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Updated: 03/03/2024

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Non-Toxic Area Rug Guide

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1. Lorena Canals / 2. Hook & Loom / 3. Earth Weave / 4. Peace Industry / 5. Rawganique

Written by Maia James

You may already know that rugs can bring a lot of unwanted toxins into your home. Even if you don’t have pets or little kids who are face-down in your rugs regularly, the toxins in rugs can migrate into household dust and be inhaled by everyone who lives there. Worse, the international rug industry is notorious for its use of child labor

Don’t despair (and/or hate me for being the messenger of bad news!). There are some safe and beautiful non-toxic rugs out there. We’ve done the research to help you find safe and even organic rugs, free from both child labor and harmful chemicals.  

(If you’re looking for non-toxic wall-to-wall carpeting, we wrote about that here, and you can shop our top pick here). 

What’s Toxic About Most Rugs?

The variety of sketchy materials and chemicals that go into most rugs and related products is actually kind of crazy, and includes: 

  • Synthetic primary materials, which are full of harmful chemicals 
  • “Natural” materials laden with pesticides and other agricultural chemicals 
  • Hidden materials, like synthetic latex, which contains endocrine-disrupting phthalates 
  • Toxic dyes and other harsh, dyeing-related chemicals 
  • Glues and adhesives containing formaldehyde and other offgassing chemicals 
  • Toxic pesticides and fungicides 
  • Flame retardant chemicals 
  • PAFs, which are chemicals found in stain and water-repellant rugs 

Is Ruggable Toxic?

One confusing factor in rug shopping is that not all synthetic materials are toxic (even if they tend to be less Earth friendly). For instance, Ruggable rugs are untreated and should not off-gas in your home, despite being synthetic. They are made from polyester, polyurethane, and unspecified types of plastic.

Ruggable rugs do not make our best list, but they aren’t particularly toxic. Although they aren’t likely to off-gas, the rugs have been given a Prop 65 warning for containing methylene chloride. 

In Praise of Wool

As you consider what type of rug to buy, I want to give a special shout-out to wool rugs. Wool might be the best natural material for rugs. Here are a few reasons: 

  1. Wool holds heat while also being breathable. Wool floor covering can reduce the heat transfer between floor and air space by a factor of 50% compared to other floor coverings. 
  2. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture from the air without feeling damp. A wool rug functions as a natural air conditioner. It absorbs moisture in periods of high humidity and releases it when conditions are dry. 
  3. Wool is the most fire-safe textile material used in interior refinishing. Wool is difficult to ignite and forms an insulating char when it burns. Wool also emits far less smoke and toxic gasses than those formed during the combustion of synthetic fibers. 
  4. Wool is a great acoustic insulator. Sound waves penetrate deep into the pile, rather than being reflected back in the room multiple times as they would with hard floors.

Our favorite wool rugs are these. Note: Wool is notoriously hard to dye. Companies like Earth Weave have created innovative ways of coloring wool without the worrisome chemicals.

How to Find Non-Toxic Rugs

Fortunately, there are a handful of truly non-toxic and eco-friendly rug options out there. When you have the option, choose natural fibers (silk, wool, jute, hemp, cotton). In most cases, these are the least toxic rug materials. Your choice will be a rug that’s both safer for you and less harmful to the planet.

Rating rugs is tricky! For instance, synthetic rugs aren’t always “bad”. Nylon, viscose, and polypropylene aren’t toxic, but they are almost always treated with fire retardants that ARE toxic. That’s why you should steer clear of synthetics and avoid polypropylene rugs.

Rugs and carpets can be made exclusively or primarily from natural and safe materials, while still being gorgeous and durable. Also, thanks to greater awareness about child labor, you can buy from several brands that don’t support bad practices.

For truly non-toxic and ethical rugs, look for the following certifications: 

We’ve made it easier for you by compiling a list of our absolute favorite non-toxic, organic, and/or eco-friendly rugs. What follows are the best of the best for ethically made and non-toxic rugs. 

Good Stuff: Where to Find Safe Rugs

Earth Weave

Earth Weave makes area rugs out of their ultra-natural wool carpet material, bound in a variety of sizes.

We sell these in our online store, and have them in our own homes, too.

(We also cover shipping for these rugs, making them more affordable than anywhere else online that we’ve found.)


ecoFiber Custom Rugs is based in Colorado and sources its rugs from Nepal. The company emphasizes natural, safe materials, sustainable practices, and no child labor. To purchase from ecoFiber, you must go through a design professional.

Hook & Loom

Hook & Loom rugs are both safe and affordable. Rugs are made from undyed natural wool or from recycled cotton fabric. You can choose from a variety of colors, patterns, sizes, and thicknesses.

Last year, Hook & Loom launched an organic line for an even safer, more eco-friendly option.

None of Hook & Loom’s rugs are made with toxins, dyes, or latex.  Rugs ship for free in minimal packaging.

Hook & Loom is based in Massachusetts, and the rugs are made in carefully selected workshops in India that do not employ child labor.

Lorena Canals

Lorena Canals offers my favorite non-toxic rugs for kids, though many of their designs are sophisticated enough to use elsewhere in your home; I have this one in my own bedroom.

These rugs are made entirely from naturally-dyed cotton or wool. They’re machine washable (score for parents!), and are hand-sewn in India in facilities that do not employ child labor.

The variety of colors, shapes, and designs is really fun. It seems like the company is always debuting new styles, which you can now find in our online store.


Merida has revived a corner of the American textile industry by producing its made-to-order rugs in a traditional mill town in Massachusetts. They make very high-quality, customizable rugs using a variety of natural materials (like wool, mohair, jute, and sisal). To purchase from Merida, you must go through a design professional.

Organic Weave

Organic Weave rugs are the only area rugs on the market to earn GOTs certification. All rugs are handmade in India by skilled women artisans. Organic Weave sells everything from shag rugs to rugs for kids to yoga mats to organic wall-to-wall carpets. Use code GIMMEGOOD at checkout for 5% off your order. 

Peace Industry

Peace Industry rugs are made of 100% wool with toxin-free dyes and have no backing at all. Instead, they are double-sided, which means they are basically reversible and extend the life of the rug. The bad news is that these shipped from Sweden, and the costs reflect that reality!


Rawganique makes 100% organic wool and hemp mix rugs. These non-toxic rugs contain no rubber and are completely untreated with pesticides. The hemp is not dyed and the wool is dyed with eco-friendly pigments.

Non-Toxic Rug Pads & Grippers

Many people strongly recommend that you use rug pads and/or grippers to prevent slipping, increase cushioning, prolong the life of the floor covering, and protect the floor underneath. Unfortunately, most of these products are at least as toxic as conventional rugs and carpets themselves. 

Thankfully, Earth Weave sells natural rug grippers made from 100% natural latex. They also offer natural rug pads made from a combination of wool and plant fiber. These pads include no glues, dyes, flame retardant chemicals, or moth-proofing chemicals. 

Please comment below with brands you’ve found that make natural, non-toxic rugs! 

Stay sane,

Maia, Founder & CEO

Read more about our choices for the safest products for your family here

Note: This article contains affiliate links or sponsored content, which means that if you make a purchase, we may earn a commission. We only recommend products that meet our strict standards for non-toxicity and that we use (or want to use!) ourselves. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that make Good Stuff! 

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  1. Heather Avatar

    What is your best wool carpet brand recommendation?

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    very clear and good article easy to understand. Thank you

  3. Parker Avatar

    I am wanting to get a Ruggable rug only because it is going to be on carpet and the pad underneath help keeps the rug from buckling. They say they are non toxic even though they are synthetic but they do have a prop 65. Would you put one of these rugs in your home?

  4. Brie Avatar

    How do you feel about recycled Polyester rugs like at Burrow?

    1. Ashley Avatar

      Hi, do you have a suggested list for outdoor rugs?

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    Are the Ruggable pads non-toxic? Their website says you must use their pads, which they say are synthetic thermoplastic rubber, similar to a yoga mat.

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      Oye, okay that is a problem. I would avoid synthetic rubber.

      1. Sam Avatar

        Hey, did Lorena Canals change recently bc their rugs all say 3% other fibers and some people I’ve heard are getting rugs that say 30% other fibers when they receive them?

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    what are you thoughst on ikea rugs? the non-wool ones (the 100% polypropene ones)?

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      I would love to know about IKEA rugs as well…very curious, especially since we have many of them in our apartment! Thank you 🙂

  7. Nicole E Bahena Avatar
    Nicole E Bahena

    Just want to plug Hook and Loom rugs! The most excellent and responsive customer service, and the rug was soooooo soft for my littles at home. Totally recommend!

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      so glad to hear that you had a good experience!

  8. Brittany Heppe Avatar
    Brittany Heppe

    Hello, I ordered a rug from Lorena canals that comes with a gripper, but I believe the gripper is made of pvc. How toxic is that and do I need to contact the company to determine if the rug pad is treated with anything?

  9. Sara Cohen Avatar
    Sara Cohen

    Hi! I am trying to understand why all wool rugs are not non-toxic. What makes a wool rug toxic vs. non-toxic? Thanks!

  10. Valerie Avatar

    Hi, I would like to know if anyone else has has a problem with Hook & Loom? I’ve purchased 4 rugs from them and every single one smelled like mold. I even set them out to air out for weeks and still I can’t have them in my house. I’m so disappointed because I have multiple sensitivities and wax so hoping these would work. I purchased the cotton ones. Again I’m on a search for rugs ugh

    1. Lewis Avatar

      I just received a cotton rug from hook and look and was immediately overwhelmed by the mildew/mold smell. Sending it back. Shame. Thought my search was over.

  11. Amanda Coleman Avatar
    Amanda Coleman

    Hi! This was so helpful, thank you so much. One question– is there anything to look out for with regard to cotton backings? I am confirming there is no latex or glue in the back but wondering if I should ask anything else. Thank you so much!

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      Nope, if it’s a cotton backing that is fine:)

  12. Leslie Avatar

    Thank you so much for this helpful article – I ended up choosing Hook & Loom and couldn’t be happier!! As someone with debilitating chemical sensitivities, I searched high and low for a rug that would truly fit my needs (after learning that most “natural” rugs are sprayed with chemicals). I got the thick wool flat weave and couldn’t believe when I unrolled it… not only was it gorgeous, but it literally smelled like NOTHING. The gripper pad had a slight natural rubber odor as expected, but it didn’t bother me (and vanished when covered by the rug). I am truly floored, and so so grateful to have found this company that offers such high quality at a price point that was at least within reach for me! Just incredible.

  13. Martha Avatar

    Thoughts on Ruggable?

    1. Megan Avatar

      I’d love some thoughts on this as well as I’ve heard some mixed opinions.

    2. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      They are synthetic, but untreated with other chemicals, so not a bad option, actually.

  14. Roy Ovelock Avatar

    Nontoxic rugs are very important to you and youre family. especially your children if you have.
    Id rather use nontoxic, organic.

  15. Tara Avatar

    What is the name/website for Linda’s rug company that you said you now recommend??

  16. Ali Avatar

    How can I find out how safe Company C wool rugs are?

  17. Pat Avatar

    I am looking for rug grippers for use under rugs on Luxury Vinyl Plank in the kitchen and bathrooms

  18. Victoria Pawlak Avatar
    Victoria Pawlak

    Hi would a nylon Oeko-Tex rug be considered safe? Thanks.

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      Yes, the Oeko-Tex certification is a good one.

  19. Amy Avatar

    Thanks for this post! Are you familiar with UV stabilizers? I know some polypropylene rugs are treated with Hals 770 UV Stabilizer to resist sun fading. I’m betting they’re bad news, but since you didn’t mention them, I wonder. . .

  20. Mike Fish Avatar

    Hate to be frank here, but none of these are affordable. A family of four on a family-of-four budget with both parents making modest income still find the prices on all of these vendors ridiculous. Yes, I think we all would love a non-toxic area rug that won’t give my kids cancer. Ywt, $2000 or $1000 is just way too much. Wish you had some affordable suggestions on this list.

    1. Lynnsey E Shaughnessy (Eakin) Avatar
      Lynnsey E Shaughnessy (Eakin)


  21. Lindsay Avatar

    Hi! Thank you for posting this. Any thoughts on the Whitfield rugs?

  22. Lil Avatar

    I’m also interested in a nontoxic doormat! Any suggestions?

  23. shannel Avatar

    Claire are the rugs still shedding?


  24. Sarah Avatar

    Hi, I ordered a cotton rug, but am wondering what can be done if it’s covered in pesticides or other chemicals? I confirmed there is no glue involved so it is supposed to be formaldehyde-free. Does it just need to be shampooed? Dropped off at dry-cleaner? It’s an 8×10 so it won’t fit in the washing machine…Thanks so much for any advice!

  25. Whit Selke Avatar

    Hi. I have not heard back from you since we bought you the vacuum you requested. I believe it does have a beater bar (revolving cylinder with rows of stiff brushes) which can be raised so it doesn’t contact the rugs and dislodge fibers. Please contact me if you would like more help. Thank you

  26. Amanda Avatar

    Would a polypropylene rug that is oeko-Tex certified be considered safe?

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      Yes, that would be acceptable in my opinion. Thanks!

  27. Ashley Prisco Avatar
    Ashley Prisco

    Can you recommend a nontoxic doormat?

  28. Ashley Avatar

    What about West Elm rugs? How about NuLoom?

    1. Amanda Avatar

      My understanding is that only some of the rugs from both of those companies are oaky….. I’m still confused by it though!

  29. Nick Avatar

    Found a sweet collection of contemporary rugs. You should definitely check it out

  30. juanita Avatar

    Nice blog, I really appreciate it. It is nice to décor area with rugs. A rug can make your house perfect and decorative. I am also choosing rugs from, they have a nice collection you must check it out.

  31. mallory Avatar

    Are the pads from the good stuff?

  32. Alia Avatar

    Did you purchase their wool or cotton rugs?

    1. Suzanne Weaver-Goss Avatar
      Suzanne Weaver-Goss

      Do you mean did we personally buy any of these rugs? I have personally bought the cotton Lorena Canal rugs because you can throw them in the laundry which I love. I also have an Earth Weave wool rug.

  33. tetiana Avatar

    Organic Weave rugs from Linda, has horrible customer service..

    When I asked questions she said she will not sale rug to me!!!

    1. Linda Alexanian Avatar

      Thanks for the feedback Tetiana.
      You sent us 27 emails in 3 days, all of which we answered within hours.

  34. John Avatar

    Thank you! Thank you! I will def. no shop at Hook and Loom.

    1. jen Avatar

      I would like to offer the other side for hook and loom. We purchased a cotton loom woven rug from them 4 years ago for a room shared by two of our kids (one of whom has severe asthma and chemical sensitivities). It has held up to years of abuse and very frequent vacuuming with a beater bar and is in fantastic shape. No odor or chemical issues either, from day one!
      We will always look to them first for cotton rugs!

  35. C Avatar

    Hi there – I have the same problem. I purchased the wool ones, is that what you have? Was hoping it would stop shedding after a period of time….

    1. shannel Avatar

      C is your wool rug still shedding?

  36. Alice Avatar

    What about 100% jute rugs? Like the ones from RugsUSA.

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      Yes I would consider those fine.

  37. Meggie Avatar

    I was very interested in Hook& Loom and sent some questions to them. The first response was thorough but when I asked for more detail, was basically told that perhaps I would be happier purchasing elsewhere. I can promise my questions were fair and clear, based on health and safety, and I was a bit surprised to basically be told to go somewhere else … which I will!

    1. Suzanne Weaver-Goss Avatar
      Suzanne Weaver-Goss

      Wow! That’s amazing and can tell us a lot about their health and safety standards. Good for you for asking the questions. As consumers the more we ask the more businesses will respond and the safer our products become. Thanks!

  38. Maia James Avatar
    Maia James

    sorry to hear about this frustrating experience!

  39. Emma Fisher Avatar
  40. Mel Avatar

    I strongly recommend against supporting Hook and Loom. I have one of their rugs and I *HAD* their non-skid rug pad. The rug is fine, but then I went on their website regarding the non-skid rug pad and it states “Not 100% green, as the thin mesh fabric inside is made from virgin polyester, and not chemical free, as an FDA approved chemical to retard flame is added, but we feel it is currently the best on the market.” As soon as I found out that the non-skid rug pad had flame retardants (which I feel is completely unnecessary), I had to throw out the rug pad.

    According to RugPadUSA, this rubber pad for putting under rugs to prevent slipping does not have flame retardants added:
    Although their customer service was a little offputting because I called twice with different times, and during the second call, the man acted like it was weird that I was calling again with more questions.

    I called Hook and Loom regarding why they add flame retardant to the non-skid rug pad. They said they purchase the product elsewhere, and could not give me a better answer than, “We use the same flame retardant that the put in Maalox.” I replied, “I can’t believe Maalox puts flame retardant in something that humans consume orally. Hook and Loom customer service seemed very put off by the fact that I was suggesting that they not sell something with flame retardants. Will likely not patronize this company again. I’m sure there are other rug companies that are not put off by customer suggestions, and that care about the health of consumers.

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      Thanks for your feedback, and sorry for this frustrating experience!

    2. Whit Selke Avatar

      My name is Whit Selke. I founded and run Hook & Loom and handle all the emailed customer service. Our rug pads are made in the USA by a company who buys rubber from a formulator that includes a fire retardent called Alumina Trihydrate in their rubber. It is FSA approved, so it’s possible it could be in Maalox, but after seeing your comment, I searched the ingredients and it isn’t among them. There is nothing I want more than to be able to offer rug pads without a flame retardent and I am very sorry that I did not communicate this feeling to you well enough. Heathy rugs are our mission, which is why we make sure everyone knows that the pads we currently sell have a flame retardent. Again, I am sorry. Please email me if I can be any help in the future.

  41. william Avatar

    Hey, Great post. Recently I’ve got the interior of my entire house. Reds, strong blues and vibrant greens in particular. Please suggest me the best octagon Area Rug, as I have a wooden Dining table in my dining room with vintage cutlery set and blue color painted walls, Suggest me something which goes absolute fabulous with this combination. . I’ve been purchasing the rugs from have the great collection of rugs.

  42. Robyn Avatar

    Hey thanks so much for your post. What are your thoughts on flor tiles and rugs by Stark?

  43. Minnie Mueller Avatar

    Thank you for this information. I was excited to find several options for an area rug for our living at an affordable price point from Hook and Loom. If you had more insight i will greatly appreciate it.

  44. Maria Avatar

    Check out for non-toxic, chemical free rug pads.

  45. Louisa Avatar

    I have the black and white Hook & Loom Oslo rug in my kids’ playroom and it’s held up wonderfully. I had initially wanted a brighter rug but I’m glad I got that one. I have 4 kids and we’ve had it for a year with no issues. I highly recommend it!

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      I’m so glad you’ve found a great non-toxic rug!

  46. Sherry Avatar

    Does anyone have experience with how Hook & Loom Green Eco-Cotton rugs hold up to toddlers/children? I’d like to put a healthy, toxin-free rug in my son’s playroom, but know that it will take a beating! I’d love advice on which of these healthier options clean well and hold up to kids.

    Unfortunately I can’t do FLOR tiles because I will be placing the rug on top of foam tiles (for a basement).


    1. Ashley Avatar

      I have a giant H&L rug in our playroom and another 5×8 one in a bedroom, and they’ve both done pretty well. I’m about to order a third to put on our covered/roofed patio. We also have a retriever mix who hangs out on both rugs and/so I vacuum frequently…they’ve done just fine.

      1. shannel Avatar

        Did you order the cotton or wool?

  47. Natalie Avatar

    Yes they do…

    “Consisting chiefly of sustainable natural rubber, this is a very high quality low-profile non-skid rug pad. Not 100% green, as the thin mesh fabric inside is made from virgin polyester, and not chemical free, as an FDA approved chemical to retard flame is added, but we feel it is currently the best on the market. As our sales and buying power increase, we plan to develop a 100% green offering.”

    No, it’s not perfect, however, I do appreciate their transparency and honesty. I would consider this as the best option over any other at the moment until they can come up with something better. I hate guessing what may or may not be in something, and I feel better knowing exactly what it is even if it’s not perfect.

  48. Megan Avatar

    Thank you for this information. I was excited to find several options for an area rug for our living at an affordable price point from Hook and Loom. However, their rug pads, though natural rubber, contain a flame retardant. It is not clear whether the rug pads from Earth Weave, the other company you recommend for pads, also contain a flame retardant. My children would not be touching the pad regularly but my understanding is that we wouldn’t want them regularly inhaling the flame retardant chemical either. Do you have any further information or insight to add on this topic?


    1. John Avatar

      Does Hook & Loom tell people that their pads have flame retardants in them? If not, they should! After all, why would people go to the trouble of buying a non toxic rug and then pair it w/a toxic pad? That would not be good business practice in my opinion.

    2. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      No, the Earth Weave rug pads are 100% natural rubber (which is why they are pricey).

  49. Tava Avatar

    Just a heads up that the Hook and Loom rug pad has fire retardant chemicals. I found out the hard way. But they are looking for another option. Their rugs are lovely.

    1. Jennifer Avatar

      Omg I order the pads from hook and loom also! I assumed they were fine because the rugs are good. My 2nd floor smelt so bad! I removed them right away. I am in the process of returning the rug pads. I will be buying the one recommended in this sight.
      But I am 100% happy with the rugs they are made soooo well and looks great!

  50. Linda Avatar

    Thanks for writing this. Antique rugs are a wise choice! I would love to be included in any future articles…my company makes GOTS certified organic area rugs.

    1. Cathy Avatar

      Hi Linda — Please post a link for your company — I’d love to buy a GOTS certified rug from you right now!!!

      1. Maia James Avatar
        Maia James

        See above–we now recommend Linda’s rugs!

  51. Anaka Avatar


    Do you know if Lorena Canals rugs are fully free of ANY flame retardant and formaldehyde? I emailed the company 3 days ago, but have not heard back yet.


    1. holly Avatar

      Anaka did you find out about Lorena Canals rugs?

      1. Anaka Avatar

        Hi Holly – I did receive a response from Lorena Canals company a couple days ago. I have copied their response below. If you contact them directly, they will also send you copies of their certifications. Although, it might have been nice to hear back from Gimmethegoodstuff, given that they have endorsed the product here :

        EMAIL –

        our products do not have fire retardant treatment because they are incompatible with the concept of our brand, a great percentage of our products can be washed in conventional washing machines, and the treatment applied to make a product fire resistant is not water resistant.

  52. Laura Avatar

    Thank you for the above information and everything you do in this space. Do you know that sisal or jute rugs (like from Merida) do not have pesticides applied? I do not know if they can stay in their natural state or if chemicals are applied.
    Also, I do believe that antique rugs can have moth-proofing chemicals applied…but not always

  53. Caroline Avatar

    I read somewhere that any rugs sourced from overseas must be sprayed with pesticides upon arrival in the US, so even if the company doesn’t apply any chemicals at the factory, the chemicals may be applied during the import process. (I also read the same about wooden toys sourced from overseas.) Is there any truth to this?

  54. Tiffany Avatar

    How about Home Depot area rugs that what I got in my living room : (

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      It really depends on what material it’s made from–it may be fine!

  55. Amy Avatar

    This is great! Thank you!! Do you know anything about the rugs at Cost Plus World Market?

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      I’m sorry but I don’t know about those!

  56. B Healthy Avatar
    B Healthy

    I suspect that antique oriental rugs, made by nomads from wool dyed with vegetable dyes, are probably toxin free; although they’ll be full of 100+ years of dust and will need to be aired out and beaten.

    These rugs are expensive; but, because they’re wool, they aren’t flammable like synthetics (and aren’t covered with flame retardants) and they’ll last another 100 years if you take care of them.

    Does anyone know of any reason why they wouldn’t be safe?

    1. Maia James Avatar
      Maia James

      You’re right–the rugs you’re describing would definitely be safe (once cleaned!).

    2. Mina Avatar

      Just a thought- Doesn’t wool..even though it is natural- still need to be processed and is mostly processed with chemicals? Or are you saying that because a rug is made out of wool – it is safe and no chemicals have been added?
      Thank you.

  57. Kamal Avatar

    What are your thoughts on IKEA rugs?

  58. Rachel Avatar

    What are your thoughts on FLOR tiles?

    1. Barbara Powers Avatar
      Barbara Powers

      FLOR is the best. Most reasonably priced for pure org anic w no toxins, no smell. Easy to clean. Often get free samples. Used for years.