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  • Water-Saver Shower Head


    Get a Great  Shower…. Actually increases velocity of shower flow – you’d never know you were saving water! Creates conical spray pattern of many droplets – great coverage Provides invigorating, forceful feeling, not the typical weak spray most others give Rinses shampoo and soap quickly Gives a very “wet” feeling shower Consistantly rated better than…

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  • Economy shower filter from gimme the good stuff'

    Shower Chlorine Filter – Economy


    Our skin can absorb as much chlorine from one shower as our stomachs absorb by drinking chlorinated water all day! If you are filtering your drinking/cooking water, it makes sense to also filter your shower water. Chlorine can also make skin dry and flaky. It can make hair dry and brittle, and ruin hair coloring….

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  • Gimme Clean Water – Under Counter Water Filter System with PFAS/PFOA (Forever Chemicals) Filter


    This filter system is installed under your counter, out of sight, and uses KDF/GAC and carbon block filters to effectively eliminate a wide variety of common contaminants. The additional PFAS water filter uses bituminous granulated activated carbon to remove PFAS from your water.

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  • PFAs:PFOA Water Filter Gimme the Good Stuff

    PFAS/PFOA Water Filter – Add On


    This PFAS water filter uses bituminous granulated activated carbon to remove PFAS from your water. It won’t need to be replaced for at least a year with typical use.

    ***This water filter is only compatible as an add-on with under the counter water filters purchased from us prior to March 2022***

    If you are interested in a full water filter system please click here. 

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  • Water Filter Cartridge Replacements

    $42.00$63.00 or subscribe and save up to 15%

    You should replace your cartridges in your water filter after about a year of use. The reorder item name will be listed on each unit to specify, and you can select the appropriate items here.

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