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Natural Easter Basket Ideas 2022

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, and I used to go all-out when the boys were little–now, it’s harder to find things that I find pretty and toxin-free and that they can also be excited about (these cookies work for us both). Fourteen of my favorite Easter gifts for kids of varying ages are pictured above. Here’s why I love this stuff…

  1. Easter Egg Dye – Safe, natural egg dyes made from fruits, herbs, and veggies. $10.
  2. Carrot Top Baby Beanie – Organic cotton, with green tassels and a matching onesie. $18.
  3. Wooden Eggs Craft Kit – Paint these wooden eggs with the included natural earth paints. $17.
  4. Natural Nail Polish Gift Bags – Toxin-free, eco-friendly, and designed for all ages. From $15.
  5. Chicken Family Wooden Puzzle – A rooster, hen, and three chicks nest beautifully together in a wooden puzzle tray. $12.
  6. Scrappy Lamb Lovey – This is the softest, organic, snuggly toy for a baby that we’ve found. $11.
  7. Egg Coloring Kit – This complete kit includes grass-growing supplies. $12.
  8. Carrot Solitaire Game – Helps children develop strategic, logical thinking, and social skills. $20.
  9. Beeswax Crayons – Earthy-colored, all natural, and handmade in Maine. $9.
  10. Eco-Bubbles – Made in Germany from organic ingredients for colorful, long-lasting soap bubbles. $7.
  11. Plant-Based Multi-Vitamin – Made with real fruit and containing no added sugar. $30.
  12. Spring Berry Sinus Relief – Formulated with elderberry to provide upper respiratory support as the world blooms this spring. $23.
  13. Rainbow Silicone Toy – Made of 100% platinum silicone, and doubles as a teether. $23.
  14. Carrot Teether Toy – Made of organic cotton, and available in other produce, items–like asparagus and lemon. $12.00
Natural Easter Gift Bundle from Gimme the Good Stuff

This year, we’ve tried to make it easy for you by creating this bundle of everything you need for a toxin-free, healthy Easter basket, sold at a discount. You can also shop our favorite products that are perfect for Easter baskets here.

5 More Resources for a Healthier Easter

  1. Want to grow your own grass? It’s easy and we show you how here.
  2. While no one would call these a health food, Surf Sweets jelly beans are certainly better than Jelly Belly (the Trader Joe’s jelly beans are also good!).
  3. Babo’s organic skin- and hair-care products have a big bunny right on the bottles, so I always include them in Easter baskets.
  4. I love Gerda Mullers four season boards books, and the spring one is perfect for babies and preschoolers alike.
  5. Of course my mother always made chocolate (or perhaps it was carob) in the shape of a big bunny, using a stainless steel mold that seems to no longer be sold anywhere. These silicone molds are what I use instead.

Please comment with your own ideas for healthier Easter baskets.

Stay sane,

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