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Why it’s Good Stuff

Our skin can absorb as much chlorine from one shower as our stomachs absorb by drinking chlorinated water all day! If you are filtering your drinking/cooking water, it makes sense to also filter your shower water. Chlorine can also make skin dry and flaky. It can make hair dry and brittle, and ruin hair coloring.

Because children are more profoundly affected by chlorine than adults are, in our home we use a shower filter with a shower head on a hose so that we can even filter water for baths by simply dropping the hose into the tub and filling it that way.

This shower filter is proudly made in the U.S.A and uses the patented KDF-55 copper-zinc alloy (manufactured by KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc.), the most effective media there is to remove chloramine in high temperature shower water. KDF’s performance actually improves the higher the water temperature, whereas carbon’s (used by some) performance decreases! With this technology, the filter has been shown to effectively remove 95+% of this damaging chlorine, for up to 1 full year (for 2 people) – 2 to 3 times longer than other filters. KDF-55 can also remove iron and other heavy metals, sulphur, and it controls the mold and mildew in your shower. 

This KDF-55 Chlorine Shower Filter installs in minutes, with no tools on any shower arm with standard 1/2″ pipe threads. Simply unscrew your showerhead from the shower arm, attach your showerhead to the end of the filter, and install the filter on the shower arm. It’s as easy as screwing on a lightbulb! Must be used with a 2.5 gpm (or less) showerhead for best results  Filter is only 3.5″ long, 3″ in diameter.

Additional Information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 7 in

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    Hi, what brand filter is this? I am trying to compare filters and wanted to see the specifications for this brand if possible.

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