Spring Baking with Children & Theo’s Classic Oatmeal Cookie Recipe


One of my favorite parts of being a grandmother is baking with my grandsons. Children love to cook, and I love to see their faces when they can share the food that they have made with others---and especially when that food is cookies! Even better is when the cookies are nutritious. (I can never cook anything without making sure that it is healthful in some way.) My grandson, Theo, loves to bake cookies and then pass them around on an attractive plate or serving tray and watch people’s expressions as they chew, smile, and complement him on his baking skills! And while all cookies should be

SeaWorld Doesn’t Need Shamu (and I Could Cut Back on a Few Things, Too)


Here at Gimme the Good Stuff, we like to think that by helping parents fill their homes with safe, natural, nontoxic products, we are helping to preserve the planet, too. After all, what's better for your body is usually better for the planet (although there are weird exceptions to this--like recycled toilet paper, which contains BPA). Still, we always feel we should devote more blog posts to eco-conscious topics. In honor of Earth Day, we asked guest blogger Alison Relyea to share her experience at SeaWorld--which led her to make some environmentally-minded lifestyle changes. On a

What Does “Organic” Skincare Mean? And Other Questions I Recently Answered

Written by Maia, President

I was recently interviewed by the natural beauty company Biconi as part of their Expert Interview program. Click here to read the interview, where I answer questions about why I started Gimme the Good Stuff, what sunscreens are safest, why kids are more affected by environmental toxins, and more.

Green Goo Heals Sore, Raw Noses from Spring Colds

Sierra Sage 100% Natural Green Goo

Sorry for the lack of new blog posts this and last week! Our family business has been suffering from a multi-generational cold from hell. It started with our shipping manager's grandson, and quickly spread to my mom, then onto my children and then me. From there, I infected nearly everyone I came into contact with--it was no joke of a virus and Wolfie's nose is STILL running two weeks into it! Anyway, one upside to the misery was that I discovered yet another use for one of my all time favorite natural products--Sierra Sage Green Goo. This stuff is what we use for every boo-boo (I swear

Updated Safe Sippy Cup Guide–Plastic Free!

Pura Kiki 11 Ounce Sippy Natural from Gimme the Good Stuff

When I first wrote our Safe Sippy Cup Guide back in 2010, most cups made of safe materials--namely, glass and stainless steel--still came with a plastic spout, straw, or mouthpiece. Things have changed for the better since then, so the Guide was in need of a refresh! In our brand new Safe Sippy Cup Guide, you'll find: Even stricter standards for what qualifies as The Good Stuff, in light of recent awareness about the dangers of all plastics, including BPA-free varieties. Several popular brands that have been demoted to Sneaky Stuff (or just Okay Stuff). Five new Bad Stuff

Updated Nipple Cream Guide & a Lanolin Horror Story

Sierra Sage Nursing Comfort Cream from Gimme the Good Stuff

My big project for the next few weeks is going through all our Safe Product Guides and updating each one with additional information I have learned since their original publication, plus of course adding new products that have entered the market (or changed their formulas) and are Good, Bad, or Sneaky. A recent email I received from a reader (pasted below) prompted me to start with the Safe Nipple Cream Guide. In addition to a reminder that lanolin creams should be avoided, the new Safe Nipple Cream Guide features a couple more products that I've rooted out as The Sneaky

Scary Stuff: Oxybenzone

aveeno baby sunscreen

In this installment of Scary Stuff, guest blogger Rebecca Stern shines a spotlight on a chemical called oxybenzone, examines why it's scary, and provides easy tips on how to avoid it. What is Oxybenzone? Oxybenzone is a chemical that is able to absorb ultraviolet (UV) light. It is the active ingredient in many sunscreens, and is also added to cosmetics to prevent degradation from UV exposure. Why Oxybenzone Is Dangerous Oxybenzone toxicity has been cited in studies published over the last several years, and one of the chief threats to human health posed by this compound is its potential

Our Safe Sofa Guide Is Here at Last!


Thanks for your patience, you guys! We've finally wrapped up our research process, and I am happy to recommend four furniture companies that manufacture The Good Stuff! Maybe you didn't know that most upholstered furniture is teeming with noxious chemicals, but as always, I am here like a ray of sunshine--ready list some diseases that your favorite sofa can cause. What fun! In all seriousness, there is actually some very good news about the worst chemicals in sofas. I'm talking, of course, about flame retardants, which new legislation has rendered unnecessary. Unfortunately, we haven't

Honest Company’s Infant Formula Review

The Honest Company Premium Formula

As soon as Honest Company’s infant formula hit the market, we were flooded with emails asking, “Is this the Good Stuff?” After putting the Honest formula through our research and review process, our answer is…sort of. Essentially, Honest’s formula is the same as the rest of the Jessica Alba product line: definitely well-intentioned, definitely better than most conventional stuff, not quite Sneaky Stuff, but not quite Good Stuff. When it comes to this formula, here’s what we discovered: The Good It’s mostly milk. I like that Honest’s formula’s first ingredient is actual organic milk.

Grain-Free Chocolate Chunk Nut Butter Brownies

Grain-Free Chocolate Chunk Nut Butter Brownies

Just because Valentine's Day is over doesn't mean an end to Chocolate Month (aka February). These brownies, from the My New Roots cookbook, are so rich and yummy, and they don't contain gluten or grains of any kind. Warning: Don’t eat too many before bed or they might keep you up at night! This recipe makes 20 brownies.       Grain and Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk Nut Butter Brownies Ingredients: 2 large organic eggs 2 tsp vanilla extract 1 cup unsalted nut butter ( I used Almond) ¾ cup coconut sugar 2 tsp baking soda ¼ tsp fine grain sea