Green Goo Organic First Aid Balm

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First Aid Balm is perfect for the constant boo boos of toddlerhood and adults as well.



Product Description

This best-selling salve is nature’s best first aid tool for all your basic injuries. Take one tin of Green Goo First Aid Balm with you when you go backpacking, biking, climbing, camping, skiing, rafting, or gardening, and store another tin in your home first aid kit.

First Aid Balm is perfect for the constant boo boos of toddlerhood and adults! It works on cuts, scrapes, abrasions, calluses, cuticles, flappers, blown tips, skin infections, bruises, sprains, insect bites, stings, splinters, and dry, beat up hands. Green Goo First Aid works wonderfully as an antibacterial and antiseptic defense for wound dressings.

Green Goo is one of the oldest herbal salve companies in America, founded in 1971. At Green Goo, each recipe is carefully designed using the wisdom of traditional herbal medicine, and all of the ingredients used by Green Goo are organic, although the beeswax and some of the wildcrafted herbs are not certified as such. Green Goo makes small batches of salve to insure freshness and quality.


*extra virgin olive oil, *hemp oil, *calendula, *yarrow, *chickweed, *plantain, *comfrey leaf, *chaparral, myrrh, gum benzoin, *vitamin E oil, beeswax

*Certified Organic ingredient

Additional Information

Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in

*extra virgin olive oil, *hemp oil, *calendula, *yarrow, *chickweed, *plantain, *comfrey leaf, *chaparral, myrrh, gum benzoin, *vitamin E oil, beeswax

*Certified Organic ingredient


.7 oz Travel Tin, 0.6 oz Jumbo Stick, 1.82 oz Large Tin


5 reviews for Green Goo Organic First Aid Balm

  1. Cindy (verified owner)

    My 18 month old son just got hit with the Coxsackie virus and I put Green Goo on the rash he had really badly on the back of his thighs. As soon as I started using it on him, the rash faded significantly. I later caught the virus from him, I developed small but painful blisters on the bottoms of my toes – it felt like I was walking on needles! I slathered on the Green Goo for 2 nights, and woke up with no pain on Day 3. I also put Green Goo on my very active toddler any time he takes a spill and think it pretty much stops a bruise from developing in its tracks. My nanny also got some for herself after seeing how much it can speed up healing in the little ones. Green Goo is amazing!

  2. Patty (verified owner)

    I got stung by a NASTY HORNET in centeral Idaho, Burgdorf, and was so glad I had my Green Goo with me. The sting area was swollen and using green goo it helped sooo much. It was an owie bite. it hurt so bad..on the upper back part of my leg. THANK YOU GREEN GOO !!!!
    The hornets were swarming all weekend, but used the BUG BE GONE and they left us alone…

  3. Seth (verified owner)

    I live, work, and play in the desert under exposed, hot, windy conditions. Your products have been keeping me healthy and happy for years now. Green Goo is an essential component of my first-aid kit, a regular part of my after-shower routine, and an all around panacea for healing my well-abused skin

  4. Jackie (verified owner)

    My daughter and her friend were eaten by mosquitos at an evening wedding reception. When they came home I suggested they apply Green Goo to see if it would help the itch. Both girls got immediate relief plus the bites healed overnight. My daughter, when bitten, usually suffers for days with itching and the bites always turn into sores. Not this time. We love Green Goo and recommend it to everyone!

  5. Kalon (verified owner)

    Honestly I have no idea what we did before Green Goo. We are in Telluride right now, daughter got stung by wasp, I got sunburned on bike ride, I got flappers on my hands from who knows what, and my skin is crazy dry…. All relieved by Green Goo!! Magic!

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