Zucchini Oatmeal Chip Cookies with Sprouted Flour

Zucchini Oatmeal Cookies

My CSA delivered another boatload of zucchini this week, so I had to come up with a way to get my kids to eat them. Here’s what did the trick, and it included no white sugar and some sprouted flour to boot! This recipe will make a bunch of cookies (50ish). I took half the batter, wrapped it in nontoxic wax paper, and put it in the freezer. Then, any day we want cookies, I just slice some rounds off the log of dough and pop them in the oven. You could also cut this recipe in half and still have plenty of cookies. Ingredients: • 1 cup butter, softened • 1.5 cups coconut palm sugar • 2

Review of Holle Lebenswert Infant Formula

holle-lebeswert from Gimme the Good Stuff

First, read my affiliate disclosure. As a breastfeed-until-they're-in-braces type, I never thought I would spend so much time writing about formula! (Here's our Safe Formula Guide, here's where I review Honest Company Formula, here's where I take two European formulas head to head, and here is where I vetted an online retailer of European formulas.) But I try to research the topics and products that you're most worried about, and I hear you loud and clear: formula is number one! So here is more information that I hope will help those of you looking for the healthiest infant formula on the

Zucchini Galore & Recipe for Zucchini Hot Pepper Hummus

Paleo hot pepper hummus from Gimme the Good Stuff

If you live on the East Coast and you’re a gardener, shop at your local farmer’s market, or belong to a CSA, you’re probably up to your ears in zucchini right about now. I love zucchini; it’s such a versatile vegetable. My husband loves to make it into pasta with a spiralizer, sautée with a little garlic and top with fresh tomato sauce and basil. I love making zucchini-crusted pizza, zucchini crab cakes (without crab!), and zucchini bread. (Please share your favorite zucchini recipes in the comments below!) I’ve been on a Paleo kick, and so I recently tried a Paleo-friendly hot pepper

Good Stuff About the Paleo Diet

Paleo diet friendly shish kabobs

In the 40-plus years that I have been studying and experimenting with diets and dietary recommendations, I have come to believe that no diet or rigid set of recommendations is sustainable or even appropriate for everyone. Humans have complex biological systems that constantly change over time. In my health coaching practice, I help clients listen to their bodies, experiment, and take the best from each dietary theory. Sometimes we need a therapeutic diet to heal, sometimes we need to figure out a maintenance diet, and other times we can experiment and play with the possibilities of a

Wolfie Turns 2: Good Stuff Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

Wolfie turns 2!

If you’ve been following this blog for a few years, you’ve heard about a lot of birthdays for my boys, and have been given recipes for several healthy cakes! (Here’s one made with sprouted flour and a cream cheese lemon icing and here is a Paleo coconut carrot cake). Last week, Wolfie turned two while my husband was in Stockholm for work, and after being a single mom all week, my motivation to make a birthday cake was nil. I also had a good excuse to skip the baking: Wolfie doesn’t really like cake. He does, however, love ice cream, especially strawberry. We kept it simple for his

Give Peas a Chance for Kids

Peas from Gimme the Good Stuff

This time of year is a great time to get kids to eat veggies, since there is so much in season! One of my favorite summer veggies for kids are peas--there are various types, and kids seem to especially like them raw. One of my grandsons, Theo, has an aversion to any food that is green these days, but I recently gave him raw sugar snap peas and he ate them! His parents couldn’t believe it. Here are some tips on buying, storing, and eating peas: 1. It's best to eat any type of peas the day you buy them since the sugars start to turn to starch the minute they’re picked. 2. If you

Are Cheddar Bunnies Healthier Than Goldfish?

Annie's Bunnies or Pepperidge Farm's Goldfish?

Ironically, the proliferation of "healthy" baby and kid snacks seems to have made it more difficult to keep my children on a clean diet. Perhaps without the convenience of all the organic, natural, trans-fat free packaged foods, I would be more likely to offer my kids homemade snacks that are actually nutritious (such as this or this). Instead, I often find myself smugly selecting organic gummy fruit snacks from the shelf at Whole Foods (while silently congratulating myself for giving them something free of artificial colors and flavors!). Cheddar Bunnies: The Goldfish of This Generation The

Raspberry & Coconut Cream Mini Tarts

Black Raspberries from Gimme the Good Stuff

Seasonally Delicious: Raspberry & Coconut Cream Mini Tarts If you’re a regular reader, you know I’m obsessed with eating seasonally and locally whenever possible. Right now, raspberries are coming into season on the East Coast so naturally I’ve been eating tons of them—in parfaits, on top of sprouted waffles, and in a variety of healthful desserts. Below is my favorite recipe for raspberry and coconut mini tarts. My last blog post was about the wisdom of eating like a toddler, so I encourage you to enjoy this treat without counting calories or worrying about fats. Enjoy! Mini

Eating Like a Two-Year-Old


I recently was talking to one of my health coaching clients about how kids eat. This client was lamenting the fact that her toddler, who used to love sweet potatoes, now refuses to eat them. I thought, “What a smart little girl!” There are many reasons the child might suddenly refuse sweet potatoes one day, especially after eating them this winter: 1. Fruits and vegetables always taste better when they are local and seasonal. Watch your toddler eat a strawberry that has been shipped across the country compared to one that has been picked locally and in season—her reaction will tell the

Chicken Pot Pie with Sprouted Flour—and a Vegan Variation

Chicken Pot Pie with Sprouted Flour

My son and his wife just added another grandson to our family (bringing the total to 4, with nary a girl in sight!). I wanted to cook something for their little family the day they brought baby Lincoln home, so I looked for something comforting and filling that I could easily transport and that would last in the fridge a few days. I opted for the homemade chicken pot pie made with sprouted flour from Mommypotamus (I will post it below). This recipe was everything I hoped for, and my son’s family loved it! Sprouted flour is my favorite, and since I discovered it, I almost never use