: Crunchi’s My Alibi is amazing. As a bonus, it’s probably the cleanest of these three brands if you were to be very picky about every single ingredient. I’ve been applying it with Ilia’s blending brush — and it’s hands-down the best I’ve tried. 

A: This has been the million dollar question for a long time but some recent studies changed my mind a bit and then here is another recent one suggesting that there really is a benefit for cognition. (You can check out our multivitamin guide for the brands we like.)

February 23, 2024

A. There are 7 key elements needed to maintain electrolyte levels: sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, bicarbonate. The best way to get these substances is through the foods we eat, and many “sports drinks” are  high in sugar and dyes. Some don’t even contain the aforementioned seven substances. Generally, “electrolyte enhanced waters” are a better bet than a “sports drinks.” These are just plain water with these nutrients added back in. Electrolyte powders can be even better as they can be added to your own filtered water. My favorite is this one

A. You’ve maybe seen the brand new headlines that a whopping 60% off this country drinks water contaminated with PFAS from the taps in their homes. This is not even surprising to me, and it’s why we’ve been harping on the importance of a water filter for years. If you can’t pull off an undercounter unit that includes PFAS filtration, the next best bet is a pitcher filter that specifies that it takes care of PFAS. You could also get a reverse osmosis counter-top filter (I had and loved this one when I was a renter). RO water filters do effectively remove PFAS. 

A: Lead in insulated water bottles is nothing new–and in almost all cases there is no way for the lead that’s used inside the insulated part to touch liquid in the cup OR the hands of the person holding the cup. If the “button” on the bottom of your Stanley tumbler is compromised or falls off, then you should throw the cup away. Otherwise–despite the lawsuit–I don’t see how drinking from a Stanley presents any risk. We have, however, never sold Stanley in our store, and one of the reasons we’ve chosen to partner with Klean Kanteen is that they do NOT use any lead, even in their insulated bottles. Instead, Klean Kanteen cups are sealed with a button made of either silica or glass. 

A: I don’t drink coffee, but I don’t actually think tea is healthier. Both tea and coffee are superfoods with a ton of well-documented health benefits. I drink tea instead of coffee for a few reasons, the biggest of which is that it has less caffeine so I can have 3 or 4 cups without getting jittery–thus prolonging my cherished morning ritual! I also drink my green tea plain, so I can intermittent fast while still caffeinating myself in the morning (alas, I don’t like black coffee!). I’m sure you know that both tea and coffee can be sources of toxin exposure, and because they are daily habits it is worth making sure you’re getting the Good Stuff. We have written about the safest coffeeand tea on our blog. 

February 16, 2024

A.  I feel like I see an AG1 ad every time I turn on the TV, which made me skeptical, obviously. But I was curious like you, so I recently looked at the ingredients and then had my mom (a trained holistic health coach) look as well. Honestly, it seems pretty legit. They are using the right versions of vitamins and minerals, and they say they have third-party testing for purity (although I have not seen the actual Certificate of Analysis yet). AG1 has a lot of antioxidant/nutritional powerhouses in its blend–including green tea, cocoa polyphenol, ashwagandha, reishi, and kelp extracts. There are a few things I am not so into, like the fact that it has stevia, which just does not taste that good to me most of the time. I also don’t love natural flavors (more on my thoughts on that here), but it’s not a deal-breaker. Also, AG1’s probiotic blend contains only 7.2 billion CFU (to be considered Best Stuff they must have at least 20 billion)–so I would not replace a high quality probiotic supplement with this. In any case, AG1 offered to send us some so we are going to try it.

A. I am surprised I have never mentioned Melaleuca, actually, because they’ve been around forever and are constantly reaching out to see if I can include them in our guides. I can’t get on board with this company–they are super vague about their ingredients and I have never gotten the transparency I would need from them to recommend them. That said, I am not totally against MLM business models. For one thing, I know a lot of women making real money doing it, and some of these brands are among the cleanest out there. Three that I love: CrunchiBeautycounterPure Haven. If you’re interested in any of these as a business, hit reply and I will put you in touch with the women who are crushing it in this space. And if you want to shop their products, I consider all three of them entirely safe. 

A:  This is the Seed set that I use, and it smells amazing. 

A:The timing of this question is funny because I just approved a new brand of tallow-based skincare–FATCo–to bring into our store’s lineup. And Tandi’s (tallow-based soaps and cleaning products) was the first product line we carried a decade ago–and it remains a best seller! So yes, if I don’t think too hard about what tallow IS, I can smear it on my face, lol. In case you don’t know: Tallow is rendered animal fat, which is known for its versatility and eco-friendly qualities in skincare and cleaning products. Its use dates back centuries, and modern formulations harness its natural emollient properties, making it a nourishing ingredient for the skin. Tallow is rich in fatty acids that closely resemble the skin’s natural oils, promoting hydration and aiding in moisture retention. When tallow is incorporated into laundry soap, it helps to break down and lift away dirt, grime, and stains from fabrics because of this same unique blend of fatty acids. Tallow-based laundry soaps clean effectively at lower temperatures, which makes it environmentally friendly (it’s also biodegradable). As you can tell, we love tallow! 

February 9, 2024

A.  We’ve written guides for almond and oat milks–and there are some truly healthful brands out there! Creamers are harder–they tend to have a lot more seed oils and other thickeners, for obvious reasons. I think the Elmhurst Unsweetened Oat Creamer is probably the best best, but I would avoid the flavored versions.

A. I really tried with Felix, but he was SO slow to accept any solids (still wanted to mostly just nurse even well beyond his first birthday). I become very discouraged after spending time and money preparing food that ended up being tossed. So I ended up relying on pouches for a lot of the purees he started on. And you guys are lucky because now there are fresh and frozen baby foods that are legit as healthful as when you can make at home! These include Yumi and Little Spoon. (Little Spoon is the most affordable, and they are having a sale right now–50% OFF your first order with code LOVEBUG50.)

A:  I can’t believe I don’t talk about this miracle bar more often. It REALLY works, and will last for years.

A: You hear me talk about these two mattress brands a lot, and both of them are really wonderful (they are actually made by the same parent company). Happsy is my top pick for kids because it’s super safe and more affordable than the other brands we call Best Stuff.  Naturepedic is the most luxurious non-toxic mattress for pickier sleepers (especially the EOS)–and it is now EWG-verified. Both Happsy and Naturepedic are on sale for Presidents Day.

A: After I posted in my Stories about the Bear, a few of you asked what I think about microcurrent devices more generally. I’ve looked into both the safety and efficacy–it’s good news on both fronts. I am vowing to actually start using the Bear–which has been in my cabinet unopened for months. Anyway, my post was also about this Secret Sale. If you use code MAIA25 you’ll get an extra 25% off. The Luna 3–which I have been using for years to wash my face–looks like the best deal at 41% off (before the code). I was considering buying the Iris for my eye bags, but then a follower told me it doesn’t work so I am sticking with Luna 3 and Bear! 

A: If you’re cool with a microwave (I use mine freely and without worry!), then this popcorn maker is great and made of glass. 

A: This made me laugh because nope, they sure don’t! But *I* love the peanut butter versions and I really love the peanut butter cookies. Also! Friends say that their younger kids DO like the bars–so maybe you want to try them for a toddler before their tastebuds are ruined by Z-Bars. (I think the Skout sale–up to 30% off–is ending this weekend, if you want to try to get your little kids hooked.)

January 26, 2024

A.  I think the new nonstick technology is a huge improvement over the old stuff (Teflon is made of PFAS, which are now called “forever chemicals,” and which we know are really bad stuff). Some purists will tell you to cook on only stainless steel or cast iron, and we do plenty of that in my home (brands I like can be found in this guide). But I also really love the cookware I have from Our Place and Caraway. Both of these brands have disclosed the independent testing that reveals that their pots and pans don’t contain heavy metals or PFAS. Even safer than these brands is a company called Xtrema–I have an egg pan and a roasting tray from them and both are wonderful. They are more less-stick than truly nonstick, but I have zero concerns about their safety. (It looks Xtrema is actually having a huge sale right now.)

A. Last week, I recommended Happsy as my top pick for a more affordable toxin-free mattress. But, if you want an even less expensive one, you might consider this futon, which is what my kids slept on comfortably for a decade each, and which start at $658. 

A:  I got this follow up after I said that synthetic materials are unlikely to pose a danger to the person wearing them (although materials like viscose, polyester, and nylon are bad for the environment.) But! I do choose to wear almost exclusively organic cotton bras and underwear. My favorite brands are Subset and Pact

A: I did not have an epidural during the births of either of kids (here is more on that, if you’d like to read a bit of one of my birth stories). There are some studies that show an association with (short-term) neural delays in kids who were born with an epidural. But other studies show epidurals actually improve neurological development because they reduce the risk of postpartum depression in mothers. Here are three things I think about when it comes to epidurals: 

  • The lack of any pain medication during my births, especially the first one, made labor and delivery truly excruciating (Wolf’s birth was mercifully short).
  • As soon as the birth was over, I did appreciate being able to get up and leave the hospital so quickly. (The photo above is of Felix and me about 24 hours after his birth–I had already forgotten the misery of getting him into the world because I was so in love!). 
  • Almost every wonderful, brilliant, healthy kid I know came into the world via a pain-medicated birth, so I can’t say I believe epidurals to be “dangerous.” 

I do love sharing war stories with women who also skipped pain meds–so if you are one of them, feel free to hit reply and we can talk about transition without an epidural ;). 

A: Ha, a bunch of you asked for this link. It looks like they don’t make the tan color anymore, but here it is in green.

January 19, 2024

A.  Many of you have noted that I seem to really be struggling with Dry January and are wondering if I am addicted to alcohol. I am grateful for the concern, but no, I don’t have alcohol dependence syndrome. I am sharing what I am doing each evening instead of drinking not because I am counting the minutes but in order to provide ideas for those of you who, like me, fall in the category of light/moderate drinkers but do not typically go 31 consecutive days without any alcohol. Dry January has definitely highlighted how much of my social life revolves around alcohol (dinners, brunches, stopping by at a friend’s, book club meetings, art openings, plays, etc. etc.). And it turns out even my professional  life has a lot of alcohol in it (examples just this week: happy hour at my co-working space, a board meeting where the chair brought wine, a cocktail event last night to learn about a new wellness brand). Is this just life in New York or the same where you are? In any case, I am okay, truly. 🙂

A. Definitely Happsy! This is the most affordable truly non-toxic mattress, and it’s what I recommend for everyone looking for a great mattress for kid. Happsy is certified by GOTS, GOLS, and GreenGuard. You can use code GIMME225 for $225 off Happsy mattresses. 

A:  I recently made an order from Green Compass (so excited to try it after hearing how life-changing it’s been for so many), and during a call with them we got into a conversation about homeopathy versus herbal medicine, because Green Compass is the latter. I am of the opinion that no, homeopathy isn’t real, and I actually wrote a whole post on this topic. (For the record, all of immune boosting suggestions above are herbal medicine but not homeopathic.)

January 11, 2024

A.  The one I have and think is the best value is the Mito Pro — as you can see, the smallest one could be traveled with, and for full body you’d need to go up to the 1500. I trust everything from Mito, and they have helmets, too, which you mentioned. GIMME5 is the code they gave me for 5% off—better than nothing I guess! 

A. I am excited about what I’ve read on Armra. I also take Llama Naturals vitamin D and multi (because they taste like candy but do not have sugar in them). They are both available in our store. A fish oil and probiotic are a good idea, and I like both from Needed(plus the multi, CoQ10, and basically everything they make!). They are marketed as prenatal but it’s what I take. Also for probiotics, I also like Cymbiotika for adult and Hiya for kids probiotics.

A:  I mentioned that my favorite brand for anti-aging is Marie Veronique. If you can only get two products, make them the retinol emulsion and the vitamin C serum. I’m also a fan of Beautycounter for makeup–especially the tinted moisturizer with SPFsheer lipstick in Pearl or Terra, and cream blush in Havana. Crunchi is another brand that I trust across the board for skincare and makeup.

A: This is a low concern when it comes to toxins (at least when put up against everything else we are exposed to every day!). Synthetic materials like viscose and nylon are bad for the environment and bad for the people working with the chemicals during manufacturing, but I don’t believe that they pose a risk to person wearing the clothes—especially if they were washed before wear. 

A: Sigh. I have been wearing one for almost a year and I hate the idea of grinding plastic all night forever! Being BPA-free, as you probably know, doesn’t really mean much in terms of the leaching of endocrine disruptors. The good news is that I’ve looked at the studies to see how much these retainers actually leach. And of all the brands tested, Invisalign leaches a variety of compounds–like benzene–the least. The better news is that nothing at all leached from Invisalign without ethanol exposure, so the real takeaway is to remove the liner before drinking wine:). There are limitations to this study—it’s definitely possible that more leaches out with the abrasions that come with actual use (versus dropping it into a solution). But if you’re going to get a retainer/aligner, it seems like Invisalign is the safest brand. 

A: I wish I had more definitive answers for you here. The lawsuit was “dismissed,” which likely means they settled. Unfortunately, there was clearly some kind of a confidentiality clause in the settlement agreement, which means we have no additional information about the details of the case. If Avocado had won and actually proven that their mattresses did not contain the materials in question, we would have certainly heard about it. What’s impossible to know is whether this lawsuit was ultimately more about false claims (you cannot make rubber into latex foam without chemicals), or if there was truly concerning amounts of toxins in these mattresses that pose a risk to the consumer. For now, I would not recommend this brand (better options here.)

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