Non-Toxic Coffee Starter Kit

A special price on everything you need for the perfect cup of toxin-free coffee.


Dot & Army Reusable Organic Cotton Coffee Filters-Set of Two

Dot and Army organic cotton coffee filters are the perfect replacement for single use filters. They are easy to use, good for the environment, toxin-free, and last up to 9 months. Set of 2.

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Grosche E-Z Latte Turbo Milk Frother

The Grosche E-Z Latte turbo milk frother is the most convenient way to make a thick, creamy froth. It’s great for specialty coffees such as cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, or cafe au laits.

Clean Caffeine – Fresh Organic Coffee

Certified organic whole coffee beans that are fresh roasted in a plastic free environment. Each bag has a roast date and our packaging is certified non-toxic and fully compostable. All you get is  delicious fresh coffee, not chemicals.

Grosche Travel Tea-Infuser/Coffee Mug

Grosche Travel Tea-Infuser/Coffee Mug is a multi-function stainless steel travel mug that’s intended to keep your drink hot or cold while on-the-go. This tea-infuser mug features a leak-proof tea infuser tumbler that is ideal for infusing fruit, hot coffee, or water–and for making iced or hot tea.

Grosche Bremen Electric Blade Coffee Grinder

An electric blade coffee grinder that easily grinds coffee beans, herbs and nuts! Simply press down the lid to start grinding, and release it to stop.

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Grosche Melbourne Eco-Friendly French Press Coffee Maker

This eco-friendly French press coffee maker is made from glass, cork and bamboo. The MELBOURNE is a classy and unique design that is sure to please.

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A special price on everything you need for the perfect cup of toxin-free delicious coffee.



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