This neat stainless steel Tea Strainer is an instant favorite. The laser-perforated strainer sits inside any mug in your kitchen for steeping your loose leaf tea. (Bonus: It’s specially designed to nest perfectly with our Firebelly Teacup.) When you’ve achieved the perfect steep, transfer the strainer to the resting cup – no mess on your desk or table, and the laser-perforated mesh will capture even tiny particles.


✓ Includes Convenient Resting Cup For Mess-Free Use
✓ Filters Out The Finest Tea Particles
✓ Designed To Fit Any Cup In Your Kitchen
✓ Smart, Stackable Storage with Firebelly Teacup
✓ Stainless Steel Construction


1. Remove Tea Strainer from resting cup.
2. Place Tea Strainer in your Firebelly Teacup, with its handle fitted over the teacup handle.
3. Add tea leaves and pour over with hot water.
4. Let tea steep.
5. Remove Tea Strainer from Teacup and place it back in the resting cup while you enjoy your tea. There are cutaways in the sides of the resting cup for the handle – smart, right?