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  • Beautycounter Alternatives

    I know many of you are reeling from the news that Beautycounter is gone for at least the next six months. I am especially…

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  • Non-Toxic Sunscreen Guide

    I know you’re here to find the best non-toxic sunscreen. But, I actually believe we should let our kids (and ourselves) experience small amounts…

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  • Image showing various bar soaps. | Gimme The Good Stuff

    The Best Natural Soap Guide 2024

    When it comes bar soap, the good news is that there are tons of safe options for organic soap. The bad news is that…

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  • Safe Deodorant Guide

    The good news is that there are a ton of safe, natural deodorants to choose. They come in sticks, jars, roll-ons and sprays. And,…

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  • Is Blistex Toxic? (And What to Buy Instead)

    Every time the weather changes, my and my kids’ lips become miserably chapped. Related: Shop safest lip balms. Blistex lip products definitely soothe super…

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  • Safe Face Cream Guide

    By Maia James, with research and recommendations by Michael Hopkins, Phd 1. Acure/ 2. 100% Pure/ 3. Andalou/ 4. Carina Organics/ 5. One Love…

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  • Image of various shades of the best non toxic lipstick. | Gimme The Good Stuff

    The Best Non Toxic Lipstick Guide

    The really good–and surprising–news about lipstick is that there is a lot of Good Stuff and Okay Stuff out there. Many brands have created…

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  • Safe Mascara Guide

    Mascara is kind of magical, especially if you’re like me and are hashtag-blessed with stubby, pale, stick-straight eyelashes. I don’t often wear makeup, but…

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  • A mother holding her baby on a nursing pillow while holding a jar of organic nipple cream

    Safe Nipple Cream (for Nursing Mothers) Guide

    Worstfeeding I suffered from cracked, bleeding, and excruciatingly sore nipples for the first two months of breastfeeding my first son (although for most women,…

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  • Image of a woman using the best natural body lotion. | Gimme The Good Stuff

    The Best Natural Body Lotion & Safe Hand Lotion Guide

    I don’t believe that we need to slather ourselves head-to-toe in natural body lotion after every shower, but there are few things more satisfying…

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