Best Non-Toxic Mattress Shopping Guide

Written by:

Maia James


Updated: 05/22/2024

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Finding the best non-toxic mattress is super important because this purchase is a big financial investment. If you buy the right mattress, it can last you for decades! Mattresses are also a major source of toxin-exposure in most American homes. This is a purchase you really want to get right, which is why we wrote this guide.

This post will provide all the information you need to feel confident that you’re purchasing the best non-toxic mattress, whether you’re shopping for your kids or yourself.

The 4 Best Non-Toxic Mattress Brands

This guide includes reviews of the 40 (!) mattress brands you’ve asked about most. But the TLDR here is that the four companies in the graphic below are the very best non-toxic mattress brands. They’re all equally toxin-free and earth-friendly–two values we believe are essential. They also all receive high marks for comfort.

best non-toxic mattress graphic

1. Soaring Heart / 2. Happsy / 3. Naturepedic / 4. Obasan

Best Stuff Vs. Good Stuff

Thanks to consumer demand, more mattress manufacturers have taken the steps to make truly non-toxic mattresses with top-level certifications. This means that you have more choices when searching for the best non-toxic mattress. And our Best Stuff and Good Stuff categories have grown to include more brands than ever before.

In this guide, we give special attention to the brands that manufacture only toxin-free mattresses. Several mattress companies now have the proper certifications, but they are owned by other entities that make conventional (toxic) mattresses.

Our updated Best Stuff category includes only the brands that:

  • have the top certifications that guarantee the mattresses they sell are free of all toxins
  • aren’t owned by parent companies that pollute the environment by manufacturing toxic mattresses.

In other words, we choose to promote mattress manufacturers who demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to non-toxic, Earth-friendly living in EVERYTHING they produce.

This video is several years old, but everything in it still holds true. The only change is that Happsy and Obasan have been added to our Best Stuff list!

My Own Non-Toxic Mattress Choices: What Is the Healthiest Mattress?

When I was pregnant for the first time, we decided to upgrade to a king-sized bed in anticipation of co-sleeping with our newborn.

Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t agonize and research before deciding what mattress to buy. There was plenty to agonize over when it came to finding the best non-toxic mattress!

At the time of writing this updated post, I have a 10-year-old and a 14-year-old, one of whom still spends a lot of time in our bed. I’m so glad I feel comfortable with (and comfortable on) the non-toxic mattresses we chose, which is the Soaring Heart Zoned. (If you’d like to sleep on this mattress, email me with “Soaring Heart” in the subject line and I can give you a small discount, since we now carry it in our store.)

Why a Non-Toxic Mattress Matters

I often tell my private consulting clients that their mattress is the very first thing they should upgrade when detoxing their homes.

The reason I feel so strongly about sleeping on a non-toxic mattress? Well, for one thing, babies and kids spend a lot of time sleeping, and even busy, night-owl grownups spend about a third of our lives in bed.

Moreover, studies show that your immune system works hardest at night, and the body generally repairs itself at night. It therefore seems reasonable to make your sleeping environment as toxin-free as possible.

Toxins in Mattresses

Unfortunately, mattresses can be loaded with noxious chemicals, including:

  • Various petrochemicals make up the majority of the materials in conventional mattresses.
  • Polyurethane foam is the main ingredient in most mattresses. It’s composed of polyol and diisocyanate, both of which are derived from petroleum. Polyurethane is not environmentally friendly and is dangerous for workers during manufacturing.
  • Flame-retardant chemicals are needed in part because polyurethane is so flammable. There is, however, some good news on the flame-retardant front – more on that in a minute!
  • Soybean foam is a Sneaky ingredient that sounds non-toxic. Unfortunately, the majority of this type of foam is still mostly polyurethane.
  • Synthetic latex is usually made from styrene, which is a human carcinogen.
  • Adhesives that may contain formaldehyde are used to glue mattresses. The best non-toxic mattress manufacturers skip the glues all together and opt for safer methods like stitching, clips, or heat.

This chemical cocktail releases VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are linked to a host of health problems, from respiratory irritation to cancer.

Felix and Wolfie sleeping on the best non-toxic mattress.

Fire “Safety” in Mattresses

Mattresses are required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to meet flammability laws. This previously meant that they were almost always treated with bromated or chlorinated flame-retardant chemicals, typically one of the first three on this list:

  • Polybrominated diphenyl ethers. PBDEs are associated with hormone-disruption and neurodevelopmental delays, including lowered IQ. The European Union has banned the use of PBDEs in electronic devices. Studies show that children in the United States have higher levels of PBDEs than adults do. Oh, and here’s the kicker: they don’t even work very well at stopping fires!
  • Firemaster 550. This nasty chemical cocktail is made with bis (2-ethylhexyl) tetrabromophthalate (TBPH). Yes, you saw that word in there: phthalate. TBPH is nearly identical to DEHP, the phthalate banned in children’s products (including mattresses!!) due to evidence of carcinogenicity and developmental toxicity.
  • Chlorinated tris. This is the notorious chemical that was removed from children’s pajamas in the 1970s because it was shown to cause cancer.
  • Halogen-free flame retardants. This newer class of chemicals (such as ammonium polyphosphate, aluminium diethyl phosphinate, and melamine polyphosphate) is believed to be much less likely to bioaccumulate than bromated flame retardants. I still prefer my mattresses to be free of even these.

In addition to these notoriously toxic flame retardants, companies may use some of the following ingredients to pass flammability tests: boric acid, silica, melamine, vinylidene chloride, and fiberglass.

The Importance of Fiberglass-Free Mattresses

Fiberglass isn’t a chemical flame retardant, but it can still come with some serious health risks.

Here’s just two reasons that buying mattresses without fiberglass is important:

  • No more itchy nights. Fiberglass particles can easily escape from mattress covers. This can cause itching, redness, and respiratory issues like coughing and wheezing. This is especially concerning for children and those with sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Better indoor air quality. Fiberglass dust can also float around, potentially triggering coughs, wheezing, and generally messing with your respiratory system.

A Myth About Off-Gassing

Many of my clients think that their mattresses are okay if they are old because they have “already off-gassed.” Unfortunately, this is not true in the case of foam mattresses. In fact, as the foam degrades, more PBDEs (hormone-disrupting flame retardants) may be released.

Are Mattress Coils Dangerous?

There has been a lot of online chatter in recent years regarding metal coils in mattresses. We paid close attention to this and did some research, and we arrived at the conclusion that steel springs present no established danger.

We simply cannot find any credible evidence showing that metal coils can act like an antenna and concentrate EMFs into our sleeping bodies. Phew–one less thing to worry about!

What Is the Least Toxic Mattress Material?

A toxin-free mattress will likely contain some combination of the following materials:

  • Organic wool (untreated) is naturally flame- and mildew/dust mite-resistant.
  • 100% natural latex (made from rubber trees) is safer than latex blends. The latter may contain petroleum-based polyurethane. It’s important to note that no latex foam mattress can be 100% natural or organic. Turning latex rubber to foam necessitates the use of chemicals, period. Certified latex mattresses simply have less chemical content.
  • Organic cotton (grown in untreated soil, without pesticides) can be used for batting or mattress wrapping. There is a robust debate about whether or not the herbicides and pesticides used on cotton crops will wash/bleach out as the cotton is processed. Most studies show that it does, but some folks believe that a residue remains. We believe that the risk of sleeping on a mattress or sheets made from conventionally grown cotton is tiny. Still, for the good of the planet, we should all choose organically-grown cotton whenever possible.
  • Trusted certifications from third-party certifying bodies mean that some ingredients in the mattress have been vetted by organizations committed to improving air quality. This also means a safer sleeping surface for you. However, all certifications are not created equally, as you’ll learn below.

Dunlop Versus Talalay Latex in the Best Non-Toxic Mattress Brands

You’ll probably read a lot about Talalay versus Dunlop latex in your search for the best organic mattress. In terms of comfort, Dunlop is firmer and Talalay is lighter and softer. If you’re looking for a GOLS-certified mattress (more on this below), you’ll need to choose a mattress made of Dunlop latex.

Don’t Be Fooled By

The mattress industry is full of greenwashing. Here are just a few claims that should alert you that a brand may be Sneaky Stuff.

  • Natural latex.” Petroleum comes from the earth, so petroleum-based mattresses can be “natural.” A “natural latex mattress” may only contain only 50% natural latex and may be blended with polyurethane foam and treated with various VOCs. Look for mattresses that specify that they are made from only 100% natural latex.
  • “All-natural wool,” “pure wool” or “eco-wool.” Unless wool is certified organic, it is likely processed conventionally with a variety of chemicals. You may or may not be okay with this (I feel that the flame retardants are more concerning). In some cases, a wool producer may not bother with organic certification, despite organic practices.
  • Biofoam. Soy- or plant-foam is still made of mostly polyurethane. Biofoam mattresses typically contain less than 20% plant material.
  • Certifications. Oftentimes, these certifications apply only to certain parts of the mattress, not necessarily the mattress as a whole. In some cases, the mattress company creates its own certification. You will read more about these certifications in a moment.

Bottom line: There is a lot of deceptive marketing in the mattress world. It is not illegal to throw around terms like “natural,” “green,” and even “organic” without actually having to prove anything.

What to Know About Mattress Certifications

Sorting through mattress certifications is maddening. Here’s just some of why that is:

  1. First of all, not all certifications are created equal. Some offer great assurance that your new mattress will be non-toxic, while others are essentially meaningless.
  2. What’s more, just because a company shows a certification doesn’t mean all of the material in that mattress is certified. One of our readers wrote to us about a mattress that contained Oeko-Tex 100 certified wool, but the company wouldn’t confirm that they solely purchase the wool from this source. Thus, in this case, it would be impossible to know if the mattress you’re purchasing contains the certified wool or not, to say nothing of the other materials in this mattress.
  3. Sometimes, a mattress will claim to have a certification that they don’t really have. One of the most common deceptive practices is when a manufacturer claims to have GOLS certification for their latex mattress, and even display the GOLS logo on their website. They might even show an actual copy of it on their website, complete with date and signatures. If, however, the certificate is not written to the same name as the manufacturer, it is not particularly meaningful. They are commonly written to a latex supplier out of Sri Lanka, India or South America. Such a certification shows only that the latex was certified up to that point on its journey to becoming someone’s bed. Between Sri Lanka and your bedroom, all sorts of things can happen to the latex to cause it to be more toxic than the certification implies.

So, how do you know if a mattress is non-toxic?

Best Non-Toxic Mattress Certifications

best non-toxic mattress certifications: GOLS

The two certifications to look for in your mattress are GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

(And again, the best non-toxic mattress brands have these certifications written directly to the mattress manufacturer.)

To obtain a GOTS certification, at least 95% of the mattress must be made of certified-organic materials. Certain chemistries are prohibited entirely, even for that other 5%. A GOTS certification on a mattress means that the entire manufacturing and distribution process is environmentally safe and socially responsible.

Prohibited materials and contaminants in a GOTS-certified mattress include:

  • Polyurethane foam
  • Heavy metals
  • Formaldehyde
  • The fire retardants listed above

One thing we love about GOTS certification is that in order to obtain it, a mattress must be produced in a facility that is also certified. In fact, GOTS certifiers visit production facilities as part of the certification process. (If you are curious about a brand that we don’t review in this guide, you can check for GOTS certification in the GOTS database.)

Similar to GOTS, a GOLS certification means that the mattress is made of at least 95% organic latex. This means that 5% of the latex can be made of synthetic materials, although these are still restricted in some important ways). A GOLS certification requires third-party testing and inspections by certifiers.

Good Non-Toxic Mattress Certifications

best non-toxic mattress certifications: OEKO-TEX

While OEKO-TEX Standard 100 doesn’t require any organic materials to be used in a mattress, it does set limits for VOC emissions (such as formaldehyde). It also prohibits the use of dangerous flame-retardants and dyes. When looking at mattresses, the highest level of OEKO-TEX certification is Class 1.

Greenguard-certified mattresses have been tested for, and are within limits of, several hundred VOCs, including formaldehyde. Greenguard Gold has stricter standards than plain old Greenguard, but they are not testing for flame retardants or PFAS.

Okay Non-Toxic Mattress Certifications

Organic Content Standard 100 just means that some of the ingredients are organic. This certification doesn’t ban flame-retardants or other harmful chemicals.

CertiPUR was developed “by members of the global foam industry,” although it does ban the use of some chemicals, such as PBDE flame-retardants and formaldehyde. It’s important to know that CertiPUR does not certify an entire mattress, only the foam portion.

A Sneaky Mattress Certification

NAOMI (National Association of Organic Mattress Industry) was created by Pure Rest Organics, which is a mattress company. Obviously this means that a NAOMI certification no way independent or third-party

The Bottom Line on Non-Toxic Mattress Certifications

When it comes to mattress certifications, most are of SOME value, but they can be used sneakily by mattress manufacturers.

You really need to ask to see the actual signed certification, keeping in mind that if it’s out of date, it’s worthless. You also want to make sure that the entire factory that produces your mattress is certified to be free of toxins, particularly flame retardants. This will guarantee that you don’t have to worry about cross-contamination and mattress health issues.

If You Can’t Afford the Best Non-Toxic Mattress

Austin Air Filter if you can't afford the best non-toxic mattress

Maybe you’ve looked all the way down to our Okay Stuff category and checked out the coupons (top of this page), and you simply don’t have it in your budget to upgrade to a safe mattress right now.

Readers often ask: “How do I protect myself from a toxic mattress?”

Unfortunately, there’s no way to wrap a mattress to protect yourself from VOCs. However, running a robust air filter will go a long way towards purifying your indoor air. I have the Austin HealthMate PLUS Air Purification System in my bedroom because while I do have a toxin-free mattress, I also have other furniture and rugs that aren’t as clean. I love knowing that the air filter is mitigating the damage!

You also might consider a futon as an alternative to an expensive, non-toxic mattress. They are much more comfortable than they were in your childhood, and I love the ones by Soaring Heart in particular. (Conventional or Sneaky futons will be loaded with all the same scary chemicals as mattresses.)

Here’s where I explain the difference between a mattress and a futon:

Best Stuff: The 4 Best Non-Toxic Mattress Brands

The following four brands are the best non-toxic mattresses available. They have the top certifications that guarantee that their mattresses are free of all toxins. They also aren’t owned by parent companies that pollute the environment by manufacturing toxic mattresses.


Happsy is the best non-toxic mattress-in-a-box option on the market, and comes with a 120-day trial period. Happsy is manufactured by Naturepedic, but is a more affordable option, while still getting high marks for comfort. When it’s time to replace my kids’ mattresses, this is the brand I plan to purchase.

Happsy is certified by GOTS, GOLS, and GreenGuard. Queens go for $1,399.

Use code GIMME225 for $225 off mattresses when you shop on (With this discount, Happsy is the most affordable Best Stuff mattress.)


Naturepedic was founded by a grandfather named Barry when he could not find a non-toxic mattress for his grandson.

Naturepedic non-toxic mattresses are made of certified-organic cotton and a steel innerspring. They don’t use any flame-retardant chemicals or barrier ingredients. Naturepedic includes a layer of polylactide, which is derived from sugarcane, in all of their mattresses to ensure they pass flammability tests.

Since all Naturepedic mattresses are GOTS-certified, you can rest assured that the polylactide they use also passes GOTS standards. Polylactide is also Greenguard Gold certified.

The waterproof, crib mattress options use food-grade polyethylene for their outer layer (it acts as a moisture and vapor barrier). Adult mattresses mostly run in the $3,000 range, and crib mattresses from $259 to $399. Use code gimme15 for 15% off everything on Naturepedic’s site. (The top-of-the-line mattress is the EOS.)

We offer Naturepedic crib mattresses and children’s mattresses in our online store, and always appreciate your support!


Handcrafted in Canada, Obasan mattresses have all of the top-level certifications we look for, including GOTS and GOLS.

With a unique multi-zone system, Obasan mattresses get high marks for their comfort and come with a 180-day comfort exchange policy and 20-year warranty.

If you live in Canada, this is the best non-toxic mattress, for sure. Queens start at around $3,200 USD.

Get two complimentary pillows with the purchase of any adult mattress with code GIMMETHEGOODSTUFF.

Soaring Heart

Based out of Seattle and in operation for almost 30 years, Soaring Heart hand-crafts most of their mattresses on-site and is one of the most transparent brands we’ve ever investigated.

Soaring Heart’s latex mattresses are made of 100% organic latex. They have both GOLS and GOTS certifications, written to Soaring Heart itself.

Soaring Heart mattresses contain no chemical fire retardants. Their latex passes flammability tests by using a combination of a tightly woven, organic-cotton fabric encasement, and is then wrapped in organic, felted wool.

Soaring Heart offers organic crib mattresses and dog beds, too.

We loved Soaring Heart so much that we asked them if we could sell their mattresses! You can now buy Soaring Heart mattresses through our online store, and they ship free anywhere in the United States.

I sleep on a Soaring Heart Zoned Mattress, my parents on a Soaring Heart Organic Latex Shikibuton, and we both have toppers. We are basically obsessed with these mattresses, and happy to talk you through their options. Just email John for help choosing.

Good Stuff

Some of the mattresses that we are calling the Good Stuff make all the claims of safety and non-toxic materials and processes, but don’t have all of the top-level certifications we like to see. Other brands in this category do have GOTS and GOLS certification, but they are manufactured by a parent company that also produces conventional mattresses.

Bella Sera

This tiny company has some good certifications, namely GOLS, but unfortunately, it’s not written directly to the company.

Bella Sera uses wool as a flame retardant, which makes them Good Stuff rather than Okay Stuff.


CozyPure’s mattresses skip all the flame retardants in favor of wool, which is significant. Unfortunately, their GOLS certification isn’t written directly to them, so I can’t call this brand the Best Stuff.

Eco Terra

Eco Terra has OEKO-TEX certifications for their wool and Talalay latex. They don’t use scary flame-retardants, just hydrated-silica. Eco Terra now has an up-to-date GOTS certificate, and we consider this a safe mattress choice.

Holy Lamb Organics

While Holy Lamb only qualifies as Good Stuff based on our criteria, we do consider this brand one of the best non-toxic mattresses out there. Because Holy Lamb is such a small business, they do not yet have GOLS certification, but they do have GOTS – and we will move them to Best Stuff as soon as the GOLS comes through.

Plush Beds

PlushBeds recently became fully certified with top-level certifications, including GOTS, GOLS, GreenGuard Gold, and Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

PlushBed’s Botanical Bliss and Luxury Bliss mattresses have all of the above certifications. Their Natural Bliss and Eco Bliss don’t have GOLS certification, but are more affordable.

The only reason Plush is in our Good Stuff rather than Best Stuff category is because they make more conventional mattresses in addition to their fully-certified latex models.

Nevertheless, Plush Beds’ memory foam is the first to be certified by GreenGuard Gold, so if you must have a memory foam mattress (and we know a lot of you must!), then this is the way to go. Overall, everything Plush makes is reasonably toxin-free.

Use code GIMME100 to receive $100 off every order, in addition to whatever other deals are running.

Savvy Rest

Savvy Rest is the non-toxic mattress we bought when I was pregnant, and we slept on it for six comfortable years.

The latex used by Savvy Rest is 100% natural, and other materials used include certified organic wool (which serves as flame-retardant) and cotton. Note that the Dunlop latex is organic, while the Talalay is not.

Savvy Rest mattresses have Oeko-Tex certification. (It’s important to note that these certifications are for specific materials within the mattress, rather than the mattress itself; you can read more about this above.) Savvy Rest’s GOTS certification is written in their name, and their GOLs certifications are written to their latex supplier.

Visit Savvy Rest’s website to see their wide array of mattresses and learn more about all the materials they use. Our king-sized mattress costs around $3,500, but prices depend on which model you choose, in addition to the size you want.

White Lotus

White Lotus sent along a big box of samples of all of their sumptuous, natural materials when I first reviewed them. They are one of our favorite brands to work with, and they have demonstrated a clear commitment to producing non-toxic mattresses.

White Lotus has a GOTS certification for their mattress materials, and they use some cool ingredients in their products, including:

  • Kapok to stuff their mattresses. The “harvesting of the kapok pods provides jobs to indigenous people and helps maintain this vanishing ecosystem,” according to the White Lotus website.
  • Wholesale green cotton, which is totally unprocessed once harvested from the bolls – no bleaches, dyes, or fungicides.
  • Wool, which is 100%-virgin, lamb’s wool.
  • Organic buckwheat hulls (for pillows).
  • 100% natural latex (from rubber trees).

When I decided to get toddler Felix a new twin-sized, non-toxic mattress, I went with this White Lotus futon.

I do recommend that you avoid the Evergreen Foam used by White Lotus, which is a blend of “natural, oil-based foam” and conventional polyol, an alcohol used in the production of polyurethane. While off-gassing is heavily reduced and the environmental impact better than conventional foam, I don’t consider this truly natural, toxin-free foam.

We have gotten to know the folks at White Lotus quite well, and we really trust the owner. Because White Lotus does not have GOLS certification written in its name, we classify it as Good Stuff rather than Best Stuff.

We now carry White Lotus mattresses and futons in our online store!

Please note that we do not carry any White Lotus products with any of the questionable ingredients listed above – if you see it in our store, you know it’s free of borate, toxic foam, and other synthetics.

A Note About Avocado

When Avocado obtained both GOTS and GOLS certifications, both written to Avocado itself, we moved them to our Good Stuff category. We did not list Avocado as Best Stuff because it is a subsidiary of Brentwood Home, which manufactures conventional mattresses.

In the spring of 2023, you may have heard buzz about a lawsuit against Avocado. The company advertises its latex as “natural 100% GOLS organic certified,” but lab tests showed that Avocado latex contains a variety of chemicals.

The crux of the lawsuit hinged on the fact that Avocado owns the entirety of their production chain. Thus, they cannot claim ignorance about the chemicals used in the process of turning their latex into foam.

Ultimately, the Avocado lawsuit was “dismissed,” which likely means they settled. There was clearly some kind of a confidentiality clause in the settlement agreement, which means we have no additional information about the details of the case.( If Avocado had won and actually proven that their mattresses did not contain the materials in question, we would have certainly heard about it.)

What’s impossible to know is whether this lawsuit was ultimately more about false claims (you cannot make rubber into latex foam without chemicals), or if there was truly concerning amounts of toxins in these mattresses that pose a risk to the consumer.

For now, I would not recommend this brand.

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Okay Stuff

The brands we call Okay Stuff”may have CertiPUR or other lesser certifications, and/or Talalay latex. Due to new laws, these mattresses probably do not have flame-retardant chemicals.


While Awara does not have GOLS or GOTS certifications, they do have CertiPUR, Greenguard Gold, and OEKO-TEX.

Note that Awara is made by the same parent company as Nectar mattresses, which we consider Sneaky.

Brooklyn Bedding

This company claims to have OEKO-TEX certification, but failed to present proof to us of this. They do have CertiPUR certification (meaning at least the very worst flame-retardants won’t be present in these mattresses).


This brand uses all the right buzzwords to describe their mattresses (“non-toxic,” “sustainable,” etc.). Unfortunately, they are lacking somewhat in the certification department – although with digging we discovered they do carry the Oeko-Tex 100 certification. The big question mark for us is the “natural rubber” they use, which doesn’t have any certification. Still, that Oeko-Tex 100 certification means something, and they don’t use PBDE flame retardants.


We field a ton of questions about Essentia from people who love memory foam and want a safer option. Standard memory foam (made of petroleum derivatives) is decidedly toxic, and I’ve long suspected Essentia of being Sneaky Stuff.

After researching Essentia thoroughly for a client, I came away (still reluctantly!) calling them Okay Stuff, although I do still have a few reservations. Essentia uses a proprietary flame retardant in their foam, which involves Kevlar – a material that is not remotely natural, but appears to be non-toxic. Kevlar is a type of plastic, however, and you probably know, I don’t love plastic, period!

I spoke to the people at Essentia, and they sent me the independent-testing results for their mattresses — I saw no red flags and everything checked out as non-toxic. They also have a number of certifications, some of which are more legit than others. There is always a chance that sneaky manufacturers might hide things under the “trade secret” laws, but I didn’t learn anything from Essentia that suggests that they are doing so.


These super-expensive mattresses are very comfortable and contain no foam; they also carry the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. The price puts them out of range for most people. Starting at around $7,000, Hastens mattresses go up to a whopping $99,000!


This brand does not have GOLS certification, but does have Oeko-Tex, and doesn’t use the most dangerous flame retardants.

Tuft & Needle

The certifications for these mattresses fall short of Good Stuff – they have GreenGuard Gold, OEKO-TEX, and CertiPUR.

Bad Stuff

It’s safe to assume that all conventional mattresses contain petrochemicals and that many are treated with toxic flame retardants of one kind or another. 

IKEA mattresses are tempting because they are cheap. But they have no certifications of any kind. They had this to say about the use of fire-retardant chemicals:

“In our adult mattresses, mattress pads, and mattress sets a fiber fire-barrier made of rayon/polyester-batting is used that has an inherently fire-resistant property. Flame-retardant chemicals (phosphorous-based inorganic salts) are only used for some stitch-bond and zippers. IKEA children’s mattresses sold in the U.S. have a fiber-mix barrier as described above. The fiber-batting is quilted into the mattress cover and is not treated with any flame-retardant chemicals.”

(So the crib mattresses are at least free of all fire retardants!).

Joybed is a brand that a lot of you have asked about. Unfortunately, it has no certifications of any kind and therefore can’t be considered for our recommendation.

Newton Wovenair. The polymer this mattress is made from appears to be fine, but the cover is made of polyester (this doesn’t pose a real health risk, but is not environmentally friendly and a form of plastic). Newton uses phosphate flame-retardants. This is better than bromated or chlorinated, but still should be avoided if possible.

Sealy mattresses contain vinyl, undisclosed fire retardants (“trade secret”), polyurethane, polyethylene, and nanoparticles. This includes the mattresses they make for children.

Serta mattresses have actually come a long way, but we still cannot call them even Okay Stuff. Here’s why.

Simmons is the same as Sealy. They use the same problematic materials and hide behind trade secrets.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are wildly popular. Unfortunately, memory foam is made of inexpensive polyurethane, and you’ll notice that a brand-new Tempur-Pedic is smellier than most other mattresses. This is your clue that it’s off-gassing more. The fire retardant used on Tempur-Pedics is not PBDE, but they do not disclose what it is. The EPA has also raised concerns about emissions formed during the production of polyurethane foam products, which include methylene chloride and other hazardous chemicals.

Sneaky Stuff

Casper. These popular, inexpensive mattresses contain a top latex layer that is Oeko-Tex certified, but I’m not crazy about the memory foam component (which is not certified and contains polyurethane).

The flame retardants seem pretty safe:

“A fire-retardant, knit-sock covers the foam before the outer cover is placed on the mattress. The knit sock is made from a proprietary yarn with a silica core and a polyester/acrylic/nylon/rayon outer wrap. The knit-sock is made without any toxic chemicals and each component is OEKO-TEX® certified.”

However, the latex in the lower layers is not 100%-natural, but rather a blend, and synthetic latex can be very toxic when made from carcinogenic styrene. Readers who have purchased a Casper mattress have complained of the smell and sore throats.

Colgate’s â€śeco” crib mattresses claim to be made of “the finest non-toxic materials in the marketplace.” In reality, Colgate mattresses contain vinyl and polyurethane.

Eco Dream mattresses are basically just memory foam mattresses that don’t even make claims of non-toxicity!

IntelliBED claims to be non-toxic, and is heavily promoted by natural parenting bloggers. The only certification they have received is the dubious CertiPUR. They claim that they use soy-based foam, but companies can make this claim when the mattress contains only a small percentage of soy foam (the rest being petroleum-derived polyurethane).

And IntelliBED gives no specifics about their foam. IntelliBED makes mattresses from a number of materials that immediately disqualify them from our list of Good Stuff. They use memory foam, various “gels” and foams, and unknown materials with names like “Titanium Infused Energex” (whatever that is). IntelliBED also seems to carry zero independent certifications regarding the safety of the materials they use

Keetsa mattresses (which are manufactured in China), are described by many retailers as “natural” or “green.”

The company is, in fact, pretty transparent, and clearly states that, “Keetsa’s mission is to deliver a comfortable, affordable, and durable mattress in an eco-friendly manner. We are not producing organic or natural mattresses. By replacing some of the petroleum product with cedar oil and introducing green tea extract into the mixture, we have created a foam that is less toxic and has a less-offensive odor than traditional foam. We also utilize sustainable materials, such as bamboo, in our cover materials.”

Layla, like so many others, is a memory foam mattress with only a CertiPUR certification.

Moonlight Slumber set off an alarm for me right away with their bogus certification: “Green Safety Shield” is their own certification, and is not third (or even second!) party. They do have testing that shows no VOCs from their mattresses, but that’s only one issue of concern. I’m more worried about their “Visco foam,” whatever that is!

They do have a CertiPUR certification, but this is from a polyurethane industry group. Finally, their flame retardant is proprietary, although they claim it’s natural and free of chemicals.

Natura mattresses may contain (depending on the model you select) boric acid and fiberglass flame-retardants, petroleum-derived latex (as in, not the kind from rubber trees), and nanoparticles.

Nectar has CertiPUR certification and is free of PBDEs. In other words, nothing about this mattress is particularly non-toxic, but it’s better than a standard mattress.

Nest Bedding says that they are an “Organic, Natural, and Certified Bedding and Mattress Company,” but they, too, rely on only CertiPUR certification.

Nook crib mattresses fail to show independent certification. I also don’t love that their mattresses contain plastic (PETE, which is among the safer types of plastic, but plastic nonetheless!). They claim to use wool as a flame retardant, but one of our readers had the foam tested in her Pebble Lite model and it tested positive for flame retardants! In March of 2023, Nook was sued for false advertising when their crib mattresses were found to contain PFAS.

Purple mattresses don’t have any of the certifications we look for even for our Okay Stuff category. Purple has CertiPUR, but nothing more. So if you’re wondering, “Are Purple mattresses non-toxic?” the answer is unfortunately, no.

Saatva and their sister company Loom & Leaf are memory foam mattresses with only CertiPUR certifications. They use only about 30% “plant-based foams.” The rest is petroleum-based.

The Sealy Naturalis mattress has an organic cotton layer; unfortunately, it is surrounded by a vinyl cover.

Swiss Dreams mattresses appear to have exactly zero certifications, making it impossible to back up any of their claims of non-toxicity.

YogaBed doesn’t even really make any claims of non-toxicity, but I’m calling it Sneaky Stuff. Anything with “yoga” in the name is trying to project a green image, don’t you think?

ZenHaven is just another mattress company jumping on the greenwashing bandwagon, and they have no certifications. This is not a non-toxic mattress.

Whew! We appreciate that this is a ton of information, but hope it helps you choose the best non-toxic mattress. If you have questions about other mattresses, please comment below.

Stay sane,

Maia, Founder & CEO

Note: This article contains affiliate links or sponsored content, which means that if you make a purchase, we may earn a commission. We only recommend products that meet our strict standards for non-toxicity and that we use (or want to use!) ourselves. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that make Good Stuff! 

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  1. nicole.m.keller Avatar

    Hello! Any information about Birch Natural Mattresses? Specifically the Birch Luxe mattress? Thank you!!!

    Excerpt from their website:
    “…The Birch Luxe Natural Mattress is both GOTS and GREENGUARD Gold certified, ensuring it uses organic materials throughout the supply chain. The Birch Luxe also includes certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council and the eco-INSTITUT in addition to being Fair Trade Certified.

    The Birch Luxe is made with latex produced by rubber trees that are Rainforest Alliance Certified.”

    1. Suzanne Weaver-Goss Avatar
      Suzanne Weaver-Goss

      Just to set things straight re: Birch… While they are better than many, Birch does not have the latex certifications we look for. They call it “natural” latex. The term “Natural” has no legal meaning. Plutonium, poison Ivy and sharks are each “natural”, but I suggest you don’t sleep on any of those! 🙂 We look for GOLS certification for any latex mattress.

  2. missanna1319 Avatar

    Thank you for this incredible information, I really appreciate it. I wish I had read this before I had purchased a new mattress and now looking to replace it. Unfortunately, I cannot afford any of the “good stuff” mattresses. I read your remarks on Sealy mattresses. Please can you provide remarks on the Serta and Stearnes and Foster mattresses.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Graham Goss Avatar
      Graham Goss

      Thanks for your comment. I am so glad you found it helpful. We will add these 3 brands to our next round of research and let you know what we discover. In the meantime, did you check out Happsy Organic Mattresses? They are the most affordable of all the Good Stuff options AND you can use code GIMME225 for $225 off mattresses! You can check them out here:

    2. missanna1319 Avatar

      Hello Graham,

      Thank you for your kind response. I am only wishing I can get a refund on the mattress I bought before I discovered your
      page. I would seriously consider buying a Happsy mattress.

      Thanks again.

  3. linda-9551 Avatar

    Can you please review the toxicity of the Sleep Ovation mattress?

    1. John Goss Avatar
      John Goss

      Hi Linda, Unfortunately Sleep Ovation mattresses are quite a long way from what we would call “Good Stuff”. It uses foams that are not “good stuff” and a flame retardant technology that is also not “good stuff”.

      Feel free to ask questions.

  4. Jane Avatar

    Thank you for the guide and information. I wish I had seen this sooner. Any thoughts on the Noa mattress? Thank you in advance.

    As per site; Our mattresses are designed in Canada and responsibly manufactured with a leading factory in China, adhering to the highest quality standards in the industry. All materials are OEKO Tex Standard 100 and REACH Certified (the EU equivalent of CertiPur in the United States). Moreover, our foams have been inspected and tested by SGS, one of the world’s leading agencies for quality and compliance.

  5. Tichmekit Avatar

    Thank you for the incredible effort in putting this guide together! I wish I read this two years ago and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am one of the many who purchased what I thought was a healthier choice and was hoping you could review and let me know if I made a poor decision.

    Firstly, I purchased for myself an NSC Medical Pressure Balance Latex Mattress It ticks many of the boxes you called out however, the soy foam is very concerning and I worry that they’ve greenwashed and I’m poisoning myself.

    Secondly, I purchased an NSC Medical Hybrid Mattress for my 4 year old son. Yet again it ticks many of the boxes but still very concerned about the soy and greenwashing around low VOCs.

    My question: should we order one of the products you have recommended and start sleeping on the floor till they arrive or, given the fact that it is next to impossible to completely eliminate these toxins 100%, am I doing a good job avoiding them and relatively safe given the certifications and contents of the NSC products?

    Would love any feedback you’re able to share please.


    1. John Goss Avatar
      John Goss

      Thanks for the questions. After reviewing the MSC website I called them to get clarification about their GOLS certificate for their latex mattresses and about what they are using for flame retardant in all their mattresses.

      Regarding flame retardants, he first said that no flame retardants are used in any of their products. I then quizzed him about how he could be selling mattresses in the USA because ALL mattresses sold in the US must pass open-flame tests. He hemmed and hawed a bit before finally admitting that they actually quilt a layer of polyester batting to the underside of the “organic” cotton mattress cover.

      Here’s the deal with polyester…Heat releases Polyester chemicals like Antimony oxide Sb2O3, which is used to make Polyester and is a known carcinogen. With body heat, it is partially dissolved with sweat and absorbed by the skin. It can cause heart, liver, kidney and skin ailments.

      Other ingredients in Polyester are:
      Antimony: A known carcinogen (a substance that causes cancer). It’s often used as a catalyst during polyester production and can be released into the air and water.
      PFOA: A chemical used to make polyester waterproof. It’s been linked to cancer, thyroid disease, and reproductive issues.
      Formaldehyde: Often used as a finishing agent in polyester production. It’s an irritant that can cause respiratory issues and has also been linked to cancer.
      Perfluorochemicals (PFCs): Used to make polyester stain-resistant. These chemicals have been linked to a range of health issues.

      The good news is that there is a relatively thick cotton cover between the polyester and the sleeper. This means that one would never come into direct contact with the polyester. It is unknown just how much exposure to polyester constitutes “too much”, so it is difficult to calculate just how concerned you should be.

      Regarding the GOLS certificate for their latex… he did a lot of verbal gymnastics trying to explain why they will not show a copy of their actual GOLS certificate. He went on and on about their propriatry “special sauce” formula. He went on to accuse manufacturers that do display their GOLS certificates as likely scammers who have falsified the document. I personally know this to be untrue. Any manufacturer that will not display their GOLS certificate is immediately suspect in my book. A GOLS certificate tells zero information about the makeup of the latex (secret sauce)…it is simply a pass/fail certificate.

      They also claim other certifications that they do not display. I cannot say that they do not have those certs. They likely do. I simply cannot understand why they don’t make them public.

      So take all that for what you will. Polyester is kind-of everywhere…furnishings, clothing, etc. It’s hard to avoid entirely, and in small doses we can likely tolerate it…to a point. The mattresses we call “Good Stuff” have zero polyester. One dilemma facing most of us is cost. There is no doubt that a truly certified nontoxic mattress costs more than others. But when you break it down, a $3500 nontoxic mattress that lasts for 20 years cost about $2/night…and most will last more than 20 years.
      Feel free to contact me directly at

  6. LoriD Avatar

    Thank you so much for sharing this extensive research!
    Can you recommend pillows as well?
    I purchased the MyGreenMatters for my boys based on your recommendation, along with their pillows. Now looking to get a pillow for my daughter and myself. Will appreciate any recommendations.

  7. kostka36 Avatar

    We bought mygreenmattress, happsy latex pillows, ecoterra pillows latex, looking for an affordable comforter, what do you think about puredown comforter? 95%feather, 5%down, 100% cotton cover.

    1. John Goss Avatar
      John Goss

      Puredown looks like they use RDS certified down. that’s good. I’d go for one of theri certified organc products.

  8. telinah Avatar

    What happened to My Green Mattress that used to be on here? I purchased a king size mattress from them years ago off recommendations on your blog.

    Also, what do you think about Brentwood Home’s “Juniper” mattress? My kids have those- they sounded decent on their website, but now I’m second guessing that.

    1. John Goss Avatar
      John Goss

      Don’t worry. The mattress you bought is fine. We decided to remove My Green from our review due to business practices we find concerning. We discovered that they are just a subsidiary of a larger company that makes and sells all sorts of toxic products . We like to support manufacturers that are dedicated to nontoxic living rather than ones that are just in it for the money. Ditto Brentwood.

  9. madmaggie Avatar

    What happened to My Green Mattress? They seem to fit all your requirements and I actually bought one of my child based on a prior version of this guide … curious why they dropped off?

    1. John Goss Avatar
      John Goss

      We discovered that they are just a subsidiary of a larger company that makes and sells all sorts of toxic products . We like to support manufacturers that are dedicated to nontoxic living rather than ones that are just in it for the money.

  10. rejnowska Avatar

    Thanks for putting this together.
    I sleep on Avocado mattress (and pillows) and after two years I can’t take it anymore and I’m looking for a replacement. Every morning I get up and feel like beaten up. I also wake up at night from being hot.
    Would you have any insights what mattresses do high end hotels use? I realised I get the best sleep there.

    1. John Goss Avatar
      John Goss

      Hotels typically use mattresses that would not be considered “Good Stuff”.

  11. amontgom Avatar

    Do you have any opinions on Turmerry’s organic latex mattresses? I recently switched from a memory foam pillow to their latex pillow, and I cannot believe the comfort. I’ve been eying their latex mattresses for our next purchase.

    1. John Goss Avatar
      John Goss

      While Turmerry’s may be better than some, they do not have the certifications we look for to qualify as “Best Stuff” on our site.

  12. Leah Avatar

    I also purchased from my green mattress brand in the past after seeing then on the good stuff and it was most affordable. But I don’t see it here anymore, but on the green mattress website they still have all the important certifications. So I’m wondering why? Does gimmethegoodstuff only recommend products if they get commission or is there a problem with the green mattress?

    1. Anna Avatar

      I’m wondering this also.

  13. evangeline Avatar

    What about Birch living mattresses? My head spins with which company to go with!

    1. nicole.m.keller Avatar

      I did some digging and they have their certifications viewable on their website! (I wish all companies would follow suit!) They use wool to meet flammability standards and one of their virtual chat assistants confirmed there are no flame retardants added.

      I’m not great at research like this though so hopefully Maia or John will respond to confirm 🙂

      1. Suzanne Weaver-Goss Avatar
        Suzanne Weaver-Goss

        Hi Folks,
        Just to set things straight re: Birch… While they are better than many, Birch does not have the latex certifications we look for. They call it “natural” latex. The term “Natural” has no legal meaning. Plutonium, poison Ivy and sharks are each “natural”, but I suggest you don’t sleep on any of those! 🙂 We look for GOLS certification for any latex mattress.

  14. Nina Avatar

    This guide was useful for outlining potential non-toxic mattress brands to try out and further investigate—thank you!. However, not all are able to be tried out/tested in a show room setting (sadly), but the ones we were able to try out since we live near a major city were Naturepedic, Avocado, and Obasan.

    Avocado seemed too expensive for the somewhat sloppy craftsmanship, but were OK (~4k). Great pillows, though.

    Naturepedic is awesome, but the bed we felt was most comfortable was wildly expensive (~10k). More affordable was their all latex bed, Trilux (~4k), (I would take it over Avocado offerings any day) but alas it was too firm for me coming off an Essentia (memory foam) mattress, even with wool topper and soft layers.

    Obasan (~6k) proved to be the most comfortable (easy to move and customize) and still a bit cheaper than the best Naturepedic bed. However, Obasan is not well loved in this guide. Their website clearly displays their GOTS and GOLS certifications, made out to OBASAN. Unless I am misreading something, Obasan should at least be on Avocado level? Please take a look at these certifications and either explain why they are insufficient in greater detail (because to me it looks identical to Avocado GOLS certificate…), or re-evaluate assessment.

  15. Michelle Avatar

    When you refresh this list, check out Ivy Organics – they’ve been around for years but seem to be really changing the game of organic mattresses! I just ordered a King size all latex and am very impressed with commitment to organic. They even sent me the GOTS and GOLS certificates for their factory in LA where they make them. Would love to see what you uncover.

  16. Lyle Avatar

    What does the mattress topper do?

    A Mattress Topper is used to noticeably change a mattress’ feel and provide extra pressure relief. Toppers can also revitalize an old mattress or lengthen the life of a new one. A mattress pad can make a bed feel slightly more plush, but it won’t alter a mattress’ firmness level.

  17. Margaret Avatar

    Hi–Thank you for your time and amazing research! SO helpful.

    What are your thoughts on the Bear Mattress? Looking at the Pro. OH! It’s memory foam, not latex…so this won’t make your list.. even with all its certifications. Am I correct?

    And the Tuft & Needle (Mint) says it uses foam…so.. does this disqualify the mattress from your list?

  18. Mama bear Avatar
    Mama bear

    Love the info. I can’t afford any of these!!!!

  19. Lana Avatar

    Any thoughts on saatva’s hybrid late?

  20. Anastasia Avatar

    I’m curious about Bear Mattresses. I’ve seen a couple comments asking about them but I didn’t find any responses… We’re looking for a firm king size mattress and they have come up a couple times in our search within our price point and would love to take advantage of the current Memorial Day sale going on. Thank you for these guides and the information!

  21. Anne Towry Avatar

    Happsy and them right now. I am looking for the best option that is not over 2000. All of the

  22. Bk eri Avatar

    The by far BEST BED system I have come across so far is this from Swiss Dream Beds ( ). It an all natural bed system that is designed to relieve and prevent lower back pain. They don’t use synthetics or chemicals in their beds. Also the nice thing about them is that their beds come as a whole set. So all the wood, the flexible slat system, the organic talalay latex mattress and the sheep wool topper come included at a price that is really good. Check it out. I have been sleeping on this for almost 7 years, my bed is like new still and I have never woken up with back pain since.

  23. Stephanie L Avatar
    Stephanie L

    What are your thoughts on mattresses made by Latex for less? I would like to know since we recently purchased a mattress from there.

  24. what happened when i use cbd on my face for two weeks Avatar

    Hi everyone ! can anyone recommend where I can buy PlusCBD Oil CBD Softgels Green Blend Full Spectrum 10mg?

  25. Rebecca Avatar

    This list is very informative, but would be so much more useful with pricing information so I don’t have to click on every single link to figure out what I can afford. Or a “best bet under $100” or something like that.

  26. May Avatar

    Sleep On Latex says it is GOTS and GOLS certified but your website says they aren’t. I was thinking of buying one but now I am wondering if their certification is actually valid or if you just made a mistake?

    1. Amber Avatar

      Hi May, I believe the certification is new as of last year. I talked to the company and I did find a copy of all certifications somewhere. I just purchased a mattress for my daughter. I will keep you updated.


    2. Dan Avatar

      Thank you for this amazing guide. I saw Sleep on Latex mentioned several times in the comments. Did you ever decide if they qualify for good or best stuff? I know you were still determining your rating for them, and I see they are still listed under “okay stuff.”

      1. Dani Avatar

        I have a sleep on latex and other of my children do as well. They had no smell upon arrival. I’m also confused by the claim they don’t have GOTS and GOLS. I think the list just needs to be updated.

  27. Aly Avatar

    Id love to know your thoughts on the Endy mattress? Thanks!!

  28. Rachel Avatar

    Thoughts on My Green Mattress, specifically Kiwi? Thank you in advance!

    1. Jill Avatar

      Years ago it was under good stuff but I don’t see it anymore. I am
      Curious too as I want to buy another one for my other child.

      1. Virginia Suazo Avatar
        Virginia Suazo

        Same here, wondering why My Green Mattress fell off the list?

      2. Liudmila Avatar

        I actually purchased one for my son 3 years ago after reading this guide. I was surprised to find out it’s not on the list anymore , would be great to know the reason since I was about to purchase another one.

      3. Annie Avatar

        It is apparently still good stuff, but Maia had a weird/bad interaction with the owner and did not feel comfortable listing their brand. This was mentioned in one of her emails if you are on her email list and receive them.

    2. Emma Avatar

      Hi! I’m also curious about the “my green mattress” brand, and wondering if anyone has received a response to their inquiry here? I have two for my kids that I purchased in the past according to the lash guide and I’m looking to purchase another but don’t see it on the updated list.

      1. Bangla x Avatar

        You have the best searches online, with top-quality models providing you real bangla x. Stream these marvelous productions and make your day enjoyable

      2. Leah Avatar

        I also purchased from my green mattress brand in the past after seeing then on the good stuff and it was most affordable. But I don’t see it here anymore, but on the green mattress website they still have all the important certifications. So I’m wondering why? Does gimmethegoodstuff only recommend products if they get commission or is there a problem with the green mattress?

  29. neobest mattres Avatar

    Thank u for ur beautiful information about the mattress.

  30. Greg Avatar

    It appears Obasan does carry current GOTS and GOLS in their name… Maybe your page should now be updated for this?

    Honesty – Obasan US

    1. Simon Avatar

      Came here to also say this. Obasan has certificates in their name. So I wanted to know if you could recommend them?

  31. Eli Avatar

    I am wondering about Naturally Nestled. I haven’t seen them mentioned by they seem to have all the required certifications based on the criteria above and price points are reasonable. Any thoughts, Maia?

    1. Autumn Avatar

      I’m wondering the same thing …after months of research , I feel I’m no closer to a safe topper than I was before (outside of paying $800.00 or more for one). Thought I’d finally found a reputable topper and disappointed that it’s not on any of the lists here.

  32. Citrus Sleep Avatar

    This is a very informative list. I learned a lot about Non-Toxic Mattress.

  33. RJ WIlliams Avatar
    RJ WIlliams

    Hello, I really appreciate your mission to help us all sleep in a better healthier way! I currently have a 3 inch Organic 100% Dunlop Latex topper from Brooklyn Bedding but due to some arthritis I have started to get hip and shoulder pain at night and would like to try something other than latex for a Topper. I am consdering the wool/alpaca topper from Avocado but I am also considering Dormeo’s Octaspring foam Topper which claims to relieve pressure points. They only have US-CertiPur certification and they say this about their materials:

    “Foam Top Layer: The top layer of the Topper is our signature Recovery Foam™. This is a high quality, high-density, US-Certipur certified viscoelastic foam that is free from harmful chemicals, no off gassing or strong odors and perfect for gently cradling even the most sensitive areas of your body without that “sinking, stuck” feeling.

    Octaspring Technology Layer: We use US-Certipur certified polyurethane foam in two distinct densities to create a zoned layer of all-foam springs for proper spinal alignment, comfortable cradling and maximum breathability so that the topper does not retain heat and sleep hot. There is no latex in any of our foams.”

    I am wondering if you know any more about Dormeo and how safe their materials are? I would appreciate anything you can share with me.
    Thank you very much for your help.

  34. Meghan Iacino Avatar
    Meghan Iacino

    I’m looking for a full size mattress for my 5 year old to use and grow with. Does anyone have information on this brand. 5 Little Monkeys?

    1. Lindsey Avatar

      I am looking at this mattress as well. I’m wonder if this or Nod by Tuft and Needle (sold through Amazon) would be a better option.

  35. clic aqui Avatar

    Lo normal es que tenga entre 135 y 160 cm. Si no tenéis problemas de espacio en la habitación, incluso podéis plantearos la opción de una cama King size (200 cm x 200 cm). Estas camas son ideales para parejas que se mueven mucho durante la noche o si a tus hijos les gusta dormir contigo en la cama.

  36. Dai Software Avatar

    This was a very meaningful post, so informative and encouraging information, Thank you for this post.
    meal kit subscription service

  37. Amy Ulloa Avatar
    Amy Ulloa

    What is the status of My Green Mattress? It used to be on the list but is no longer mentioned at all on any of the lists above. are they still good stuff?

    1. Rachel Avatar

      Interested to hear as well. I ordered one after reading this list. Now I’m shopping for another mattress. Thank you!

  38. Nel Avatar

    Hello, thank you for this information!
    does anyone know if this matress is non toxic? thank you!

    1. johnlockegoss Avatar

      Marriott mattresses most definitely would not make our Best Stuff, Good Stuff, or even our OK Stuff list. From what I can gather, toxins are simply not on their radar. Their website does not address the issue. They are priced the same or well above fully certified nontoxic mattresses. Are considering buying one?

  39. Briana Avatar

    Thank you very much for this super helpful guide! I need two 30″ NARROW TWIN mattresses for my sons’ bunk bed, and I was wondering if you could suggest the best brand(s) that offers that size? I’m having a hard time finding non-toxic options. Thank you so much!

    1. johnlockegoss Avatar

      Several of the certified manufacturers can custom fabricate whatever size you need. I’ll be happy to help.

  40. Daphna Avatar

    What are your thoughts on Harvest Green Mattress? It’s GOTS, GOLS, Oeko-tex certified, and green guard certified?

    1. johnlockegoss Avatar

      Harvest Green is ok but certainly does not carry the top-shelf certifications we look for. For about the same price you can get a very similar mattress that has all the best certifications. I’ll be happy to help.

      1. Carlin Avatar

        I think harvest green is certified organic for all ingredients. What certification are they lacking that you look for? I have been looking at this mattress also because their basic model is a good price point.

  41. Valerie Avatar

    Thank you for creating a list of healthy mattress companies that have received 3rd party testing and qualifies as being a healthy mattress. I do notice that some of the certifications you mention to look for such as: oeko-tex, certi-PUR and green-guard gold are still not meeting the standards for certain mattress companies listed above. I feel this is a contradiction to what your telling consumers to look for. An example would be Brentwood home. On some of their products they list all 3 of these certifications yet you still classify them as not even okay stuff. Why is that? Tuft and Needle is certi-PUR, green-guard gold and
    intertek’s clean air certification. Please look over some of these companies you have listed and look over their certifications again, because some are meeting certifications you mention to look for in buying. Lastly, you mention that memory foam is not to be considered but then above its recommended under Plushbeds category for having similar certifications that the two brands I mentioned above have, yet they aren’t considered acceptable…..I don’t see a difference between them. If there is a difference please share what that is. I cannot use latex and am interested in purchasing a safe memory foam topper. I already have a wool topper but it’s not enough. Thanks again!!!

    1. Valerie Avatar

      I wanted to update this as I purchased the Brentwood Home memory foam topper and despite its certifications, it smelled very strongly of chemicals. I could not keep it or even fully unwrap it from the plastic, due to the chemical smell. Also I believe Tuft and Needle is owned by Serta Simmon and Bedding and unfortunately they plan on applying a chemical to their mattresses.

      So it makes sense now why you wouldn’t recommend these brands, it’s just soo hard to find a mattress without chemicals, flame retardants or other poor quality materials.

  42. Mira Avatar

    I would also like to hear your take on the various mattresses sold by The Futon Shop. Thanks much!!

  43. J Avatar

    Could you please elaborate? The Brentwood Cedar Natural seems to have been updated quite a bit. It does look like all they have all the certifications that you mention here and more. You can even verify it with GOLS etc:
    Their sister company Avocado’s Green mattress is also similar in terms of certification and materials. Their coil systems are different.

    Could you please describe why they are not in the Best category?
    You have updated Avocado info with the news that they have GOTS and GOLS, so is it still not in the BEST category?
    Both these companies have been very responsive and forthcoming with any questions that you may have. Brentwood was not on my list until I started looking into them. I’d appreciate any further insights . Thank you.

  44. Erin Stebbins Avatar
    Erin Stebbins

    Thanks for all the great research! Based on an earlier version of this guide I purchased a Metta Bed for my daughter. Was going to buy another of the same for my son who now is out of his crib but I don’t see it on here anymore, are they no longer good stuff?

  45. christina Brooks Avatar
    christina Brooks

    Just want to give a disclaimer to those looking at the EcoTerra brand… I purchased their mattress topper. The product photos display the topper has a cover. FIVE out of seven photos show a cover on the topper. The mattress topper DOES NOT come with a cover once you open the package. There is no option to add a cover or buy one anywhere on the site. It’s false advertising and even the language of the listing suggests how to care for the cover and the materials used on the cover.

    I emailed “customer service” only to be told they don’t sell the cover with the topper anymore and was directed to a separate company to purchase the cover (“latex for less”). Weird but thought maybe is was a sister company. When I went to it, ALL the photos of the separate company are identical, same listings, same site practically. It’s so sketchy. So my friend who was looking for purchase FIVE mattresses for her new beach house called the company to ask a few questions. They were rude, aggressive and ended up hanging up on her, pretended they had never even heard of “latex for ess” even though “Ken” from their customer service directed us to them in the first place. She went to another company to buy her mattresses (Saatva). It seems like the company outsources their “customer service” to another country, but the service is horrendous and I would return this topper if I could. Super sketched out and don’t even know that I received what i was TOLD the product is. I know there’s TONS of comments but hopefully it saves someone from getting duped. Be super careful with this brand, something sketchy is going on for sure.

  46. Aprile Avatar

    I am extremely sensitive to chemicals and wanted to share my experience with the OMI wave topper. The store where I purchased it ran it through an “air chamber”- a plastic bag with air forced over it, to remove the rubber smell. This did not work. It has been sitting in a room in my house with open windows and fans for 7 months and the rubber smell is still very strong. I told OMI about this and their response was the smell wasn’t toxic, many people say it is reminiscent of a light rose smell. When I repeated for me it was a rubber smell, they said to rub baking soda into it and vacuum it off to remove the smell. This did not work. I set the topper on a bed to complete the vacuuming process and the smell of rubber seeped into comforter on the bed. After I told them this, I haven’t heard anything else. They are in denial that their topper can smell very bad to some people. As a result, I am recycling a mattress topper that cost $800 because I cannot stand have the smell of the rubber in my home, much less sleep on it. If you have chemical sensitivities, I would recommend not buying OMI latex of any kind. I would also recommend buying from a place where you can return it if it is causing health issues for you.

  47. Jennifer Brodhead Avatar
    Jennifer Brodhead

    Hi, do you know anything about Zinus Green Tea mattresses? Would the activcharcoal do anything or is that just a gimmick?

  48. Eliza Avatar

    My head is spinning! Does anyone know if a Reviere mattress “sleep system” is toxic?
    Also my 5 month old is using a new brand named Bubble Bear that came from China.
    They both claim to be non toxic but I am now having serious doubts!

    1. johnlockegoss Avatar

      Revere would not make our Best Stuff or Good Stuff list.

  49. Mark Abrials Avatar

    This is a wonderful resource, and does a great job explaining what to look for in a mattress and what the certifications mean. I just wanted to note that you should consider adding MADE SAFE® to your list of non-toxic certifications, which we believe is the most stringent standard, screening against more than 6,500 known and even suspected toxins. And it applies to the whole product, rather than just a material, so it is less confusing for customers. As the CMO and a co-founder at Avocado, we have earned GOTS, GOLS, Greenguard and numerous other certification for organic, health and sustainability, all in our brand name, but MADE SAFE® is what we rely on most to validate non-toxic claims related to human and ecological health. I should note that Naturepedic and Happsy also have MADE SAFE®. When you update this article, it would be great to include it for your readers. Keep up the good work.

  50. Laura Griffith Avatar
    Laura Griffith

    Do you have an opinion on Flexus Comfort mattresses? I am also considering Happsy, but I am worried that the Happsy mattress may be too firm, and I can’t afford the topper. Flexus has two types of latex mattresses: one is GOLS certified %100 organic latex (more expensive) and the other is Oeko-Tex certified %100 natural latex mattresses. I like the fact that you can choose what firmness level you want. My very tight budget needs to keep it under $1800 for a king, so I am feeling a bit torn as to what to order. I have family that love the mattresses that they gotten from Flexus. Thanks for weighing in on how safe they might be.

    1. johnlockegoss Avatar

      Hi Laura,
      Flexus does not have the independent 3rd party certifications we look for in a mattress that would make our “Best Stuff” list.
      Take a look at the “Best Stuff” category in our Safe Mattress Guide to see options. I think that 1 or 2 of those options should have a King for $1800

  51. Emily Watson Avatar

    Is there any type of Water Cooler Type Mattresses? I want a guide & Reviews Thanks

    1. johnlockegoss Avatar

      I am unfamiliar with a “water cooler type mattress”. Can you post a link?


  52. Hanry Joj Avatar

    What about Safe & Rouged Mattresses?

    1. johnlockegoss Avatar

      Is that a brand of mattress?

  53. Tom Avatar

    I just noticed the same thing about mygreenmattress. I rely on your site for both reviews and product purchases. I bought a mattress from them recently, and would hate to think I made a mistake. I’m glad to know I didn’t make it up that it was here. Please help.

    1. johnlockegoss Avatar

      My Green does have the proper certifications so don’t worry about your purchase. They are going to be recategorized on our site because we are going to improve a couple aspects of our categories. Your mattress is fine, Do not worry! : )

      1. Danielle Soler Avatar
        Danielle Soler

        Oh no, recategorized as bad stuff? My mattress arrived smelling like a barn and had to air it out for a month. They told me it was from the wool…should I be concerned?

  54. Liz Avatar

    When visiting your website before you mentioned MyGreenMattress as being good stuff but when I came back the information was gone. Is MyGreenMattress not good stuff anymore?

    1. johnlockegoss Avatar

      see below

  55. Mika Avatar

    What about mygreenmatress?

    1. johnlockegoss Avatar

      see below

  56. Stephanie Avatar

    Hi Maia,

    I’m a huge fan of your website and spend so much time reading your posts. My husband and I finally decided to switch out our old mattress and go non-toxic. After reading your reviews and assessing our budget, we went with a king size and two twin size mattresses from my green mattress. We used your code and got a great discount, thank you so much! I was curious as to why they were removed from your product guide. I would hate to find out that they’ve lost certifications or something of that nature after I invested in them. Thank you in advance!

    – Stephanie

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      No, Stephanie, they didn’t lose any certifications. Unfortunately, we’d had an upsetting business interaction with them that’s made me question their integrity. But, we have no reason to believe their mattresses are toxic.

  57. Elise Cunningham Avatar
    Elise Cunningham

    what about Brentwood home?

    1. johnlockegoss Avatar

      Brentwood Home does not have the proper certifications to be included on our “Best Stuff” or “Good Stuff” categories.

      1. N Avatar

        Could you please mention which certifications are missing? Brentwood Cedar Natural has both GOLS and GOTS made out to them. This Brentwood mattress seems to have the exact same certifications that Avocado has (sister companies). They have been making many updates including removing hydrated silica and relying on wool for natural fire retardant properties.

        Could you please describe why Avocado is not in the Best category?
        You have updated Avocado info with the news that they have GOTS and GOLS, so is it still not in the BEST category?

  58. helloworld Avatar

    i thought this guide used to include LifeKind. Weird that it’s not on here – i thought their safety and certs were straightforward!

  59. Kiett Avatar

    *looks horrified at her $gazillion dollar Sleep Number bed!*

  60. Shan C Avatar
    Shan C

    Thank you! This is so helpful! Especially the update. Are you familiar with organix bed ( What are your thoughts about it? I’m not finding much information outside of that site. Thanks!

  61. Natalie Schrunk Avatar
    Natalie Schrunk

    Hello! I’m currently looking at the Awara mattress by Avacado. It looks pretty clean to me. Have you seen anything about this one that concerns you? I didn’t see it mentioned above….

    1. johnlockegoss Avatar

      I don’t think Awara and Avocado are the same manufacturer???

      1. Mark Abrials Avatar

        Awara is made by Resident, the brand that makes Nectar and Dreamcloud. Avocado is an entirely different company, made in Los Angeles.

  62. Tara Krenek Avatar
    Tara Krenek

    Do you know if there is a better mattress that would fit the Lotus Guava bassinet?

  63. Kristina Avatar

    Hello! I was interested in hearing more about the Saatva mattress. We bought it a few months ago and I just saw that it’s under the sneaky stuff on your site. Does it have toxic materials? We have a 180 day trial so I think I can still return it. Any help is appreciated!
    Thanks so much!

    1. johnlockegoss Avatar

      Saatva does not have the independent 3rd party certifications we need to see in order to classify them as “Best Stuff”.

  64. Valerie Walker Avatar
    Valerie Walker

    Have you dealt with Awara Sleep at all? Their mattress looks like it wouldn’t qualify for ‘The Best Stuff’ without the GOLS/GOTS certifications, but has a lot of other good advertised. Wondering if you happened to have any additional info? Thanks!

  65. Alyssa Pagels Avatar
    Alyssa Pagels

    I know you are probably swamped constantly with questions, especially with a subject as confusing as mattresses, however…

    Whenever you get around to it, I would love to know where you would place Harvest Green Mattress. I guess it’s a newer company (2018). It states it has a number of certifications but they are written to the overseas product supplier – which I know you said is worrisome.
    Would love to know if it you’d still consider it good stuff, okay? Better than conventional – which we have now.

    Thanks so much for the work that you all do!

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      Will add to our list to do a full review, but yes almost certainly better than conventional:) .But like you said, the oversees certifications are not as good as one that’s written directly to the manufacturer itself.

  66. timothy m deese Avatar
    timothy m deese

    Good Day … after seemingly days of mattress research – and despite yours and others’ skepticisms -we are considering buying Saatvas’ Classic mattress ( or maybe their healthier Latex Hybrid ?) … What do you think of these regarding toxicity issues ?? Thank You … Tim Deese

  67. Brooke Avatar

    I’m confused by the info on the Tuft & Needle mattresses. I am looking at the Mint, and the website says it is Greenguard Gold certified (under “certifications” here:
    This obviously contradicts the info you have above, so how do I verify if their claimed certifications are true?

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      Yes, they’ve updated their certifications. We are in the process of updating this page to reflect all the recent changes!

  68. Jenna Avatar

    Hi Maia! What do you suggest for a bassinet mattress? I’m not finding anything safe!

  69. Holly Avatar

    Love your site – you are my go to for non toxic info!
    We are looking at a tuft & needle mattress & I was surprised by the updated review in here saying they only have Certi-PUR as they have a few certifications – including GreenGuard Gold on their site. Just wondering if it’s a sneaky certification or if they have updated their certs. Thanks!

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      They’ve updated their certifications and we are updating this page accordingly:).

  70. Olivia Avatar

    Tuft and needle now has GREENGUARD gold, would that change its rating?
    Also, curious if you have researched chemical free mattresses?

  71. Greg Blank Avatar
    Greg Blank

    To save you trouble, I called Awara, and they are not certified with GOTS or GOLS, and instead use Certipure and Rain Forest Alliance certifications.

    1. johnlockegoss Avatar

      Correct. Awara does not have the certifications we look for.

    2. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      Thank you!!

  72. John Snow Avatar

    Very good info, however I think you should update it to include more info about fiberglass. I had to buy a mattresses for my kid when she outgrew her crib and I was surprised to learn that many memory foam mattresses have fiberglass in them! The fiberglass is in loose strands and only contained by the manufacturer’s slipcover and after it gets released it goes into hvac systems and people have had to get rid of their homes or have them gutted to get rid of all the fibers! What a nightmare… So to help people I put my research about it on my computer/electronics blog if you want to check out the post at and the site where I first learned about the dangers of fiberglass in mattresses is this one

    1. johnlockegoss Avatar

      We totally agree. Fiberglass in your mattress should definitely be avoided…as should any memory foam mattress.

  73. Greg Avatar

    Hi, thanks so much for this site! In rushing to move into a new place, I just made the mistake of buying an off-gasing mattress at MattressFirm… I didn’t think it was, but it wound up have an inch or 2 layer of foam etc. Now I may be stuck paying a huge restocking fee unless I perhaps exchange for their ONLY organic mattress they sell which is by Awara. But I don’t see Awara here in your list at all. How do they stack up?

  74. Evonne Avatar

    can you give me advice on a mattress company called


  75. Amanda Avatar

    Do you know anything about the bentwood home cedar luxe mattress?? It says it’s 100% organic gots. Would love any info you might have on it!

  76. Kathleen Avatar

    Debating between the My green mattress and white lotus for my toddler. I’ve read that steel core/springs make the mattress last 4x longer, but leaning towards the white lotus since they offer 6-8in height versus 9.25-9.5in from My green which I think will be too tall for my toddler’s montessori low bed. Would love your thoughts! Love your guide.

    1. Lightcap Avatar

      My green mattress also offers the Kiwi Bunk Bed Mattress in twin size which is 8 inches high.

  77. Amanda Avatar

    Hi! I went through the reviews and want to get an organic mattress but it seems like all of the best mattresses as far as materials go are firm. I am looking for a softer bed but they all seem to be firm. Any suggestions?

    1. Greg Blank Avatar
      Greg Blank

      Yes I would like to know this as well!

      1. Briana Foster Avatar
        Briana Foster

        Me too! Would love to know what the softest options are. We bought the Naturepedic EOS Classic with soft coils and soft latex, but it’s not as soft as our old (toxic) mattress that we threw away. Only have a few days to return the Naturepedic, and struggling to find a mattress that will be softer for side sleepers.

  78. Megan Avatar

    Is there any research on 5 little monkeys?

  79. meg Avatar

    Wow. THANK YOU FOR THIS INFO! I’ve been searching high and low and you’ve made it clear.

  80. Suzanne Weaver-Goss Avatar
    Suzanne Weaver-Goss

    Hi Naala,

    Thank you for letting us know. We will reach out to them and make sure that we update our site. Sorry that you had this experience with them.

  81. Brittany Avatar

    Hi , would love to hear your opinion on Brentwood Homes mattresses’. They have a new hybrid latex mattress I’ve been doing tons of research on.

    & I see Plush Beds on the best stuff, does this go for all of plus beds mattresses’? Some of them are not certified “organic”.

    Thank you!

    1. Amanda Avatar

      Interested in these as well!

  82. N Avatar

    I also noticed that In 2018, Avocado Mattress completed a merger with Brentwood Home.

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      Yes, this is part of the reason we are no longer recommending them.

  83. N Avatar


    Thank you for all your help and the work that you do.
    Have you looked into the Brentwood Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress?


  84. Teresa Avatar

    Have you researched anything about purple mattress? And if so where do they fall in the line of best to bad on your list of mattress options.

  85. Karen Avatar

    Silk & Snow – Cdn company shipping for free to Canada and the continental USA! They offer an organic mattress for extremely reasonable price. Can you look into this?

  86. Meghan Blake Avatar

    Any feedback on a box spring? I cannot find any that state they are toxin free or certified? Thank you!

  87. Angie Avatar

    Do you have recommendations for mattress protectors to protect these non-toxic mattresses?

  88. Tom S. Avatar
    Tom S.

    You mentioned that Simmons uses vinyl. Can you explain where and how much. i was considering a Beauty Rest but, vinyl concerns me.

  89. Debbie Avatar

    SleepOnLatex was listed on your OK list because you stated that they did not have GOLS certification. I checked today and they list their GOLS certification. If they check out, would they qualify as a safe option?

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      Yes, it looks like their certifications have been updated. We are reaching out to them now and will update our guide accordingly.

  90. R Avatar

    Hi, I was wondering if you had any input on the Juniper mattress (Brentwood homes)? We have mygreen mattresses for our kids but need to get a mattress for a trundle in their room which will be used very infrequently. Hence we’d like to spend less… Are there concerns with having a less than “best” mattress in their room even though they are not sleeping on it? Thank you!

    1. johnlockegoss Avatar

      Good question… Brentwood Homes has no mattresses that qualify as “Good Stuff”. They do not have the certifications we look for. Trundle mattresses are usually smaller and thinner than standard sizes. This often requires a custom build. Custom builds usually cost a bit more rather than less.
      Having said that, we work with a company that has good certifications that makes very nice wool toppers that make great trundle mattresses. We own two and I’ve always maintained that because they are so comfy they would suffice as a mattress! They might be the perfect thing and they will cost far less than a mattress. If you send me your dimensions I can get a price for you. Send to

  91. FH Avatar

    Your thoughts on Zinus brand mattresses.

    1. johnlockegoss Avatar

      Zinus makes memory foam mattresses…therefore there is no way they would make our “Best Stuff” or “Good Stuff” lists.

  92. Jess Avatar

    Hello I was hoping to get some input on Joybed mattresses
    Where on this list would you put them?
    Thank you 🙂

  93. Rachel Avatar

    Does anyone have recommendations for a natural mattress for a lightweight side sleeper? It looks like most of them are on the firmer side without a topper.

    1. johnlockegoss Avatar

      Hi Rachael, Generally speaking, most mattresses are relatively firm. This is certainly true of nontoxic latex mattresses. A topper is recommended for those who want a softer experience.

  94. Kimberly Avatar

    Love the updates and this whole article (from when I found it 3 years ago and was pleasantly surprised that many of the brands upgraded) – Thank you so much for this! I was surprised that the OMI brands – OrganicPedic, Lifekind, and Metta – weren’t on here – any opinions on those?

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      These were Good Stuff last time we checked, but we’ve had communications issues with this brand.

  95. Liz Avatar

    Unfortunately none of the mattresses in the Best and Good stuff categories will work for me and my husband. Brooklyn Mattress meets all my needs but I am wondering if there have been any updates since this was posted? Would you consider this company to be better than some of the other mainstream mattresses out there?

    Also, what are the thoughts on Sleep Number and what category they would fall into, particularly as compared to Brooklyn Mattress?

    Thank you in advance!

  96. Abigail Avatar

    What are your thoughts on Zinus mattresses? Thank you!

  97. Jessica Avatar

    Any thoughts on the Live and Sleep eco-friendly memory foam mattress? I haven’t heard much about this company but came across the site after trying to find a super affordable mattress for my sons college apartment. Any suggestions?

  98. Amber Avatar

    Forgive me if you’ve already answered this question, but do you have any thoughts about The Futon Shop? Specifically, I am looking at this product:
    And thanks for everything you do! I appreciate the care and effort you all have put into procuring this information and making it available to the rest of us.

  99. Michael Fradelizio Avatar
    Michael Fradelizio

    My wife and I use a split king adjustable bed. We are in the market for new mattresses. Does anyone know of a healthy option?

  100. Eggy Avatar

    Can you give an evaluation of the puffy lux mattress?

  101. Peggy Avatar

    How do you feel about the Uffy Lux matters
    Can you review it?

  102. Sabine Avatar

    Any opinion on Lifekind and OMI? I have a Lifekind “The Duet” mattress and it is very comfortable. I think it would fall under “the best stuff” but curious on your thoughts. Thanks!

  103. CuriousintheNW Avatar

    Hi there-I am curious about the SleeponLatex brand. I see you have it rated and reference that they do not use “the most dangerous flame retardants.” From what I can tell from their website they are using wool and nothing else as a flame retardant (their wool is supposed to be GOTS certified) Also, their latex foam is purportedly made without any fillers or synthetic latex and is certified by Oeko-Tex and ecoInstitut. This company appears to meet all of your standards but you still have them rated as “OK” I am curious if you could share with me some more information that I can use to delineate why this product is not on the good stuff list because their certifications are all in their name and their product appears to meet your standards. Thanks!

    1. Karl Shevick Avatar


      We have gone back and forth over your statements about our company several times in the past. I remain confused and disappointed by the misinformation that you continually put out about our company. Time and time again, commenters on this page have pointed out that your statements about us are either false or contridictory.

      The fact is that we have every single certification that you currently recommend (and more). Below is a list of our certifications (all of these certifications cover our complete mattresses):

      GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) – License #OT-034423 – Issued Directly to Sleep On Latex

      GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) – Certification #C868773GOLS-02.2020 – Issued Directly to Sleep On Latex

      Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 – Certification #15.HUS.60646 – Issued Directly to Sleep On Latex

      Greenguard Gold by UL – Certification #80101-410 – Issued Directly to Sleep On Latex

      Karl Shevick
      Founder & CEO
      Sleep On Latex

      1. johnlockegoss Avatar

        I will take a look and make any appropriate changes.

      2. Maia James Avatar
        Maia James

        Wanted to update you here Karl–We are seeing that your mattress now indeed has all the certifications written directly in your name. This is great–we will update our guide:)

      3. Maia James Avatar
        Maia James

        Karl-I am going to remove the prior comments where we say that Sleep on Latex does not have the proper certifications in order to avoid confusing our readers.

    2. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      They appear to have updated their certifications and are now at least Good Stuff, possibly even Best Stuff (we are reaching out to them now to sort out where they belong in our updated guide!).

  104. steve Avatar

    I am drawn to Saatva because of the organic cotton cover and the fact they are known to give off no odors and I have MCS. They have very little foam in them.
    I am leery of latex due to the smell

    1. John Avatar

      Saatva does not have the independent 3rd party certifications we look for. Not all latex has an odor.

      1. Tara Avatar

        John, could you please let me know *which* safe latex DOESN’T have the typical natural latex odor? As someone who is sensitive, I dislike the natural latex smell of pillows and mattresses, even if they are certified, etc. If there does in fact exist a natural latex product that has no odor, please let me know. I would be very interested to look into it. Thank you so much.

  105. Emily Avatar

    How do you feel about the awara mattress? I am thinking about getting it.

    1. John Avatar

      Unfortunately Awara does not have the 3rd party certifications we look for.

  106. April Ciervo Avatar
    April Ciervo

    Has anyone found a good thin mattress? I need one that’s only 6″-7″ inches for the top bunks in our room (for safety). Most of these certified ones are more than 8. I’d love some help! If I have to resort to the Modway Avenline one from Amazon with CertiPUR-US Certified Foam, would you get an organic topper to create a layer between mattress and the kids?

    1. John Avatar

      Take a look at these. There are 2 versions. Only 4 inches thick. We sleep on the latex one!

  107. Cassy Avatar

    How do you feel about Latex for Less? They seem to have some good certifications.

  108. Brittny Avatar

    Have you reviewed the Montana futon company called Small Wonders? Would they make it on your Best Stuff list?

    Thanks for your time and all you do

  109. Cinthya Avatar

    You used to have Lifekind mattresses on here (I bought one after reading about it here), but it’s no longer on the list. How come?

  110. Vanessa Avatar

    We’ve been being more health and eco conscious with our purchases. So when it was time to buy a new mattress, we referred to your mattress guide since the choices can be overwhelming. We first bought from EcoTerra. Before buying, I reached out to customer service to make sure we were getting a good fit for our needs. I ordered what was recommended thinking a medium mattress would be somewhere in between soft and firm. It was not. The mattress was thin, super soft, and we rolled off the edge of we got to close. We spent 3 nights on that mattress before bringing our old one back into our room. Each night I slept on it I was in more physical pain: headaches, back ache, neck pain. Any part of my body that touched the mattress was in pain. When I called customer service to discuss my experience, they were rude and said “what did you expect, you ordered a medium mattress and you got soft.” The return policy is 90 days from purchase, but if you return it before 30 days there is a charge. I tried reaching out to a manager thinking that perhaps I just got someone on a bad day, everyone was rude. The manager I spoke to didn’t answer any of my questions, just kept repeating the policy and said there is an adjustment period for any Mattress. When I asked if pain was part of the adjustment, she said yes. When our 30 days was up, I called again and got the same manager. When I said I wanted to return the mattress she kept offering me everything but the opportunity to return it and got short when I kept repeating that I wanted to return the mattress. The mattress was picked up by a 3rd party company. They said they’ve been collecting lots of these mattresses and that everyone has the same complaints about it being an awful mattress that causes pain. Unfortunately there is no place to file a complaint and the website only posts positive reviews.
    I hope you consider removing them from the list
    We went back to the list and went with a plush bed. The customer service is great, the bed is so comfortable and well made and mattress purchases comes with free stuff. We were super happy with our overall experience and purchase from plush beds

  111. Stephanie Avatar

    What about Birch mattresses? I don’t see this listed. Thanks so much!

  112. Lauren Avatar

    Hi! I have a Brentwood Home mattress right now, I do not see this company anywhere on your list. I’m sure it’s “sneaky” which is upsetting because I tried so hard trying to find a nontoxic mattress since my room is right next to my son’s. I’m about to get rid of it after only a year and a half. I emailed them about the strong odor after it arrived. They assured me it was nontoxic and gave a list. I should have listened to my gut I’m sure. Out of your top/best list, which is the most comfortable? I have back issues and the one I have now is making them worse. I laid on my friends nectar and almost thought about getting one (suuuuper comfy), but I was sad to see it isn’t a good one toxic wise. I read where you guys use a topper.. is that because it’s not very comfortable? I don’t want to spend 3k+ on a mattress and it not be comfortable.


  113. Yvette Melton Avatar
    Yvette Melton

    Thank you for the post. Although I cannot prove it I believe I started having issues with my mattress purchase 2 years ago. I have been sleeping on the couch and am ready to find a healthy sleeping environment. I would have pulled the plug on PlushBeds but I did not like the terms of their trial period. It doesn’t make sense to gift a mattress protector that you can’t use because if you use the required 30 days and want to return it has to returned new in package. Also, if returned which I doubt would happen I would have to find a way to box it. I will take a serious look at your other much appreciated suggestions. Thank you again.

  114. Bea Avatar

    Anyone have info on the Ecocloud mattress by Winkbeds?

  115. Sarah Duke Avatar
    Sarah Duke

    Oh, I was going to buy Layla because of this review Thank God I found your site. Going to order Plush Beds one. I will write feedback after I got it!

  116. Mel Avatar

    What do you think about the Zinus Green Tea 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress? A relative just gave us one they’re not using anymore, it’s about 3 years old, barely used. It looks like the mattress is polyurethane foam, which I’m a little nervous about. It has the CertiPur certificate, which I see means little. I’m a little concerned about the glass fiber in the mattress cover (I think this acts as a fire sock). I didn’t think to look into what the mattress was made of until we accepted it and already gave away our old one. We have a baby and preschooler and they both end up in our bed a lot of the time. I have a naturepedic crib mattress for the baby. I’m wondering if it would be okay for us to sleep on this Zinus mattress for a few years or if this is something I really need to look at replacing much sooner.

    1. Bea Avatar

      Google fiberglass coming out of these beds, that is what turned me off from buying one.

  117. GracieGra Avatar

    Have you done any research on 5 little monkeys sleep system? I’m SAHM with 3.5 and 5.5 year old about to purchase twin/full mattresses for their new bunk bed. HELP! I’m going nuts.

  118. Hansani Avatar

    Tuft & Needle’s website mentions that they are GREENGUARD Gold certified. What are your thoughts?

  119. Clau Avatar


    I have a question about boric acid. When a mattress is treated with boric acid and you cover it with a non toxic mattress protector, will you protect yourself from inhaling this boric acid? I look forward to your response as I was not able to find any information on the net about it. Thanks for putting together this information, and thanks for your sharing your research!

  120. Wanda Avatar

    Hello Maia-
    I so appreciated all your “research” & info re the good & bad in mattresses. Thank you! Following close to 2 weeks of my researching any info I could find online, including yours, I was very close to placing an order. I actually had a Queen sized mattress in the “Shopping Cart” on Plushbeds site. At that point, I was quite exhausted & something kept “nagging” at me, keeping me from hitting the “checkout” key. Then, off of their site, I googled “reviews” on them. Up came Consumer Affairs site, with many astounding reviews, sharing what so many customers had gone through over the past few years. Very stressful, almost “horror” stories! I’m not well, but struggle with chronic pain and need to keep my stress at a minimum. After reading all those “honest” reviews, I quickly deleted my selection and got off the PlushBeds site. Before that, when I kept going back over their various Certifications, I noticed they seemed to be under different names, but had PushBeds stamped across them. I was so excited that this company was offering a “SALE” but quickly learned (just checked it again myself on their site), the use a ton of false advertising. It’s not really a sale; all they do is keep changing the date! Also, so many reviewers revealed that the “Free” sheets, pillows & cover came without legitimate tags on them. These customers went through so much stress & turmoil with this company! They found the same pillows, etc., for sale on Amazon (made in China) for a much lesser price. PLUS, you cannot even open the “Free” items because then you cannot return them. You HAVE to keep the Mattress for at least 30 days, return fees are involved, etc., etc.
    Please tell me, would YOU want to take the chance of going through all this by placing an order with this company?
    I just want & need a truly “healthy” mattress (cannot afford thousands of dollars), now I’m starting over with all the research, etc. I’m just not sure where to turn at this point.
    Thank you very much for reading this long message. I was so impressed with your writing and wanted to get your thoughts on all this.
    Thank you again, and please stay safe during this very difficult time in our Country!

  121. Grace Avatar

    Curious your thoughts on Brentwood homes juniper mattress?

  122. tony Avatar

    what do you think about “Brentwood” They have a mattress called “Cedar” that seems to be fairly certified. GOLS GOTS greenguard gold, etc.

  123. Megan Avatar

    Hello- I’ve been looking at PranaSleep – which has an organic line using 100% natural latex and organic cotton. I have asked for their certifications and cannot find any on their website. Do you have certification info for this company? Thank you!!

  124. Michelle Davidson Avatar
    Michelle Davidson

    I am looking at a Joybed right now as we are searching for a new bed. The price is similar to My Green Mattress, but it is coil spring with wool and cotton. Have you seen this brand?

  125. Gwen Avatar


    I live in Canada, so it’s nearly impossible to get these mattresses. Either I have to pay exorbitant duty and don’t get the option to test it. Or I have to pay the duty, test it and the lose the 100’s I spent on the duty.

    SO… I’m trying to find a mattress that ships from WITHIN Canada. Do you know anything about Silk & Snow, or Haven mattresses? I see they don’t have all the certifications, but I’m not sure why. I know Essentia is on the list (and they ship within), but they charge you to return it if you don’t like it. Which is just poor service in my opinion.

    Thanks for making this list!

    1. Tamara Avatar

      Hi Gwen,

      Have you looked at Obasan? Their organic mattresses are made in Canada. I have one and couldn’t be happier with it.

  126. mary Avatar

    Just looking, 3/2020. Anything new since this article? TYSM

  127. Kate Avatar

    But which is most comfortable?

  128. Caitlin Avatar

    Thanks for the post. I wanted to share that I have an Avocado pillow. While it is a great texture (both the inside and the material of the cover), it gets really hot to sleep with. I’m so glad I didn’t purchase a mattress. I’d love to know more on these safe materials that are also not overheating. I realize that’s not the focus of the site but I think it’s worth mentioning.

  129. Monica Avatar

    Have you hear of the sleep EZ mattresses?

    1. Marmaduke Avatar

      I would like to see a comment on this from the Maia as well, since I am considering SleepEz and would like her take.

      I am a little skeptical of SleepEz at this point–their sales associates really seem as if they don’t understand the products. For example: Three weeks ago, I called the company to ask from where they sourced their latex. I mentioned that I currently have a Savvy Rest, and have been happy with it, but am looking for a new mattress for my bedroom, and the SavvyRest will go into the guest room. The gentleman on the line immediately said, “We source our latex from the exact same company that Savvy Rest does, so if you like your Savvy Rest, you’ll like our mattress.”

      I called Savvy Rest, and discovered that they source their latex from Radium Foam from the Netherlands. The Savvy Rest rep told me they used to get their latex from Latex International ,but that company had horrible distribution issues and filed for bankruptcy.

      I then returned to SleepEz’s website and read: “We source our latex from the top 4 global latex suppliers who we have worked with for decades. Our close relationships mean we get the best latex at the best price, and pass along the savings to you.”

      Huh? Four suppliers? Why four? Who are they? I thought SleepEx sources from the same folks as SavvyRest–which only uses ONE supplier.

      I emailed the company to find out.

      This time, the gentleman who responded told me they source their latex from both Radium and Talalay Global. When I asked how I would know which source my latex came from, should I order a bed, he said, “Well, right now we’re out of Radium, so you would get a Latex International mattress.” I asked about Latex International going bankrupt, and he quoted a website called the “Mattress Underground” that indicates Latex International is now Talalay Global. (Why would he need to quote an external website? Shouldn’t HE know that info?)

      A few days later I had other questions, so I emailed SleepEz to ask about the composition of the their talalay. (Talalay isn’t organic, and in their process, they need to add some other element such as clay.) I asked, “What is the percentage breakdown of your blended talalay? In other words, what percentage is natural latex and what percentage is fillers? His response: “Their (Talalay Global’s) ration of man-made rubber to natural rubber is 30% natural rubber and 70% man-made rubber. The finished product ends up consisting of 98% rubber, with the remaining 2% of ingredients being things like natural fatty acids, natural soaps, and natural reinforcing agents needed for manufacturing.”

      Their products have multiple certifications, which you can read here:

      Although their customer service seems to be exceptional, I am still just a little uneasy about the company. Maybe it’s nothing, but the whole confusion over their suppliers left me hesitant. No one ever did tell me who all four suppliers are–only two.

  130. Nancy Avatar

    Do you know anything about the Prana organic mattresses?

  131. Jill Avatar

    There are so few companies that make “mini crib” mattresses. Naturepedic discontinued their “portable crib pad” version. I’ve seen Bundleof Dreams pop up in my search, but can’t tell whether they are just another “sneaky stuff” brand. Any insights?

  132. Rebeka Avatar

    Hi! Wondering if you ever heard of the Chiromatic mattress.

  133. Chris Avatar

    Excellent post

    May I add for those that live in the Southern Hemisphere, there are stores like
    Blessed Earth

    Which make chemical-free mattress that essentially use only two materials- cotton and steel. You need to care differently for these matress as they need to breathe more, and even avoid contact with a bedbasr that has such wood as treated pine, but it is well worth the investment , it’s trasnformed my life.

  134. Barry A. Cik Avatar

    Naturepedic makes several certified organic mattress options with no latex (and, of course, no foam). These meet the most stringent standards for being free of toxins, VOCs, flame retardants, etc.

  135. Patricia M DiRenzo Avatar
    Patricia M DiRenzo

    I am looking for a foam/latex free no voc mattress. So far the only one I have found is Joybed. Does anyone have any experience with this mattress? Comments about it’s toxicity level? Other alternative brands? Thanks!

  136. Marina Avatar

    What do you think of Shepherd’s Dream wool mattresses/futons

  137. Karina Avatar

    Hi! What are your thoughts on Brentwood home mattresses? My husband bought the mattress about a month ago and we can still smell the “off-gassing.” I haven’t been able to sleep on the mattress and feel the smell has taken over the bedroom. We’ve tried everything from baking soda to leaving the fan and widow opened. Because I’m pregnant, I’m scared of the off gassing and chemicals. According to reviews etc…Brentwood home is non toxic. The smell however is intolerable. It’s been over a month and the smell is still there. Please help! Thank you!

  138. Monica Franget Avatar
    Monica Franget

    Hi. I bought a adjustable bed and I was going to get a Casper memory foam mattress but reading your reviews I am not sure what to buy anymore…I know it cannot be a regular mattress it has to be able to move flexible with the different bed positions please what ca I buy the it would be safe and will work with my adjustable bed? Thank you so much.

  139. Natasha Avatar

    Hello- what are your thoughts on the Purple mattress?

  140. Susan Avatar

    Hello, appreciate all of your research here! Wondering about Bear mattresses?

    Thank you!

    1. olga Avatar

      Hi, Thank you so much for a great research! I’m struggling to find the plushest option possible as my mattress is super firm. I really like the feel of memory foam and wondering if any of the “green” companies stating there is no offgasing or VOCs are actually true?

      Also, what are your thoughts about featherbeds ( in terms of toxicity?

      which option would you recommend?

  141. KB Avatar

    Very important and concerning information. Saatca materials is listed under “sneaky” does the matters have PBDEs? Its our matters where we let the kids sleep with us on weekends.

    1. KB Avatar

      typo above should read Saatva

      1. Jennifer Larson Avatar
        Jennifer Larson

        What’s your view on waterproof covers for mattresses? We have a new soaring heart bed with a flannel cover and our dog peed in our bed yesterday. It leaked thru the flannel protector and onto our wool topper… not sure what to do here. Thanks for all of your helpful insight!

    2. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      No this mattress does not have PBDEs.

  142. Kait Avatar

    You are my go to for all natural and organics in my house! I was wondering if you are doing a mattress PROTECTOR guide or in your own person experience have you found a good option?
    Thanks so much!

  143. Alexandra Avatar

    I have to disagree with you on Tuft+Needle. It says on their site: Our Mint and Original T&N mattress fire barriers are made of a woven fabric blend that passes burn tests WITHOUT adding chemical flame retardants.

    Also–you failed to mention they hold GreenGuard as well. We’ve had this mattress for 2 years, and it’s been great. It’s a great option for families on a budget.

  144. Marcia Avatar

    We have 2 Lifekind mattress and several more pillows and bedding. We love their products. Their owner wrote a book about Toxic Bedrooms called “Sleep Safe in a Toxic World” Book by Walter Bader, President/CEO of Lifekind. I love their products and believe they are the tops of organic natural pure bedding products. Mattresses can be different amounts of hardness or softness. We have toppers from them as well as comforters. Thank you for your great assessment and guide to safe mattresses. NamastĂ©.

    1. Bee Avatar

      Hi! I was wondering if you knew anything about Happsy mattresses? Thanks!

      1. Barry A. Cik Avatar

        Happsy makes the most certified organic mattresses. Certifications include GOTS, GOLS, MADE SAFE, Zero Toxics Product Registry, GREENGUARD GOLD, UL Formaldehyde Free, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and Rainforest Alliance. Happsy is recommended and advocates along with 1% For The Planet, Green America, Women’s Voices For The Earth, American Sustainable Business Council, and Sustainable Furnishings Council (Gold), Happsy Certified Organic Mattresses use certified organic cotton fabric, certified organic cotton batting, certified organic wool, certified organic latex, and encased coils. Happsy products do not contain polyurethane foam, flame retardants, formaldehyde, pesticides, GMOs, glues/adhesives, etc.

      2. Maia James Avatar
        Maia James

        Best STuff:) See above for coupon codes.

  145. Brian Avatar

    What about Purple? They say right on their website:

    “How can you know which mattresses are really organic and eco-friendly? Look for these organic and low-environmental impact certifications: the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), CertiPUR US, GreenGuard, and the OEKO-TEX Standard 100.”

    But then they only state that they use Certipur foam. The do say their flame barrier is GreenGuard Gold certified.

  146. Yogitha Avatar

    Just wanted to drop a note to say that John was amazing in helping me sort through my mattress dilemma. I appreciate the time you put in to educate and help others. He asked me to write him an email about the choice I made but I dont have an email so please tell him that Yogi from San Diego ended up purchasing the ‘Pure Echo” GOTS certified cotton and coil from my green mattress since it was their ‘firmest’. Once we receive it, I can will see if a 1 inch dunlop topper is needed. Thank you once again!!!

  147. Alyssa Avatar

    Hi! what are your thoughts on the Happsy brand organic mattresses?

  148. Kate Avatar

    It did for me just now (11.30.2019). It is for the standard size only.

  149. Jenna Avatar

    I’m confused about your recommendation of My Green Mattress in your best list. When I look at the certifications on their website, IF they even appear, they are outdated and/or for Sri Lanka. None of the certifications are for My Green Mattress themselves. I’d love to take advantage of holiday savings, but am so confused by this recommendation and hesitant to proceed. Could you please elaborate or explain why? I see your note about them recently being certified in their own name – so is this article outdated or possibly incorrect or is the manufacturer website incorrect? Thank you!

    1. Nicole Sawyers Avatar
      Nicole Sawyers

      Exactly… but I see no answers here to ANY questions.

  150. Karla Avatar

    Do you have any reviews on the Saatva mattress classic line

  151. Maria Avatar

    What about Serta matresses? I am assuming they are under “the bad”? I am buying a new mattress now and am getting stressed out because I have the awareness level yet not the funds to get one of “the best” ones ?

  152. Talia Laird Avatar
    Talia Laird

    Any thoughts on the Awara mattress?

    1. Lotem Avatar

      I would also like to know

  153. Janice Huey Avatar
    Janice Huey

    I really appreciate your work on doing this research. I have been looking at mattresses and toppers and have run across OMI and Royal Pedic – but don’t see them mentioned in your writings. I really like the Soaring Heart company, and they connected me to a dealer for OMI for a topper.

    I would appreciate if you have any feedback.

  154. Isabella Avatar

    Have you researched the Happsi mattress company?

  155. Micah McLellan Avatar
    Micah McLellan

    Thanks for this awesome review! I know you can’t write about every single brand/company but I’m wondering if you have any thoughts on the Purple mattress? I see a LOT of marketing these days on it! I know their certification comes from CertiPUR-US­® (which is one of the sneaky ones) but still wondered if you had additional thoughts?


  156. Sarah Crawley Avatar
    Sarah Crawley

    Any reviews on the Obasan mattresses?

  157. Sanj Avatar

    AVACADO publicly claims to have GOTS and GOLS certification – they have responded with that assertion in emails when I inquired about their websites ,on their websites and in instagram posts.

    After reading your post, I am wondering if we need to call the organization that provides GOLS certification.

  158. Brian Avatar

    Also curious about Brentwood Home mattresses, in large part because of their affordable price points.

  159. Cindy Avatar

    Flormeldahyde I ment to say

  160. Cindy Avatar

    I’m allergic to rubber which I believe is latex and I’m also allergic to lower Mills at Hyde so which mattress would you suggest?

    1. Cindy Avatar

      Oops flormeldahyde

  161. Toni Avatar

    What about the Endy mattress?

  162. Lina Avatar

    What are your thoughts on Brentwood Home mattresses?

    I bought their Juniper twin mattress a few years ago. Now I need to buy another twin, and wondering if I should purchase from there again. It was much less expensive than a lot of other “green” brands.

  163. SW Avatar

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the wonderful guide, it’s really been useful in shopping for a number of new mattresses, for our whole family.

    Perhaps at the time of writing, it was different, but isn’t the Metta Bed mattress GOLS certified via their parent company OMI?

    I’m looking at the GOLS and GOT certifications area at the bottom of the page at:
    GOLS Registration No.: 82430

    If so, would that move it from The Good Stuff to The Best Stuff category?

  164. John Snow Avatar

    I was recently shopping for a memory foam mattress and got concerned when I saw reviews on Amazon about fiberglass all over peoples’ homes.

    So I did what any normal person does and I contacted 24 memory foam and latex mattress providers on Amazon and asked them these questions: Do any of your memory foam mattresses contain fiberglass, modacrylic, or silica in the covers or any other part of the mattress? What countries are your memory foam mattresses made in? ?

    Then I compiled the answers into an Excel spreedsheet to help me make a decision. After it was all said and done I decided to share my findings so I published the Excel spreedsheet in table form on my non-mattress/fiberglass related website just in case it could help others. I also included snippets of the replies I received. Here’s the link if anyone is interested:

  165. Gerry Fuller Avatar
    Gerry Fuller

    with multiple sensitivities and arthritis and fibro, a soft mattress with yielding support is necessary for me to get any sleep. I have spent too much on various mattresses with terrible results. I am sending a new Saatva plush mattress back, as it is hard and already showing sinking where I sleep. No smell, but the lift that I also bought and cannot return smelled awful for weeks.
    I have used a thick organic cotton futon on top of mattresses as a solution, but the benefits of softness and yielding to pressure points is lost, Suggestions needed, as I am sleeping on an older guest room mattress that is soft and comfortable, but the latex in it turns my skin red.

  166. Debbie Reinders Hall Avatar

    Thank you Maia and John for so much interesting information in one place!

    We live and work in South Africa. Our business is importing mattresses from Switzerland that are European Ecolabel certified.
    There is so much educating that needs to be done about what lies beneath the covering of mattresses. We will share this with our clients and friends.

  167. Alan Deepth Avatar

    I have checked this article, based on my research it’s something missing on this list , which I found in some websites like this one. as well as You should add this missing products. Also, Thank you for making good article…

  168. Natalie Avatar

    Anyone use PlushBeds? I hate it and the only thing making me ok with it, was that it is non toxic…or so I thought. I saw their certifications, but could you elaborate on your thoughts on the “foam manufacturer in Sri Lanka, not to PlusBeds directly.” Do you think this means the product they send out isn’t certified?

    1. Joy Avatar

      We’ve had a Botanical Bliss Plush bed for a month and are very unhappy with it. It still smells like a tire shop and sleeps extremely hot. Nothing like advertised. We’re going to return if we can get their customer service to respond.

      1. johnlockegoss Avatar

        Hi Joy, John here… The world of “natural” mattresses can be a scary place. Many manufacturers rely on consumer ignorance and confusion. I will be happy to help you find a truly nontoxic mattress.

        1. Joy Avatar

          Haven’t heard back from you after sending an email. We are trying to find a replacement bed so that we can return the Botanical Bliss Plush Bed which is still off gassing and sleeps like a furnace.
          Can you recommend something else we can try? We had a Tempurpedic prior to the BB which was comfortable, but did off gas a lot originally and had developed dips. I don’t like the uncomfortable edge where the BB zips as it leaves a depression on my knee when sleeping on the edge. Also, we like a smooth surface without any depressions and a bed where you sleep on top and not in a rut. Any ideas for us? We are sleep deprived and desperately want to find another bed.
          Thank you for your help.

  169. Debbie Avatar

    Thank you for all the great information.

    It’s so fantastic that you for all your information and educating customers. Dishonest marketing and misinformation makes it really difficult for the average consumer.

    I represent Elite Beds and Sleepwell which are both Swiss brands and certified chemical free with European Eco label and other certifications.

  170. Parkes Avatar

    Thanks for this post. There seems to be updates on Zenhaven’s website as well — certified organic cotton, 100% natural latex and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Another review ( says the organic cotton is GOTS certified. I’m surprised by this list, but doing research to confirm.

  171. Beatriz Avatar

    I was looking at the avocado website and I see they have the global organic standard logos in their page. Did they get certified after this publication?

    1. Lina Avatar

      What are your thoughts on Brentwood Home mattresses?

      I bought their Juniper twin mattress a few years ago. Now I need to buy another twin, and wondering if I should purchase from there again. It was much less expensive than a lot of other “green” brands.

  172. Danielle Avatar

    Tuft and Needle claims to “hold the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification on the entire T&N mattress, including the fire barrier.” Not just the CertiPUR.

  173. Leanne Avatar

    Hi there,

    Great post. I appreciate your overview and in-depth research. Have you hear of Obasan? It is a Canadian Compant, based out of Ottawa. I was just curious if you had any thoughts on their mattresses?


    1. Regina Avatar

      I’m also curious about Obasan mattresses, specifically the crib mattress. Please let us know if there are any concerns or if it would be considered “good stuff,” thank you!

  174. Kristen Linscott Avatar
    Kristen Linscott

    Wow! Thank you so much for this awesome breakdown! I am currently looking into buying an Avocado Green Mattress and it looks like as of 2019, they do now have the GOTS Certification written for their US based production facility? Does this mean that maybe it should belong in the “Best” category now? I want to make sure I’m understanding the certification right.

    1. Lauren Avatar

      Hi Kristen- did you end up buying a mattress from Avocado? I am interested in their Green Mattress, but am unsure because of Maia’s review above. Thanks!

      1. Lulu Avatar

        I bought an Avocado mattress as well as the pillows and am very happy with them. Very minor smell when I took the plastic wrap off but that went away quickly, especially since I keep green plants in my bedroom which absorb VOC’s. No smell and quite comfortable.

        1. Beatriz Avatar

          I was looking at the avocado website and I see they have the global organic standard logos in their page. Maybe the got the certification after this publication…

  175. Alicia Almaguer Avatar
    Alicia Almaguer

    Do you have any info on the new AWARA mattress? I’d really like to know as I was consider purchasing one of these for the price point and what it claims to offer?

  176. mzwart821 Avatar

    Was also wondering your thoughts on the Purple mattress. They advertise as being non-toxic and safest mattress. Wondering if that’s true. Thanks!

  177. Jade Avatar

    Hey! Have you looked into the purple mattress at all? If so, what is your opinion on their products?

  178. mell Avatar

    Hi there…thanks for this guide. I found it a bit late… I ordered and received a couple weeks ago the brooklyn aurora. I’m surprised it’s on your okay list because it STINKS!!!!

    I aired it out for about 2 weeks and while it’s no longer offensive when I enter the room it still smells. Maybe the remaining smell isn’t off gassing and is just mattress smell but it scares me! What are your thoughts on this? Anything different than what you have written here (since it was written last March)?

    Thank you!!!

  179. mell Avatar