Updated Bubble Bath/Baby Wash & Soap Guide

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Summertime means no more skipping nightly baths here and there for my boys--they are covered in sand, playground grime, and sunscreen by midday. When your skin hits warm water, pores open and the ingredients in your bubble bath or body wash are more readily absorbed. Since kids will often hang in a bubble bath for an hour, it's important to choose only products with no chemicals of concern. Our updated Safe Baby Soap/Bubble Bath Guide has you covered. In this version, we've added even more options for the Good Stuff (including a beef bar for Paleo enthusiasts and a bubble bath that is

Kids Eating Greens and the Soldiers of Spring

Asparagus from Gimme the Good Stuff

I love seeing the fresh green asparagus this time of year sprouting out of the ground. To me, the spears look like little soldiers popping up to fight off winter, as if to say, “Come enjoy, spring is finally here!” Especially after this winter on the east coast! I can eat asparagus every day this time of year. Asparagus is Kid Friendly! My favorite way to get kids to eat vegetables is to really engage them in getting to know the food. If you can, take them to a field where asparagus grows in early spring  and see what they notice or what connections they make. I thought of soldiers this

Introducing Paleo Skincare!

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I don't eat red meat, so it's weird for me to be writing a post about beef fat in your skincare products. I've actually never even really tried red meat as a food, being grossed out by it even as a child. However, my personal and professional mission is to find the safest, purest, most nontoxic products (and the ones that have the least environmental impact), so I have gotten over the ick factor and now exclusively use beef tallow to clean my skin and laundry. Here's How it Happened... My dad, John Goss, is always researching and reading and trying new lifestyles and hobbies. Over the

The Problem with Frozen Waffles & an Easy Sprouted Waffle Recipe


Children seem to move through “food kicks." They'll eat a particular food for a while and then a week later they suddenly stop liking it. Or sometimes they’ll hone in on a particular food and will eat only that. My grandsons Felix and Theo both go through stages where they want only waffles for breakfast, and their parents have tried to keep the healthiest frozen variety on hand for busy mornings. What's Wrong With Frozen Waffles? Unfortunately, even the organic varieties for frozen waffles (by Van's, Nature's Path, Earth's Best, etc.) aren't really The Good Stuff, because they all

Mother’s Day Giveaway: Win a one-month subscription to Supplet!

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One lucky reader is going to get a bonus Mother's Day Gift: a one month subscription from Supplet.com! What is Supplet? Supplet is a monthly gift box service for pregnant women and new moms. The Supplet monthly gift boxes are filled with premium, healthy products that pamper expecting moms and moms--Good Stuff only!. Supplet curates each box according to where the customer is in her stage of pregnancy or mommyhood. What will be in the winning box? Supplet will send the winner a box that is custom curated for her, based on where she is in her stage of pregnancy or mommyhood. We do

Updated Safe Sunscreen Guide!


It is finally spring in Brooklyn, and we've all got sunscreen on the brain. At Gimme the Good Stuff, we've been working to update our Safe Sunscreen Guide, and I've just finished it today! The updated sunscreen guide discusses my feelings on sunscreen versus sun exposure in general, why "mineral" sunscreens aren't necessarily safe, and the worst chemical sunscreen ingredients (which are often found even in "natural" brands). The guide also identifies: five new Good Stuff-approved brands; two more Bad Stuff brands; another four Sneaky Stuff brands. Honest Company, Seventh

Spring Baking with Children & Theo’s Classic Oatmeal Cookie Recipe


One of my favorite parts of being a grandmother is baking with my grandsons. Children love to cook, and I love to see their faces when they can share the food that they have made with others---and especially when that food is cookies! Even better is when the cookies are nutritious. (I can never cook anything without making sure that it is healthful in some way.) My grandson, Theo, loves to bake cookies and then pass them around on an attractive plate or serving tray and watch people’s expressions as they chew, smile, and complement him on his baking skills! And while all cookies should be

SeaWorld Doesn’t Need Shamu (and I Could Cut Back on a Few Things, Too)


Here at Gimme the Good Stuff, we like to think that by helping parents fill their homes with safe, natural, nontoxic products, we are helping to preserve the planet, too. After all, what's better for your body is usually better for the planet (although there are weird exceptions to this--like recycled toilet paper, which contains BPA). Still, we always feel we should devote more blog posts to eco-conscious topics. In honor of Earth Day, we asked guest blogger Alison Relyea to share her experience at SeaWorld--which led her to make some environmentally-minded lifestyle changes. On a

What Does “Organic” Skincare Mean? And Other Questions I Recently Answered

Written by Maia, President

I was recently interviewed by the natural beauty company Biconi as part of their Expert Interview program. Click here to read the interview, where I answer questions about why I started Gimme the Good Stuff, what sunscreens are safest, why kids are more affected by environmental toxins, and more.

Green Goo Heals Sore, Raw Noses from Spring Colds

Sierra Sage 100% Natural Green Goo

Sorry for the lack of new blog posts this and last week! Our family business has been suffering from a multi-generational cold from hell. It started with our shipping manager's grandson, and quickly spread to my mom, then onto my children and then me. From there, I infected nearly everyone I came into contact with--it was no joke of a virus and Wolfie's nose is STILL running two weeks into it! Anyway, one upside to the misery was that I discovered yet another use for one of my all time favorite natural products--Sierra Sage Green Goo. This stuff is what we use for every boo-boo (I swear