Safe Product Guides

  • Safe, Natural Laundry Detergent Guide

    Updated: May 2022 While I was never was a big fan of cologne, in my twenties I remember finding men who emitted the scent of Tide to be irresistible. For the last decade or so, Daylon’s clothes have smelled like Tandi’s Naturals laundry soap—which is to say they smell like essentially nothing, and I wouldn’t […]

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  • Baby Food Pouch Guide

    Baby food pouches are much easier to handle than jars of food, and both of my kids enjoyed them well into their preschool years. In addition, pouched baby food is probably more nutritious than jarred foods (more on this below).

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  • Felix bath organic baby wash

    Safe Baby Wash & Soap Guide

    1. Babo Botanicals Sensitive Newborn Foam Wash / 2. MADE OF Foaming Organic Baby Wash  / 3. Carina Organics Baby Shampoo & Wash / 4. healthybaby Shampoo & Body Wash / 5. esembly Wipe Up Wash & Foamer Kit / 6. Tandi’s Naturals Gentle Herb Bar / 7. Green Goo Aloe Baby Wash / 8. […]

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  • Non-Toxic Wooden Furniture Guide

    1. Clean Sleep 2. Medley 3. Copeland 4. Vermont Woods Studio 5. Avocado When you think of natural, non-toxic furniture materials, wood probably comes to mind immediately.  In theory, wooden furniture should be free of toxins, but there are several things to look out for when considering a bed frame, dresser, dining table, etc. In […]

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  • Safe Sunscreen Guide

    All Good/ 2. Kabana/ 3. California Baby/ 4. Goddess Garden/ 5. Think/ 6. Poofy Organics/ 7. Beautycounter/ 8. Badger/ 9. Babo Botanicals The overzealous use of sunscreen on kids has likely contributed to the widespread vitamin D deficiencies we see in children — linked to cancer, depression, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and obesity. I believe […]

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  • non-toxic diapers from gimme the good stuff

    Safe Disposable Diaper Guide (Updated 2022)

    1. Andy Pandy / 2. Dyper / 3. Healthybaby / 4. Joonya / 5. Nest/ 6. Bambo / 7. Kudos  I wrote this non-toxic diaper guide for the first time when Felix was still wearing them! (He’s now 12.) My original introduction to this section read something like, “Sure, we all know we should use […]

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  • Healthy Almond Milk Guide

    1. Three Trees / 2. Malk / 3. New Barn Plant-based milks have become very popular in recent years. They aren’t new, however. When I began to learn about healthy eating back in the 1970’s, soy milk and rice milk were available at health food stores. Now I go to the store and find everything […]

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  • Shopping for Non-Toxic Area Rugs

    Written by Maia James You may already know that rugs can bring a lot of unwanted toxins into your home. These toxins are of special concern if you have babies and young children who spend a lot of time rolling, crawling, and playing on the floor. Even if you don’t have pets or little kids […]

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  • Safe, Non-Toxic Toy Guide

    Happy holidays! We hope this toy guide is helpful for those of you looking to have a toxin-free and environmentally-responsible holiday! This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure page. UPDATED: November 2021 Toys, like evvvvverything else, can introduce toxins into your home, to say nothing of the environmental impact of producing and […]

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  • Safe Mattress Guide

    UPDATED: November 2021 Written by Maia & John Finding a non-toxic mattress is super-important, but also super-confusing to work through. If your head hurts just looking at the length of this page, please feel free to email our Home Health Director, John, for individualized help. You can also call him at 802-613-3254. This video is […]

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  • Baby-Bottle-formula-guide-gimme-the-good-stuff-768x768

    Safe Baby Formula Guide

    1. Loulouka (both cow and goat) / 2. Happy Baby / 3. Kabrita / 4. Bobbie / 5. Lebenswert / 6. ByHeart / 7. Serenity   / 8. Holle / 9.HiPP / 10.Baby’s Only  11. Kendamil May 2022 Update: Widespread formula shortages are making it difficult for parents to get both European and even some […]

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  • Mito Red Light Original Series from Gimme the Good Stuff

    Red Light Therapy: Is It Safe and Effective?

    1. Joov / 2. Mito / 3. Rouge / 4. iRestore / 5. Gemba By John Goss With research provided by Michael Hopkins, PhD. The term red light therapy (RLT) has caught our attention several times over the last five years or so. According to those championing this treatment, just a few minutes a day […]

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  • Soapwalla Lip Locked Lip Balm - Citrus Ginger from Gimme the Good Stuff

    Is Blistex Toxic? (And What to Buy Instead)

    Every time the weather changes, my and my kids’ lips become miserably chapped. Related: Shop safest lip balms. Blistex lip products definitely soothe super chapped, sore lips. Perhaps this explains why Blistex sells more than $100 million worth of their “medicated” lip balm every year! But is Blistex non-toxic? While Blistex offers short-term relief from […]

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  • best multivitamin gimme the good stuff

    What Are the Best Multivitamins?

    Updated: January 2021 A few years ago, a private client of mine gave me the opportunity to look more closely at the best multivitamins. She wanted to know if she should be taking a multivitamin, and if she should be giving one to her children. Of course, she also wanted to know which brands make […]

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  • Piggy Paint Gift Sets Mistle Toes From Gimme the Good Stuff

    2020 Non-Toxic Gift Guide

    This year’s natural gift guide has been a true labor of love, and below you’ll discover a whopping 137 creative, toxin-free gift ideas for everyone you love. This year, we tried to find gifts that were good for the planet in addition to being good for the person receiving them. We also have highlighted products […]

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  • Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizer Guide

    1. All Good / 2. for:good / 3. Soapwalla/ 4. Lumion/ 5. Aura Cacai                                                                                     […]

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  • austin air bedroom machine with wheels in black gimme the good stuff

    How to Choose the Best Air Filter

    1. Austin / 2. Amaircare / 3. Airpura / 4. IQAir Last updated: May 2021 There are few things as elementally important as clean air. Each of us takes up to 30,000 breaths a day. What our bodies want is oxygen, but what we actually inhale often contains all sorts of less-than-good stuff.  This is […]

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  • Complete Non-Toxic Baby Registry Checklist

    1. Safest stroller / 2. Pocket bib / 3. Rash protection / 4. Non-toxic car seat / 5. Better cloth diapers / 6. Plastic-free breast milk storage / 7. Silicone spoons / 8. Nursery air filter Pulling together this list of  all the non-toxic baby registry items a conscious parent could possible want was fun! […]

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  • Safe Face Cream Guide

    By Maia James, with research and recommendations by Michael Hopkins, Phd   You probably remember Dr. Hopkins from his invaluable research on our Disposable Diaper Guide and Prenatal Vitamin Guide. As a scientist, Dr. Hopkins is able to read peer-reviewed studies and make sense of the potential risks of hundreds of ingredients (including how these […]

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  • 8 More Things Keeping Me Sane

    How are you all holding up? Here in New York, it’s starting to seem like this really is never going to end, and I’m feeling a sense of loss over the summer that we’d planned. Here are 8 things that are helping me stay semi-sane: Home improvement projects. Since we are rarely leaving the apartment […]

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  • Safe All-Purpose Cleaner Guide

    1. Attitude / 2. Aunt Fannie’s / 3. Branch Basics / 4. CleanWell / 5. Eco-Me / 6. Force of Nature / 7. MamaSuds Natural all-purpose cleaner is the bottle I reach for most often (besides maybe the wine bottle, hehehe). My kids are charged with cleaning more and more as they get older, and […]

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  • Safe Car Seat Guide

    1. Clek / 2. Uppa Baby Jordan / 3. Nuna Rava / 4. Britax / 5. Bugaboo Buying a “safe” car seat for your new baby (or your toddler) should be simple, but can be confusing and overwhelming. Obviously, the primary concern is choosing a seat that will protect your baby in the event of […]

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  • Healthy Cow Milk Shopping Guide

    1. Organic Valley Grassmilk / 2. Maple Hill / 3. Natural By Nature / 4. Byrne Hollow Farm 100% Grassfed Milk from dairy cows has been a part of the human diet for almost 10,000 years. Cow milk provides protein, fat, calcium, and vitamin D. Some medical experts believe that milk should be the main […]

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  • 2019 Natural Gift Guide

    It’s that time of year again! We are proud of this natural gift guide, which was months in the making. We’ve beaten prior records and this year have 99 gifts to recommend at a variety of price points. A few of these gifts area available in our online store, where we will cover shipping if […]

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  • healthiest cereal gimme the good stuff

    Healthy Cereal Guide

    1. Ezekiel 4:9 / 2. Butterfly Bakery of Vermont / 3. Cascadian Farms Purely O’s / 4. Arrowhead Mills / 5. Barbara’s Brown Rice Crisps Overall Best Healthy Cereal Food for Life Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Crunchy Cereal packs the most nutritional bang per spoonful. (Read more about this brand under Good Stuff below.) As […]

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  • Is Most Wallpaper Toxic?

    Many of my private consulting clients are looking to wallpaper their homes. Unfortunately, almost all wallpaper currently on the market is coated in vinyl (AKA PVC, which contains endocrine-disrupting phthalates). What follows are the brands I’ve found that are free of PVC. Please comment below with any others you’ve found! (There are a bunch of […]

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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Best CBD Oil

    By John The CBD oil industry has exploded over the last year or so, and many people are touting the benefits: better sleep, reduced anxiety, controlled pain, and more. Some of you have written us asking how to try CBD oil (also known as hemp oil) safely, and you are confused by the multitude of […]

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  • bar soap gimme the good stuff

    Safe Bar Soap Guide

    1. Tandi’s Naturals / 2. Farmaesthetics / 3. Christina Maser / 4. Dr. Bronner’s / 5. Beautycounter / 6. Paleo Skincare / 7. Poofy Organics / 8. Soapwalla When it comes bar soap, the good news is that there are tons of safe options for organic soap. The bad news is that many of these […]

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  • Babo Botanicals Oatmilk Baby Lotion from Gimme the Good Stuff

    Safe Baby Lotion Guide

    1. Babo Botanicals / 2. Beautycounter  / 3. Attitude / 4. California Baby / 5. Earth Mama I don’t think you need to slather your baby in lotion after every bath, but sometimes a baby’s dry skin will be screaming for a moisturizer. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of coconut oil, and […]

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  • How to Choose Non-Toxic Carpet | Gimme the Good Stuff

    Choosing a Non-Toxic Carpet

    Recently, I’ve had a few private consulting clients ask about non-toxic carpeting. As a result, I’ve spent some time more deeply looking into this.  I hope this post helps answer the big question: Is there such thing as truly safe, non-toxic carpeting? What Makes Carpeting Toxic? As my dad wrote in the flooring post about our […]

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