Natural Wool Carpet from Earth Weave – Rainier Wall-to-Wall

$79.99 Per Square Yard

This natural wool carpet from Earth Weave is made of non-toxic wool that emits zero VOCs or odor. Made with organic dyes and free of vinyl and formaldehyde.

(Minimum order 16 square yards for all carpet. Equal to 144 square feet)


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Why it’s Good Stuff

Natural, no-odor wool carpeting made in the USA
NOTE: Free shipping on all orders of Earth Weave carpet and rugs, (samples excluded).

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Earth Weave’s Rainier collection is a non-toxic, zero-VOC,  all-wool carpet. This tufted, random tip-shear natural carpet is made from 100% wool that is undyed and untreated with pesticides or stain retardants.

If you would like help choosing a carpet and finding an installer, our Home Health Director, John, would be happy to help.

John can be reached at [email protected] or 717-413-8182

(Minimum order 16 square yards for all carpet. Equal to 144 square feet.)

Unlike nylon, polypropylene, or Olefin carpet, all of Earth Weave’s carpets are made without:

  • toxic dyes.
  • moth-repellent chemicals.
  • stain-resistant treatments.
  • synthetic latex adhesives (like styrene butadiene).
  • formaldehyde in the backing.


Earth Weave’s carpets are made of only 100% pure virgin wool from Europe. The backing is made of natural hemp and cotton, bound to the yarn with all-natural rubber. The secondary backing is made of jute.

Earth Weave’s line of carpets are the only ones we’ve found that emit zero VOCs and are safe for those with chemical sensitivities.


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Why Earth Weave Natural Carpet is the Best Stuff

  • All-natural. Made with 100% wool, industrial hemp, cotton, natural rubber, and jute.
  • Non-toxic. Zero VOC, no formaldehyde, insect repellents, mildewcides, fungicides, toxic dyes, or flame retardants. Safe for those with chemical sensitivities.
  • Durable. Earth Weave’s easy-to-clean carpets outlast conventional carpets made of nylon, polypropylene, and olefin.
  • Detoxes indoor air. Natural wool purifies the air by capturing contaminants, allergens, and dust.
  • Eco-friendly. These carpets are made from completely renewable resources and are 100% biodegradable. They are also LEED-qualified.
  • Fire-resistant. Wool naturally resists fire, so no toxic chemicals (such as PBDEs) are needed.
  • Insulates and absorbs. Wool naturally insulates and absorbs sound—making for a warmer home with better acoustics.


Face100%  wool, organically dyed.
Wool Weight: 44 ounces. 

Width12 feet.

Durability: All residential applications and light commercial applications.

Please note: Because natural fiber carpets vary in texture and color, slight variances in texture and color are normal and do not constitute a manufacturing defect.

This product ships directly from the manufacturer and may take 2-3 weeks to arrive (although often less!). All carpets are final sale, and no returns or exchanges will be accepted. Because this item ships directly from the manufacturer we are unable to provide any express shipping service for this product.

Earth Weave carpets and area rugs are made of 100% natural fibers. All products use either raw natural colored wool or organic dyes, and never include any toxic stain-resistant, moth-proofing, or fire-retardant treatments. Earth Weave makes all of its own Bio-floor carpet in the USA. Earth Weave also offers all-natural area rugs and rug grippers.

How to Install Natural Carpet

Step 1: Find an installer

You’ll first want to find a competent installer that has experience with wool carpeting. He or she should have access to a low/no VOC seaming tape and adhesives. You can find an installer here.

Step 2: Measure your space

Measure the length and the width of your room in feet, and then multiply these two numbers to get the total square feet requirement. Add 10% for wastage/overage.

Step 3: Order carpet

You can order carpet above in the number of square feet that you calculated in Step 2. You will receive it within two weeks. You should also order carpet padding, and we recommend the use of this eco-friendly padding. Underpad makes the carpet softer underfoot, reduces noise, and prolongs the life of the carpet.

Step 4: Installation

This natural walll-to-wall carpet can be installed in two ways by the installer you chose in Step 1.

  1. Direct glue-down (without carpet padding underneath). If you choose this option, discuss with your installer.
  2. With tackless technique (no glue, with underpad). This is our the preferred method. Before a carpet is laid, tackless stripping, called “tackstrips,” is nailed around the perimeter of the floor. These thin strips of wood have short tack points that stick upward to grab onto the carpet’s backing. One edge of the carpet is hooked onto the protruding points of the stripping, and then the carpeting is stretched tight, hooked onto the tackless strips at the opposite wall, and then trimmed. Seams between widths are joined from behind with adhesive seaming tape.

Maintenance & Cleaning

NOTE: All wool carpets shed. Shedding is most common is the first few months of installation. You may notice small fibers in your vacuum cleaner which is typical and is no cause for alarm.

  • As with all quality natural carpet made of natural fibers, vacuuming with a suction-only vacuum cleaner is recommended. Beater-bar vacuum cleaners may damage the surface pile of this product. Proper vacuuming on a regular basis will increase performance.
  • Use only wool-approved cleaners for removing stains. Do not vigorously rub the affected area. If stain persists, contact a professional cleaner, and be sure they use cleaners designed for natural carpet.
  • Shampoo once or twice a year professionally.
  • Clip any loose tufts; do not pull.

Earth Weave Shipping Policies

Due to increasingly high global shipping costs, some Earth Weave products include an additional shipping charge depending on size and weight. In addition, they do NOT qualify for free shipping.  We did not make this decision lightly, and we kept this additional charge as low as we possibly could. All of our competitors add large shipping charges to heavy items and we simply could not continue to provide free shipping on certain items.  Should you find a better price anywhere after shipping costs have been added, please contact [email protected] and we will do everything we can to meet that price.

There are rare instances when we are quoted a shipping price from the supplier that exceeds what we’ve calculated by more than 20%. In these cases we may contact you to approve an additional charge and you can expect to hear from us within a few days of purchase. If you choose to cancel the order at this time, you will be refunded fully.

This product ships directly from the manufacturer and may take 2-3 weeks to arrive (although often less!). All rugs are final sale, no returns or exchanges will be accepted. Because this item ships directly from the manufacturer we are unable to provide any express shipping service for this product. This brand only ships to the contiguous United States. Excludes Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and Canada.

Thanks for your understanding, and we are excited to continue to offer these safe, non-toxic home furnishing options.

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