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Maia’s Non-Toxic Makeup Routine

Maia James | Gimme the Good Stuff
Written by Maia, President & Founder

I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I have mentioned before how much I like Beautycounter makeup and skincare products.

Most importantly, Beautycounter makeup is non-toxic, with all products ranked low hazard by EWG. And I love that it performs as well as more expensive, more toxic brands. I trust Beautycounter makeup because the company’s ingredient selection process is among the strictest in the industry.

Honestly, the only hold up I had about Beautycounter makeup was the whole “direct marketing” structure of the company. However, because of the lack of other non-toxic makeup in the marketplace, we’ve decided to offer select Beautycounter products to our readers. So, if you’d like to try Beautycounter, you can here.

While I was on vacation this weekend, my girlfriend shot this quick video of me going through my makeup bag, so you can see the Beautycounter makeup products I actually use.

Please comment below with any questions, or suggestions of your favorite non-toxic makeup!

Beautycounter Makeup Products Mentioned in this Video

Beautycounter Lengthening Mascara from Gimme the Good Stuff

Lengthening Mascara

This doesn’t clump, and also doesn’t contain any of the typical toxic ingredients found in mascara.

Buy Now from Beautycounter

Beautycounter Color Pinch Cream Blusher from Gimme the Good Stuff

Color Pinch Cream Blusher (in Caramel)

You can also totally use this on your lips.

Buy Now from Beautycounter

Color Shade Eye Duo (in Fawn/Night)

I use this as both eye shadow and eye liner.

Buy Now from Beautycounter


Sheer Lipstick (in Twig)

My absolute favorite lipstick on the planet (I also love the Terra color).

Buy Now from Beautycounter

Stay sane,





P.S. Here’s the post I wrote on eyelash extensions, which I mention in this video. And here’s where I talked about them in The New York Times. 

P.P.S. If you’ve ever considered becoming a Beautycounter consultant, you can contact my friend Katya Johnson for (non-pushy) information on how she’s grown a super successful business with Beautycounter.


5 responses to “Maia’s Non-Toxic Makeup Routine”

  1. Megan

    Not related to this, but can you tell me where you got that gorgeous black dress? Looking for something similar. Love this site and your content. You helped me navigate the super tricky formula industry and I’ll be forever grateful (my kiddos thrived on holle).

    Also, I used to be upset about Beautycounter not being 100% organic, but as I learned more about things (natural doesn’t always mean safe – for instance, Eucalyptus oil is techincally “natural” but if you put it in kid products, it causes skin irritation and potentially rashes! – , synthetic doesn’t always mean unsafe….and they test all products regardless to be sure they are free of what they say they are free of), I became ok with it. Just happy they are providing safe high performing products that my whole family can use without worrying about things.

  2. Barb

    Hi. I happened upon your site while searching for safe shampoos. I am beyond desperate. I have had the patch test and have found that Balsam of Peru [a fragrance used in everything under other names] is my big allergy. I have tried almost every shampoo that is available. Sometimes my eyes puff up like balloons and get so dry irritated and I cannot breath, sometimes I get a huge red rash that runs right up my head,sometimes my entire scalp will itch, or my hair will fall out. My hair fell out when I used Everyday fragrance free shampoo. That is on the safe list. I have many more brands. Do you have any home made shampoos you can share with me. Thank you so much, Barb

  3. Laura

    I just went to a Beauty Counter party…the only thing I don’t like about this line, is that it is non organic. If I am paying that much for make-up it better be organic!

    1. Maia James

      Yes, true, Laura! I hope BC starts to use more organic ingredients!

    2. kasia

      Hey Laura! That was my concern to in the beginning so I did an indepth research on Beautycounter standards and here is what I found:
      – Consmetics industry in the US is very unregulated. I have personally seen USDA Organic certified products with Retinol in them. It’s a very toxic compoud and Beautycounter banned it from their products
      – Organic is not alwsys more beneficial in skincare products, so sometimes comapnies overcharge consumers for no added benefits. My hubby is a body builder and looked into grass fed protein powder. But as he learned about the process of making it, he realized that all but protein gets filtered oit anyways and there is no reason overpaying for grass fed protein powder
      – what drew me to Beautycounter is the performance of their products. I have used several non-toxic mascaras and they all look beautiful, but run the minute I step outside in hot Georgia weather lol. Beautycounter’s mascara has been the only one that stays on all dat long. The same with Tinted Moisturizers. I’ve tried other, safer & cheaper brands and they just didn’t do the job. Hope this helps! 🙂

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